29 March 2023

Improving words (29)

More revised word definitions -- what the words visibly should mean, based on spelling.....

Alternate:  To transform Nathan

Assailant:  Your buttocks are making a small insect sick

Calamity:  Harmonious feelings in California

Crochet:  An animal similar to an alligator, but not gay

Detest:  To rescind an exam

Endanger:  To put a stop to rage

Extort:  A former cause of civil action

Gothic:  To have hiccups

Horace:  A contest of speed among prostitutes

Lagoon:  The female thug

Manager:  Something that causes an adult male to get older

Palace:  The frilly fabric your dad likes

Perpetrate:  A charge based on the number of animals you have

Polynesia:  The inability to remember parrots

Propose:  In favor of standing in a certain way

Rearmed:  Medication for buttocks

Rebellion:  To put a clanging musical instrument back on an atom which has lost some of its electrons

Teasing:  To musically praise a mildly-caffeinated beverage

Transport:  A city which isn't actually a port, but identifies as one

Trumpet:  A miniature version of Donald Trump

Warplane:  The part of the highway reserved for starships moving faster than light

[The previous "improving words" post is here.]


Blogger Lady M said...

I think an ant is my ass would definitely ail.

30 March, 2023 14:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Best avoided by all parties.....

31 March, 2023 00:37  

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