17 September 2023

Link round-up for 17 September 2023

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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This frog isn't very good at frogging.

Don't mess with this frog.  And it can see you.

Time for some rodents.

To boldly take offense at what no man has taken offense at before.

Christ is risen, or maybe not.

The design of the faucet makes it clear how to use it.

Help me tape up these packages.

You can't eat that, you idiot.

He created a fictional toilet economic crisis in his family.

It was not a good day to buy these.

Here's something you don't expect to see at an airport.

Esme upon the Cloud displays a remarkable command of invective.

Octoberfarm celebrates the season of the witch.

An artist imagines Star Trek with dolphins.  And here it is with Monty Python.

They really made this kid's day.

All she could say was "turtle", but that was enough.

This is the normal approach for landing at the airport on the island of Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean.

"It's not a phase, Mom!"

Trees are good for you.

Discover the secret of radioactive German pigs.

These are the earliest surviving photos of Iran (link from Raziel Rufus).

Visit the alien world of fungi.

Humans need to join forces against the real enemy.

Here's who's responsible for global warming.  Stop worrying about your light bulbs and straws.

Blogger Bluzdude has been through a bout with covid.  It sounds like he wasn't in danger of death, thanks to the vaccine, but this is still a nasty disease.

In a world of failed and malignant religions and ideologies, it's science that gets things done.

Useful info here about lithium battery fires.

Customers aren't coming back to Bud Light.  At this point it's no longer a boycott, it's a permanent abandonment.

Thanks for saving my life -- you're fired.

Day care often mishandles children.  There are people in that business who shouldn't be.

Commanded love is just fear, not love.

A person merely speaking some unsupported words is not evidence of anything.

No.  Just no.  Stop it.

But who shall guard those selfsame guardians?

What matters is making concrete improvements in the world.  People who just want to overthrow everything are useless.

Some tips here on keeping your abortion private on the internet.

I'm not at all bothered by a politician appearing on Chaturbate with her own husband.  It's a lot less tacky than the kind of tomcatting around that Trump, Clinton, and JFK used to do, and far less immoral than politicians taking contributions from corporations or billionaires and then voting in the interests of those donors.

Businesses that take a political stand are sabotaging themselves.

PayPal, notorious for threatening to cut off its customers merely for peacefully expressing opinions it disagrees with, is being investigated for links to actual terrorists.

Some Democratic legislators are offering support to the UAW, at least rhetorically.  Biden too is supportive, though some argue he should be doing more.  Auto executives make hundreds of times as much money as the actual workers, whose pay has dropped almost 20% since 2008 when adjusted for inflation.

Evangelical leaders behaved like jackasses during the pandemic.  Now they wonder why their congregations are shrinking.

Oregon's venture into the world of legal shrooms is arousing a lot of interest.

Rich people don't understand what money is for.

Forty-five thousand gallons of water.

Bill Maher and Drew Barrymore are violating the WGA strike.  Boycott their projects as long as they continue to do so.  UpdateBarrymore has backed down.

This new site aims to give an easy-to-understand explanation of radical feminism.

Some books are unsuitable for kids.  This one strikes me as borderline, although ten-year-olds are really too young for it.  I'd be interested to know what actual parents think.

We can all see who's being "arrogant" here.  He's quite typical of rich assholes.

Several women and doctors in Idaho are suing the state government over its draconian forced-birth law.

Nike is permanently closing a major Portland store, citing "safety and security issues" (that is, out-of-control crime), though the location isn't even downtown.

He can't understand why his wife left him, but his own words make it pretty obvious.

It's because most jobs are so damn boring.  No mystery.

Frank J Peter visits the 9/11 memorial and museum.  Remember that barbarians destroy, civilizations create.  And there's nothing wrong with gloating at the fate of an evil man.

"People are more tolerant if you don't force them to accept lies."

Must-read of the week:  What if Elon Musk had been around during World War II, and what does it mean for the future?

The bosses' campaign to drag workers back to the office isn't working very well, as workers resist.  Some companies are accepting the new reality.

The "No Labels" scam is a threat to democracy -- and to moderation in the major parties.

Trashing Boebert for being sexual is disgusting misogyny (though being sexual in a public place where kids might be present is reprehensible).  Condemn her for the actual bad things she does, not for that.

Landlords in California threw a party to celebrate being able to evict people.

"She was 26 anyway, she had limited value."

Even in the US, hospitals are backing off from transing minors, due to fear of future lawsuits.

New cars spy on you.  Based on the comments thread, it's possible to disable the spyware, but I'll still never buy one of these -- I'd be paying for a huge amount of fancy electronic junk I don't even want.

A school in Missouri had to cancel all its in-person classes and events because there was too much brawling going on.

A woman in Oklahoma was denied a necessary abortion for a non-viable and potentially lethal pregnancy.  She eventually saved her life by going to Kansas for treatment.  An abortion-rights group has filed a federal complaint.

Nikki Haley wants to raise the retirement age, even though life expectancy in the US is decreasing.

It is an unspeakable outrage that this man was ever charged with a crime.  He should sue.

Far from surprising -- the higher a person's IQ, the quicker they are to get the covid vaccine (found via Miss Cellania).

Corporations schemed to let millions of children fall into poverty to protect their tax cuts.

The governor of New Mexico needs to be removed from office and prosecuted.  If a Constitutional right can be "suspended" for some random period of time, then there is no law at all and we are under arbitrary tyranny.  Some other governor could just as well "suspend" the First Amendment, or the Thirteenth.  To their credit liberals and even anti-gun activists are condemning the move.

The intellectual left has become insular and ignorant -- cut off from the working class, rejecting any contact with viewpoints different from its own.

Creepy weirdos are coming for your children.

How can Biden encourage the youth vote?

Learn the reality of "gender-affirming care" (click on blacked-out text to make visible).

People are getting sick and tired of being harassed by self-righteous assholes.  After watching the video, check out the comments too.

The IRS plans to crack down on wealthy tax dodgers.

"Despite all the new jobs, blue-collar workers are still moving toward the Republicans.  This is likely to have more to do with cultural issues .....than with economics, but that's the way it is."

A much-cited scholar has been caught faking his data and is now totally discredited.

The demand for fossil fuels will soon peak and start to decline.

Annie Asks You makes the case against replacing Biden on the ticket due to age.  Angry Bear and Steve M also have some thoughts on the issue.

How do you vote when both parties are against your interests?

DeSantis is putting ideology above science in Florida.  It will cost lives.

Wall Street wants to get rid of the current FTC head.  She must be doing her job too well.

Companies are increasingly turning away from racial discrimination in hiring.

Climate change is making home insurance difficult to get in Florida, and DeSantis is making things worse.

Women need to trust their instincts and defy gaslighting.

Americans who work overseas realize the truth about work in our own country.

Sanity is returning in Canada.  But something weird and disturbing is going on in this school district.

Even in the medical field, women sometimes aren't safe.

A northern English anarchist group offers some vigorous straight talk about the delusions and distractions that have led the modern left astray from class struggle.

Charlie Hebdo continues the fight for free expression.

Russia's efforts to de-dollarize its trade are proving a fiasco.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced and WAHF.

My own posts this week:  September 11, an image round-up, and Rowan Atkinson on free speech.

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Seems China's military technology is as crappy as its civil engineering.


Blogger nick said...

I'm glad I've never run into a giant snake at any airport!

17 September, 2023 04:10  
Anonymous Frank J. Peter said...

Keep 'em comin', friend of the world. Thanks & Peace.

17 September, 2023 09:57  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

It's absolutely awful that some women who live in some states have to travel to another state in order to get the necessary medical care they need not to die. It's just not right.

I loved the rodent cartoons.

17 September, 2023 12:29  
Blogger Ami said...

Radioactive German Pigs would be a great name for a band.

Evangelical leaders did not behave like jackasses for a year and a half during the pandemic... it's their default setting. I find that evangelical anything... leaders, sheep, whatever are just not that bright. They blame everything except themselves for the decline in membership. Had I not grown up fundy, I wouldn't have the same understanding of just how awful those people are.

And the child evangelism thing just makes me sick. They target the gullible anyway, and the parents who are facilitating access to their children are the REAL groomers. I know this, I was one of those children.

As for the book, I would not have given it to either one of my children. We had an open dialog from the time they were able to ask questions, and I answered anything they asked. But I think this particular book is not suitable for kids. It's almost like they're trying to be shocking. The Howard Stern of children's books.

17 September, 2023 16:27  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: One that size would be seriously upsetting.

Frank: Thanks! I intend to.

Mary K: It's outrageous (the forced-birth laws, not the rodent cartoons). But it's encouraging how people are fighting back against this.

Ami: It would be a great name for a band, especially if they were actually German (or radioactive).

True about the evangelical leaders, but the pandemic did enable them to reach more dangerous levels of jackassery.

I've seen creepier books than that aimed at kids. This one seemed only borderline to me. But I'm not a parent.

17 September, 2023 19:31  

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