06 September 2022

Improving words (28)

Some more revised word definitions -- what the words visibly should mean, based on spelling.....

Appear:  A cross between an apple and a pear

Broad:  An advertisement for a male sibling

Cargo:  An exhortation used when one's auto won't start

Chewing:  What a Latin American revolutionary uses to fly

Condiment:  To swindle a not-very-bright tree-like Lord of the Rings creature

Decrease:  To smooth out a sheet or garment

Falsetto:  An Italian set of false teeth

Fellatio:  Dropped toward one of Jupiter's moons

Ghost:  A person who offers hospitality to the gravitational constant

Hamlet:  A small piece of pig meat

Innocent:  Not found within any penny

Marbling:  To deface jewelry

Penchant:  A droning repetitive utterance about a writing implement

Photograph:  From Vietnamese noodle soup to a chart

Pollination:  The country of parrots

Program:  A male sheep with far-left political views

Retreat:  To give someone a second Halloween candy

Sophomoric:  Richard who is soppy but gay

Trampled:  Guided by bums

Wanking:  A pale monarch

Warmed:  A medication that makes you fight

Yosemite:  How you call to a Jewish person when you don't know his name

[The previous "improving words" post is here.]


Blogger Lady M said...

Got them all except the Italian teeth - a little confused by that one.

06 September, 2022 05:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The teeth are not explicitly there in the word -- but there's nothing other than teeth of which one commonly speaks of a set of false ones.

06 September, 2022 06:20  
Blogger Daal said...


06 September, 2022 16:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...


06 September, 2022 22:25  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

well that was a good one...

07 September, 2022 09:23  
Blogger Mike said...

I had to look this one up.
G host - The gravitational constant equals approximately 6.67259 X 10-11 newton square meters per square kilogram. Its symbol is G.

07 September, 2022 12:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Granny: Heh.....

Mike: That's the one.

07 September, 2022 23:54  

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