25 August 2009

Aliens and their curious priorities

How come I never hear about events like this until after the fact?

What actually struck me about this item was this part, about the Raelian UFO cult:

The group's spiritual leader, Raƫl.....claims that life on earth was created by aliens called Elohim. The major religious figures such as Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Jesus, and so on, were actually messangers of the Elohim sent to Earthlings sent to guide our progress.

What's odd is that aliens advanced enough to have created life on Earth would "guide our progress" by sending "messengers" who mostly just spouted incoherent spiritual gibberish and platitudes and contributed nothing significant to that progress. If I thought superior aliens were sending messengers in human form to help us move forward, the people I'd suspect of being such messengers would be Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Hawking.....

Of course, this is a religion we're talking about, despite the SF trappings, so they're probably wise not to have their followers study anything that might encourage critical thinking instead of blind faith.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well....entertaining link guy. But what was weird ...was reading about this cult...because I remember reading about this year's ago...and it left my mind...it's been awhile.

Later........... :)

25 August, 2009 12:57  

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