25 February 2024

Link round-up for 25 February 2024

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Dogs make the best of things.

Cats assert themselves.

Have fun in Switzerland.

If you're going to have a colonoscopy, do it in style.

He deftly relocated a large structure.

What a spectacular kick..... oops.

This frog is having a shitty day.

Stay away from these creeps.

He's driving like a maniac on a public road.

Leave me alone -- I'm too weird to eat.

Animals bring us plenty of amusement.

Can't find a parking space?  No problem.

Sometimes, kids are easily entertained.

Here's what the border negotiations in Congress were probably like.

He's a living flyswatter.

These Starbucks workers were on the ball.

Pay attention next time, dumbass.

Thoughtful introspection is the path to true freedom.

Wingnuts are in a frenzy of conspiratardia about Taylor Swift.  I hear she has good (armed) personal security -- she's likely to need it.

Did you know snails could do this?

Go and live among the giants.

It's the hottest dance style in Thailand.

This is snowfall in the mountains of Georgia.

Sometimes, a legacy is passed on.

This is a true musical revival.

Never seen a crystal like this before.  Don't know what it's called.

Yes, a lot of real medicine comes from plants.  "Alternative medicine" is nevertheless terribly dangerous.

Stop thinking of work as a virtue or an obligation.

Here are some ways for artists to fight back against "AI".

Autism is a state of being, not a group identity.

To the lady who formerly lived here.....

That fucking thing is going to kill you in your sleep some day.  Really, a "pet" you don't even dare get close to?

Sorry, this is just gibberish.

Serves you right, jackass (I'm glad to say he was banned and the worker was not punished).

Politicians are attacking internet freedom again.

Don't throw away objective science for ignorant religious rubbish.

With historical and cultural images, this "AI" bot is programmed to lie.

Ask questions -- but recognize when there really is an answer.

Here's another fundamental difference between science and religion.

This is what the struggle against the new totalitarianism means.

To understand "AI", try using it critically.

Don't fall for predatory debt scams.

Twitter is a conduit for Chinese regime propaganda and subversion into our country.

At least one Amazon location had a camera hidden in the break room coffee machine.  A worker discovered it by accident.

Reddit has just struck a deal to let "AI" train on steal and imitate the writings of its posters.

Women do not owe you anything.

He turned the tables on a nasty church.

An army of truckers -- or "at least ten" -- or maybe it's only one -- want to cut off deliveries to New York City to punish it for the financial-fraud verdict against Trump.  Some actual people who actually literally exist believe this will seriously impact the city (see comments thread).

Many Dell workers believe the company's bullying of work-from-home employees is a stealth layoff plan.

What street is the Russian consulate on?

People wise up, one person at a time.

Black Americans don't all think alike (well, of course not).

Far-right websites are showing a massive drop in readership.

The Oregon state legislature is considering a bill to unilaterally stop the idiocy of changing clocks back and forth every six months in this state.  The biggest problem is that part of the Portland metro area is across the state line in Washington, so that part would be one hour different from the rest of the area for half the year.  But Washington (and also California) are considering similar measures.

To hold school boards accountable, the best weapon is the truth.

Trump promises Christian preachers more power than ever before if he returns to office.

Russian hackers are trying to put malware on your router to facilitate crimes.

Nazi sympathizers in Congress may have gone too far.

Democracy scored a big win in Wisconsin this week.

"Luxury beliefs" are the new marker of a privileged and coddled class.

The ridiculous plot to impeach Biden is now collapsing.  It was at least partly a Russian psyop.

Christian supremacism poses an existential threat to our country's core values and form of government.  The judge behind the Alabama frozen-embryo ruling is himself a raving dominionist nutjob.  Mainstream Republicans realize the ruling will hurt them politically, but so far their only response is evasive word games.

A Florida school with a high rate of unvaccinated kids is suffering an outbreak of measles.

The US has long been unreliable as an ally.  The isolationist delusions being promoted among the right wing here will just make things worse.

Women prison inmates are being used as mere utensils to "validate the identity" of male inmates claiming to be women.  They are terrified of these men they're trapped with, but the authorities don't care.

If you don't like it here, just go back where you came from.  Plain and simple.

A whistleblower speaks out about sexual abuse in the French movie industry.

Finland is opening three hundred public shooting ranges to encourage citizens to keep up their weapons skill in case of a Russian attack.

Northern Europe has mostly repudiated "gender-affirming care" for minors.  Much of the US still lags behind.

Orbán has finally dropped his opposition to Sweden joining NATO, after being bribed with a few fighter planes.

The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine was the culmination of a series of Russian provocations to which the West had signaled weakness by failing to respond forcefully.

Russia stands accused of murdering Ukrainian POWs after the capture of Avdiivka.

This is who Navalny was.

The regime won't let Navalny's mother have the body back for burial unless she agrees to keep the funeral closed to the public.

Navalny wasn't the only Russian dissident Putin murdered recently.

The West is at risk of blocking Israel from destroying Hamas, and thus of just sinking back again into the same old round of negotiations and ceasefires which has always kept the conflict dragging on and on.

For all the Chinese regime's bluster, its banks realize that defying US sanctions on Russia is a bad idea.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced, WAHF, and Angry Bear.

My own posts this week:  an image round-up, and the judicial branch in crisis.

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Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of Putin's invasion of Ukraine.


Blogger Bijoux said...

I just read that measles is up 79% worldwide. It’s truly sad that things that are so preventable are still killing people. But then again, people continue to smoke, not wear helmets, and eat ultra processed foods, so refusing a vaccine isn’t any different.

25 February, 2024 13:52  
Blogger Tim said...

Chat/GPT: Rubbish, yes; delightful rubbish, Hell Yes. I read it twice just for fun. I will choose to drive in this beer.

25 February, 2024 18:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Bijoux: I guess we just have to think of it as natural selection in action.

Tim: I didn't have the patience to read much. Remember, nobody actually wrote that. Any humor isn't intentional. It's just random babbling.

26 February, 2024 04:41  
Anonymous Annie said...

With regard to the purported massive trucker boycott of NYC, I saw photos of abundant fruits and veggies taken inside a NY market by someone sardonically reporting on the scarcity due to the boycott.

Thank you for linking to my animal fun videos—and for your scholarly comment!

27 February, 2024 08:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'll have to remember later this week to check how the trucker embargo is going. So far none of the news sites have mentioned it that I've seen, so it can't be having much impact (if it's happening at all).

Thanks for the post!

28 February, 2024 02:30  

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