19 September 2023

Truths and inspirations for 19 September 2023

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A win -- Bill Maher has canceled his plans to re-open his HBO show in violation of the WGA strike.

I don't object to pornography in principle.  I object to the degrading, disgusting, misogynistic pornography we actually have.

In public, at a show where kids were allowed.  That's the issue.

Almost all the counties with the worst new-covid-hospitalization rates are rural, conservative-leaning counties.  It's obvious that this surge is being driven by rejection of vaccines and of other precautions.


Anonymous NickM said...

I've always liked Jodie Foster but that is cracking. Of course the science that hasn't been done (yet) is the most intriguing. I didn't study post-grad astrophysics to confirm what was known or most probable. It's the stuff out there we don't know that is where the fun and games really start.

Frankly, I am pissed-off with the viewpoint of many believers that science is inferior to their faith because it is incomplete whereas their view on creation is, of course, complete. Which, of course it isn't. The Bible is texts from the Bronze and Iron Ages. Does it say anything about how to cold-forge titanium? OK, that's an "engineering problem". But...

...well, that's not really the point. Science develops and changes. This is a strength and not a weakness. Science is why people are discussing the role of AI in society and not whether it is sinful to wear "mixed fabrics". Well, I'm currently wearing a pair of trousers of mixed fabric and my arse has not caught on fire. Some of that fabric is of a sort the Israelites of old would not even understand: "So, of what beast of the field doest thou shear this Spandex from?"

I mean that is why, at enormous expense, and not just financial but intellectual we, as a civilization, build Large Hadron Colliders and send out space probes. That is what kept me scribbling equations in a garret for less than I could of earned at Burger King. We seek the new because it is different and astonishing. And sometimes also very useful.

I have had a look over at Ken Ham's putrid online circle-jerk. Creation "Science" lacks all genuine curiosity. Instead it is about cherry-picking data to reinforce an already decided agenda. It is pure teleology in the sense that it is all about the end-point - proving the scientific "truth" of Genesis. Real science knows where it starts but not where it is going. Creation "Science" is a total inversion of this.

19 September, 2023 07:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Foster is well known to be a lot smarter than the general run of show-business types. As a lesbian, she probably also had more reason than most do to question religion and its taboos early.

A lot of religionists seem to believe that science is just another set of beliefs, like a religion is. In fact, science is a system for deriving conclusions from evidence. As such, it can never be "complete", since we are always discovering new evidence, which requires the conclusions to evolve. Believers who react to a change in the scientific consensus (about, say, covid or some detail of evolution) by crowing that "science got it wrong" originally, have got things exactly backward. It's that ability to change in response to new evidence that keeps science converging on reality, while religion, which clings rigidly to unchanging beliefs regardless of evidence, falls steadily further behind human knowledge.

20 September, 2023 03:26  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Wow, what a list!

23 September, 2023 12:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

This is the longest one of these collections I've ever done. There are so many good images to use.

23 September, 2023 22:44  

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