25 April 2008

Quote for the day

"In Lubbock, Texas – Lubbock Comma Texas, the heart of Texas conservatism – they dislike President Bush. He has lost them. I was there and saw it. Confusion has been followed by frustration has turned into resentment, and this is huge. Everyone knows the president's poll numbers are at historic lows, but if he is over in Lubbock, there is no place in this country that likes him. I made a speech and moved around and I was tough on him and no one – not one – defended or disagreed. I did the same in North Carolina recently, and again no defenders. I did the same in Fresno, Calif., and no defenders, not one. He has left on-the-ground conserva-tives – the local right-winger, the town intellectual reading Burke and Kirk, the old Reagan committeewoman – feeling undefended, unrepresented and alone. This will have impact down the road."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noonan said, "This will have impact down the road."

I agree that it should have an impact down the road. Unfortunately, judging from the fact that Bush was re-elected when we had a chance to throw him out four years ago, I'll have to see the impact to believe it.

26 April, 2008 05:56  

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