31 March 2023

Image round-up for 31 March 2023

More pictures (a few slightly NSFW) -- click for full size.

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Not the best way to launch a boat

Yes, those are shelf brackets.....

Cornwall UK

Twelfth-century castle, Ireland

Roman sapphire ring, believed to have been owned by Caligula


The Biblioteca Palafoxiana in Puebla, Mexico, founded in 1646 -- the oldest public library in the Americas

Orangutan skeleton


  1. I remember that Latin Winnie the Pooh from my freshman Latin class back in 1974. LOL

  2. Loved the fart descriptions and the priest with his blow up alter boy. However the no peeing because of the eggs and scissors has me baffled.

  3. Applequeen: I had no idea the Latin version was done that long ago!

    Lady M: The second part of the sign is the "or else" part. Basically, "do not piss here or we'll cut off your b*ll*cks".

  4. Lots of terrific stuff. I especially like that house on the big rock.

  5. I do wonder why they chose to go live in a location like that -- and who paid for the bridge.

  6. A lot of thought on the brain sizes. Made me wonder if the swans would not be so angry if you didn't put them in plastic bags. :)

  7. The stairs in the wilderness are just so peaceful looking. If I had somewhere around here like that to walk I would never be home. lol

    I loved the movie Gargoyles. That gif sure made me smile.

  8. Spirilis: I was surprised at the size of the giraffe brain because my impression is that they're pretty stupid. Presumably it's just because the animal itself is very large.

    Mary K: Even a demonic creature spawned in Hell appreciates a good book. I wonder if it's a "human shifter" romance novel.

  9. Ikea bags and the swans! HAHAHA Another fun and interesting collection.

  10. I'd like to know how they got those swans into the bags in the first place. It seems like it would be a dangerous process.

    And I'd really like to know what happened the first time somebody walked up that staircase held together by those flimsy brackets. It doesn't even seem to be attached to the wall.


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