26 April 2008

Pop goes the world

A few of my favorite pop-music videos from other lands. For any-one who doesn't know this yet, you can get a full-screen version of any YouTube video by clicking on the icon at the lower right that looks like a rectangle with a smaller rectangle in its upper left.

Shvaine (Pigs) by Glukoza -- sung in Russian.

Yulya (Julia) by XS -- sung in Ukrainian.

Dragostea din Tei (Through the Linden Trees) by O-Zone -- sung in Romanian.

Neobyknovennaya (Uncommon) by Panayotov, Chumakov, & Alekhno -- sung in Russian.

Oi Zahrai My Muzychenku by Ruslana Lyzychko -- sung in Ukrainian.

Tubthumping by Chumbawamba -- sung in English.

Scatterlings of Africa by Juluka -- sung in English and Zulu.

Danzing by Verka Serduchka -- sung in English, German, Russian, and the Devil knows what else.

Moskva (Moscow) by Glukoza -- sung in Russian.

La Danse des Mots (The Dance of Words) by Jean-Baptiste Mondino -- sung in French.

Sucariya (Candy) by Roni Duani -- sung in Hebrew.

Crackerbox Palace by George Harrison -- sung in English.

Takogo kak Putin (Someone like Putin) by "The Putin Girls" -- sung in Russian.

Unbeschreiblich Weiblich (Indescribably Feminine) by Nina Hagen -- sung in German (a song in praise of abortion!).

Zhenikha Khotela (She Wanted a Husband) by Verka Serduchka & Glukoza -- sung in Russian.

The D'Ampton Worm Song by Machado & Powys -- sung in English (strictly speaking this isn't a music video but a clip from the great film Lair of the White Worm).

Update section

Kak Ya Lyublyu (As I Love) by Larisa Chernikova -- sung in Russian.

Melancholie by Mylene Farmer -- sung in French.



Blogger mendip said...

Wonderful selections, there are some classics here. Thanks!

26 April, 2008 15:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's your Russian connection, Infidel? :) Do you speak the language?

25 August, 2009 17:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Я говорю по-русски немного, очень плохо. Enough that, when I visited a Russian-speaking city two years ago, it helped a little bit. I've been interested in eastern Europe for a long time, though I have no ancestral connection with it. And I do like a lot of the pop music.

26 August, 2009 01:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting, Infidel. I am impressed, both with your Russian and your homework done on the subject.

I was (we all were) taught Russian, for the majority of my school experience. Russian classes were mandatory on all educational levels. But even though I was pretty good at it once, these days I could not make a coherent sentence (though I understood yours above :).

And yes, I was just waiting, while reading your post, for a remark about the stunning appearance of the locals, especially women. Joe Biden recently made an appreciative observation on the subject too.

I've never been to Ukraine, but that (stunning women all around) is true about most, perhaps all, Eastern European countries. A stroll down any Polish or Czech street in major cities is equally rewarding in this respect. It's the Slavic genes, I'd say.

Even I gape at the women. It's impossible not to.

26 August, 2009 09:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's an observation many people seem to make. On the plane from Kiev back to New York I was sitting next to a guy who spent most of the trip talking about his efforts to pick up girls in Kiev. He spoke no Russian or Ukrainian and seemed to have relied mostly on using pidgin Engliah to invite them on dates to the local McDonald's. I don't think he had much success. :-)

27 August, 2009 00:47  

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