15 September 2023

Video of the day -- the essential freedom

Rowan Atkinson has always been a determined and uncompromising fighter for free expression.  Some of the examples he gives probably couldn't happen in the US, because of the First Amendment -- but even Constitutional rights are only as secure as we make them.  The enemy, the censor, is implacable and hydra-headed.  We must always stand ready to resist and defy.

And to all those who believe that the government should have the power to define what constitutes "hate speech" and ban it, or to define what constitutes "misinformation" and ban it -- remember that once the government has that power, we're only one bad election away from Trump and McConnell and Taylor Greene being the ones doing the defining and banning.  And when they use that power to shut you up, you have no valid objection to make, because you're the one who chose to give it to them.


Blogger John A Hill said...

I'm going to share this on my FB.
Rather than just sharing the video link, I'm going to share the blog link so that you possibly get more readers/subscribers.

15 September, 2023 07:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thank you!

15 September, 2023 08:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In addition to video link, the Irish Times published a transcript...

15 September, 2023 10:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the link.

16 September, 2023 23:45  

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