22 January 2023

Link round-up for 22 January 2023

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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No wonder they call them dumb animals.

Keep your neon signs in good working order.

So near and yet so far.....


Does chloroform really work?

New Witch blog confronts everyday life.

Mud, mud, glorious mud.....

It's tough being a Republican kid.

Things get lost in translation (found via Miss Cellania).  I can see how the Arabic ones happened.

This chicken ain't chicken.

Have fun with books.

Maybe close the curtains?

I don't know what this is, but it probably wants to take over the world.

She always pays in cash.

This canal was built with remarkable speed.

A haunted rock?

Australia is a hoax.

Yes, the artist realized.

Pay attention to your driving.

Impressive ability to hit a moving target at long range.

What if real life was like social media?

This rescue is a literal cliffhanger.

His dad is a special-effects guy.

What a collection of jackasses and crackpots.

See why nobody wants to buy this house (found via Miss Cellania).

Re-imagine cities.

Clean your windows using magnets.

Feel the power of teh shroom.

This is Rio de Janeiro in 1938.

It's a comfy train with a nice view.  I'm curious about where this is.

Interesting pictures of cliff-hugging villages here.

All of it took work.

Some famous places aren't so remote.

Here are the top foreign languages taught in Australia.

Lord of the Rings can be seen as a post-apocalyptic story.

Internet and print resources abound for those seeking to learn a new language.  These examples are for French, but you could probably find similar for other major languages.

Don't expect fictional characters to be "likeable" or morally simple.

If you like movies, your local library can free you from the limitations of streaming services.

Stop filming strangers.

Amazon's The Rings of Power left quite a mess in New Zealand.

No reason to feel bad about having disturbing sexual fantasies.

Some worthwhile life advice here, and not only for potential fathers.

"Still on patrol."

Going away to "find yourself" is likely to be a disappointment.

Movies can be easier to relate to than real life, but they're no substitute.

You can learn about some of your true heritage from what the enemy prohibited.

Amateur researchers claim that certain markings on stone-age cave paintings may represent a kind of calendar system.  This would not be true "writing" in the sense of representing actual words of a language, but still a much more advanced use of symbolism than is currently thought to have existed so long ago.

The cases of three women show that the brain can function normally despite the congenital absence of what seem to be vital parts.

Here's how a sabertooth tiger would bite.

Animal evolution seems to be speeding up.

This is the landscape of Pluto as seen from the New Horizons space probe.

Sex is all about the gametes.

There's a good reason why this Chinese emperor's tomb has never been opened (found via Miss Cellania).

Art historians respond forcefully to the firing of Erika L√≥pez Prater at Hamline university.  Others speak out to defend academic freedom.  She is now suing.

Mere thoughts can never be immoral.

There's a reason why the arts and humanities tend to skew left.

Count the teeth.

Why do car makers keep adding pointless complicated junk that just drives the price up while adding no real value?

To solve mass illiteracy, schools must repudiate faddism.

Gender ideology dares not address this question.

You're already in Hell -- you just don't realize it yet (found via Miss Cellania).

An interviewer turns the tables on a QAnon qrackpot.

Trying to overcome a mortally-dangerous medical condition is now deemed "oppression".  These people are lunatics.

To create more jobs, try this.

To help American small business, try this.

Saying "white" doesn't make it all right.

Addiction is largely a problem of the social environment.

Some marginalized groups should be marginalized.

An epidemiologist and physician give a detailed response to claims of a wave of deaths resulting from covid vaccines.

Yet another woman gives up on relationships rather than deal with the porn-poisoned sexuality of so many men.

Twitter is blocking the use of "third-party clients" with its site.

Make a political donation, get a tsunami of spam.

If this is real, it needs to be shut down, hard.

Here's a map showing which Illinois counties will and will not enforce Bill 5471, the state's new assault-weapons ban.

The Biden classified-documents issue has handed a weapon to the Republicans.  The incompetence is stunning.

The government is spying on money-transfer services, collecting financial data on millions of Americans.

Most of the forced-birth states have something in common.

Roberta X explains feeling politically homeless.

Iowa Republicans seek to impose absurd restrictions on people who use food stamps.

"All you have to do is recite the stupid mantra!"

If you eat fish, read this.

Same-sex marriage is a necessity.

George Santos allegedly did something a lot worse than lying (found via Hackwhackers).

".....shallow claims of depth and ignorant claims to insight."

In 2022, my city's homicide rate reached an all-time high.

All over the country, Republicans perpetrate a variety of idiocies.

Of the entire US national debt built up over 230 years, one-quarter was incurred during the Trump administration.

Who is Merrick Garland?

"Confusing and upsetting people" isn't a praiseworthy goal.

The Hamtramck MI city council has legalized the barbaric practice of animal sacrifice.

This vile ghoul claims that you want to have Social Security dragged further out of reach.

Gangster-regimes should be treated alike.

The "Dutch protocol" for gender "medicine" is fatally flawed.

She received a practical education in healthcare coverage (and gun safety).

DeSanitize is threatening to ban most anti-covid measures.  If these rules apply to hospitals, a lot of people will die.

In the long run, groveling to the oppressor doesn't work.

Hakeem Jeffries stumped for a pro-forced-birth, anti-union judge for New York state's highest court.  Fuck him.

Not much point in having paid sick leave if the bosses pressure you not to use it.

This is not the way to get allies.

Of the $42 trillion in new wealth created world-wide since 2020, $26 trillion went to the richest 1%This is intolerable.

In the UK, even among self-described Christians, many don't believe in an afterlife or in the resurrection of Jesus.

UK nurses go on strike over pay and patient safety.  Billionaire prime minister Sunak refuses to negotiate, and the Conservative government is threatening to pass a law against strikes by health workers.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

He Who Zings Rats was buried with obscene ostentation.

Check out the crowd size at just one of the French protests against the government's threat to raise the retirement age.

In Madrid, tens of thousands marched against privatization and cuts to the local healthcare system.

The history of Crimea shows why it can have no real future if separated from Ukraine.

This is the missile Russia used against an ordinary apartment building (found via Hackwhackers).

A dictator's bubble of toadies and delusions doesn't prepare him to handle a war.

The ultra-religious are not the future of Israel; a high rate of "attrition" (people leaving the ultra-religious category) offsets a high birth rate.

This is barbarism.

Iranian activist Maryam Namazie describes the reality of life under theocracy.

Iran's "supreme leader" invokes God to justify internet censorship (funny how God's will always seems to so neatly fit the needs of those who use him to justify doing what they themselves want to do anyway).

The democracies need to accept that the Iran nuclear deal is dead and focus on isolating and subverting the theocracy.

The Saudi regime uses a golf organization to whitewash its image -- and to hide its financial ties to Trump.

Pakistan is running out of almost everything, with rampaging inflation too.

Japan and India are strengthening military cooperation, much to the annoyance of you-know-who.

Taiwanese women organize to fight back against gender ideology.

China's population is already shrinking, and may already have fallen below India's.

Theresa Kachindamoto saved 850 girls from child marriages, and she's not through yet.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced and WAHF.

My own posts this week:  videos about cheese, what other democracies can do as the US becomes less reliable, and an image round-up.

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If you need the threat of eternal damnation to be a good person -- then you aren't a good person.

Several of the January 6 insurrectionists made a point of defecating and urinating in offices in the Capitol.  Now the House Republicans have removed the ban on smoking in the building.  These people seem to have an affinity for all things filthy and stinking.

Today marks fifty-two days since railway workers were robbed of their right to strike for paid sick leave.  Issue the executive order, Biden!

[Image at top found via Reaganite Independent.]


Blogger SickoRicko said...

So much good stuff. So much bad stuff. Untimately, someone has to do the laundry. Thanks for linking to me.

22 January, 2023 11:25  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

I want to strongly protest the posting of fake news in today's roundup. You show a "map" of languages spoken in Australia, yet as you clearly demonstrated earlier, Australia does not exist.

22 January, 2023 12:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ricko: Thanks. I guess a lot of people nowadays think laundry does itself.

Green: It's a vast conspiracy. Even language teachers are in on the deception.

23 January, 2023 02:20  
Blogger NickM said...

I'd heard of the Australia "hoax" thing before. I suspect it is what comes from the fact that of all the conspiratorialists the flat-Earthers are the most mental by a long way. I must tell my rellies in Melbourne that they don't actually exist!

Interesting article about how the LGB community shouldn't embrace the likes of NAMBLA. I hadn't thought of it quite like that but to do so does seriously risk being gay or lesbian being regarded as a mental health or even criminal issue or essentially turning the clock back on gay rights 50+ years.

Similarly, check this out...


The SNP might be the biggest party in Scotland but Scotland only has a total population of about 5.5m. JKR has 14m followers on Twitter alone. So who, is the most influential woman in Scotland - Joanne Rowling or Nicola Sturgeon?

And, yes, I know your views about social media, infidel, but, for good or ill, it, alas matters.

Personally, my beef with it is how the likes of twitter undermined blogging etc. Though, fuck it! Invisible Tigers shall see the light of day. I did the graphics a couple of years ago. Any advice? It's going to be much more philosophical than political with a hint of random.

23 January, 2023 03:32  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

That robotic thing is weird and cool at the same time.
That woman standing outside watching the men on the tables made me laugh. I'd probably stop and watch too. lol

23 January, 2023 13:43  
Blogger Daal said...

great roundup as always. remind me to be careful around saber toothed tigers...

23 January, 2023 21:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: Flat-Earthism is pretty zany. There is, or was, some guy with a YouTube channel who claimed that the Moon doesn't exist and is just an image projected from somewhere on Earth. I watched a couple of videos, but didn't see him explain what it's projected on, or why the Moon was mentioned in the writings of people like the Babylonians long before projectors were invented. I think that's the nuttiest one I've seen.

It's a common fallacy that just because one group that was once denounced as bad is now accepted, every other group which is now denounced as bad should also be accepted. There are fairly obvious differences between gays and pedophiles, or men who insist on using the girls' bathroom.

I don't know how long the SNP will remain the biggest party in Scotland if they keep doubling down on this gender nonsense. I hope independence-minded voters think about the fact that if Scotland weren't part of the UK, the gender law (which most people oppose) would actually have gone into effect. And sure, I don't blame Rowling for using Twitter. We'd be better off if it didn't exist, but since it does, people might as well get what benefits it can provide.

I can't really offer much advice about running a blog because every blog is so different -- as they should be, to reflect the interests of their authors. I'd say keep the format simple so you don't have a bunch of flashy stuff distracting from the content. Don't worry about people who don't like what you write, however many -- write for those who are interested in what you have to say, however few. And, of course, let me know when it's up so I can post a link to it.

Mary K: I guess that robot thing was at some kind of convention. Of course, that would be the perfect place for alien robots to begin their invasion -- nobody would notice them.

Daal: At least saber-tooth tigers have one great virtue -- being extinct.

24 January, 2023 08:49  
Blogger NickM said...

I shall let you know when it is up and thanks for your advice and the potential link. Also thanks for letting me know how to access this post again (your most recent being so long it took-up the whole front page)!

I don't think it's cool that sabre-tooths are extinct (and I want my mammoth!) because I think of them like sharks or lions - critters vastly more sinned against than sinning.

I dunno what I'd do with my mammoth - it would be sort of a white elephant. So, probs best not. Ah, well. I have two cats and they are more than enough for me at times.

25 January, 2023 07:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I wouldn't describe the smallpox virus as "sinning", but we are better off without it.

Perhaps it's not so much what you would do with a mammoth, but what the mammoth would do with you.....

26 January, 2023 06:19  

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