03 July 2022

Link round-up for 3 July 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Perfect dog Halloween costume here.

Respect their right to pray.

Occasionally even pilots goof off a bit.

Chuckles, chortles, and flowers here.

Hungry Jack's in Australia now offers seagull-proof french fries.

"Okay, I give up....."

It's a con that still works, after all this time.

Collection of bird humor here.

Evil kettle is evil.

Fear the tumbleweed menace.

What are dogs really thinking?

Worst burrito ever.

Ensure that your workplace is inclusive and welcoming toward great white sharks.

Yeah, he'll sit up and take notice.

Sorry, this is all just nonsense.

Those parents are giving that daughter way too much unsupervised internet time.

Some nut in England is enraged over the name of a sandwich (link from an anon commenter).

How bad of a mess was the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series?  This bad.

International Penis Day exists (found via SickoRicko).  Need I even mention that this originated in Japan?

Dogs and cats are different.

Behind every great man stands a great woman doing the grunt work.

Doctors are eye candy, apparently.

Paris features this creepy sculpture.

Humans will always be difficult to contain.

The Louvre has proven inspirational to graphic novel artists.

Wiley Post designed the ancestor of the modern space suit.

Tips here for overcoming negative thinking.

14 feet and 14 centuries apart.

Hormones are powerful stuff.

When lean times come, you can't eat philosophy.

Don't be careless when transporting chlorine gas.

Getting regular flu shots reduces your risk of Alzheimers (found via Miss Cellania).

This airline seat exists.

If you see this plant, don't touch it -- or try to make a shirt out of it.

In the beginning.....

Some thoughts here on why men and women react so differently to sexual overtures.

Stand up to government bullying of poor people.

This is Ukrainian pest control (found via Hackwhackers).

Blogger Calvin observes Canada Day.

The bosses can't accept the obvious.

All 100% female.

Daal has been turning her blog posts into podcasts, and features some DIY publishing tips from an Indian author.

Crazy Eddie reviews NASA's asteroid missions.

Boy Scouts became heroes after an Amtrak crash in Missouri.

No compromise on sexual freedom, as long as no person is being harmed or having their boundaries violated.

Important reminder about fireworks (found via Yellowdog Granny).  More here.

Women who definitely don't want (more) children should consider a bilateral salpingectomy.  It sounds like the nearest female equivalent to a vasectomy.

Don't wallow in the moan-groan-doom-gloom bullshit.

No, honeybees are not dying out, although wild bees are less secure.  Remember that humans have been causing huge continent-wide mass extinctions for thousands of years without triggering general ecological collapse, while Chernobyl shows that ecosystems are highly resilient and recover quickly from damage, not fragile or prone to easy collapse as some believe.

You aren't allowed to have boundaries.

The wingnut leadership may have had an ulterior motive for pushing hydroxychloroquine.

Blogger The Arbourist doesn't expect much help from the left on abortion rights.

"Walk into any children's hospital....."

Get rid of these gatekeepers nitpicking us to death about symbols.  We have more important things to worry about.

Boo hiss, Laura Ingraham.

No, we do not need a "new" theory of evolution.  In general, anything about science in the mainstream media should be taken with a 55-gallon drum of salt, and just disregarded if it makes radical claims.  Mainstream media writers who really understand science are few and far between.

Among the patients already forced to cross state lines to get abortions is a ten-year-old girl from Ohio.

Workers have nothing left to lose.

The culture has already changed a lot regarding guns.

Not my religion, not my rules.

Discussion here on the possible impact of the abortion uproar on this year's elections.

Atheist Revolution calls for a renewed commitment to secular activism.

If you can't quit your job, work less.

This kind of racist harassment is shocking in modern America.

Multi-tasking and social media are degrading consciousness.

The fall of Roe has led to a rise in vasectomies.

It's all about class differences.

Ursula K LeGuin recalls what it was like before legal abortion.  Don't give up, fight back -- this fight has been won before.

A lesbian explains why she's a conservative.

Belief in an afterlife makes killing easier.

The explosion of interest in abortion pills will confront the forced-birth fetishists with some difficult choices.

The Supreme Court has gone rogue -- how do we fix it?

People of the left and right come together to support women's sports.

Don't abandon sane people in red states.  That's what the enemy wants.

Cassidy Hutchinson was targeted with mob-style threats before she testified.

The Great Resignation is still ongoing, driven by desire for better pay and more work-from-home.  Managers too are quitting as they come under pressure to restore a pre-pandemic "normal" that workers will no longer tolerate.

Biden probably won't take any real action to protect abortion rights even if the Democrats win a larger majority.  Way to de-motivate your potential voters.  He needs to realize it's put-up-or-shut-up time.

Churches are closing at a record pace across the US, as less than 50% of Americans now claim membership in a church.

Interesting observations here on the roots of Karen-calling.

There is plenty of bullshit to go around.

Some information here on monkeypox.  The illness seems to mostly afflict gay males, so if you fall into that category, it's particularly worth being informed.

In April, Planned Parenthood rented some medical space in an Oregon town on the Idaho border.  It will probably now become an abortion clinic serving patients from Idaho.

Rioting mobs of violent thugs are back at it in downtown Portland, blocking traffic and smashing windows, claiming to be "protesting" the Roe ruling while actually just tormenting innocent bystanders most of whom probably also support abortion rights.  The police did nothing.  Another recent article which is paywalled describes how after months of mob violence, retail businesses are abandoning downtown because they simply can't cope with the endless vandalism and looting, while companies with offices are moving out because their employees don't feel safe.  We used to have one of the most lively downtowns in the US.  This fucking bullshit has killed it.

"Women are going to die."

Links here with practical help on abortion rightsMore tips here.  More here, emphasizing privacy (found via ThreadCatcher).

Gun control in the US has a long history.

Facebook and Instagram are collaborating with the oppressors.

Any deviation from dogma must be punished.

Darwinfish 2 is pessimistic about abortion, less so about the January 6 hearings.

Asshole companies are now rescinding job offers after applicants have accepted them.  On the other hand, this seems to be mostly companies linked to cryptocurrency in some way, so it's good news that they're collapsing.

We can't defend rights if we can't talk about them in plain language.

An Uvalde mother who rescued her own children says she is now being harassed and intimidated by police.

This blogger claims the recent story about a million voters switching from Democrat to Republican over the last year was based on mistaken analysis.

The Congressional generic ballot poll has shifted substantially in the Democrats' favor since the Supreme Court struck down Roe.  56% of Americans disapprove of the new ruling, with (as usual) not much difference between men and women.

The Catholic Church is using its control over many hospitals to kill women.

The mental-health establishment is being shockingly negligent with teenagers' health.  Here's what the aftermath looks like.

74 years old and still a tantrum-throwing toddler.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Overturning Roe was an act of Christian extremism, plain and simple.

They're trying to re-define racism too.

Ohio and Arkansas vie to impose post-Roe horrors.

It takes a village.

Big-box stores know when you're pregnant.

Inflation in the US probably peaked in May.  Most of the developed world has had worse inflation.

From Canada, Jenny_o has some reminders about democracy.

She thought that it would be OK having men in a women's shelter.  Experience taught her otherwise.

Women prison inmates in Canada describe the nightmare of sharing space with male inmates.

Someone concocted a fake tweet from JK Rowling (verified as fake by Snopes and CheckYourFact).  Maybe they looked at what she's actually said and realized there's nothing offensive there.

The UK health secretary has ordered the country's National Health Service to go back to using plain English.

Halifax Bank in the UK apparently got bored with banking and decided to branch out into woketard virtue signaling.  Hilarity -- and much loss of business -- ensued.

For once, the BBC stands up to death-threat cancel culture.

Even in the UK, there are politicians who would limit women's right to bodily autonomy.

"It's like a burqa for language."

Religion is declining rapidly in Australia, with only 44% now self-identifying as Christian.

In 2017 Israel helped prevent a Russian cyber-attack on US power plants.  All democracies should work together to thwart such threats from the gangster-states.

Iran's streets are infested with religious thugs.

Don't forget about the real Taliban.

Muslims are just as human as you or I and deserve the same freedoms.

An American who lived in China for many years discusses the country's future.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced and Miss Cellania.

My own posts this week:  some thoughts about the abortion ruling, an image round-up, and a short video of Stephen Fry.

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The political blogger known as Big Bad Bald Bastard has died.  See comment by John G.

[Image at top found via SickoRicko]


Blogger Mike said...

The yearly penis festival in Japan. Lots of pictures. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/gabrielsanchez/japan-kanamara-matsuri-festival-steel-phallus-penis

03 July, 2022 02:19  
Blogger Jack said...

Thanks for including me in the links! That first one with the video of the dog Halloween costume was just what I needed this morning. I'm still wiping coffee off my keyboard, but it was worth it.

03 July, 2022 03:01  
Anonymous NickM said...

The cheese sandwich of heresy was me. Sorry I posted as anon but Firefox was playing Les Buggeurs Risible. We in England tend not to take religion very seriously. I don't think we ever did. Hence all those pilgrims sodding off to your neck of the woods.

The "Karen" thing really winds me up. If you visit Bored Panda it is there a lot. And that is a very lefty, "liberal"* site. It is the lack of self-awareness. If I were to create a stereotype of an "Abdul" - a middle-aged Anglo-Pakistani Muslim who votes Tory and has a corner shop I'd get annihilated online (and perhaps in person). The "Karen" callers wimply don't understand they are doing the exact same thing that if applied to some other definable group they would utterly vilify. Anyway, I went to school with a couple of Karens who will now be of "Karen" age. They were OK. Probs still are. I mean if you know someone up to 18 you have a fair idea what they'll be like at 48.

Apparently in the 'stan the Taliban have re-affirmed a ban on secondaary education for girls. They can do primary and there is no ban on university but... I somehow doubt I would have got into university without A-Levels (or equivalent). Cute isn't it? You don't have to explicitly ban something if you just make it practically impossible.

*Tends to mean something a bit different over here.

03 July, 2022 05:17  
Blogger Leanna said...

I had a good chuckle with the Tumbleweed Menace. It reminded me of fall and winter in El Paso Texas. Tumbleweeds are really a big problem out there. If you hit one while driving it will get under your car or truck and the thorns will poke holes in your radiator and or tires. Also, they do cause a problem with homes and yards. It makes it hard to get out of the door if they are blocking the way. Yeah, good times.

03 July, 2022 11:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: I knew penis festivals are a thing in Japan (actually much more pervasive before the fascists discouraged them in the early twentieth century), but I didn't know the concept of a penis day had spread worldwide. Those photos would certainly be pretty jarring to Westerners, though. I can't see that happening here in the foreseeable future.

Jack: They're lucky that spider costume didn't give somebody a heart attack.

NickM: I hate the "Karen" thing. It's basically just become an excuse to dismiss any middle-aged woman objecting to anything. It also seems to be used in a racist way -- I've only ever seen it applied to white women.

Leanna: I had no idea tumbleweeds were that bad. They look like they should be really light. I certainly didn't realize they're sturdy enough to damage cars like that.

03 July, 2022 12:10  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

I, too, liked the dog/spider costume. Thanks for including so many humorous links ahead of the doom-and-gloom ones. That bilateral salpingectomy was very interesting to me, as was the spike in vasectomies after Roe was overturned. Sounds like two more things the states will want to outlaw in their quest to remove self-determination.

03 July, 2022 16:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I always start with the humor links and work up to more serious items (then put news about foreign countries at the end) -- it helps ease people into the "harder" items.

I kind of doubt most Republicans would want to ban sterilization surgery, even if the Supreme Court gives them the right to. They can't remotely be classified as abortifacients -- they prevent an egg cell from ever being fertilized, as opposed to preventing a fertilized egg from implanting or whatever. Hard-core Catholics would still object, but most Protestants wouldn't. Of course if they try to go full 1984 anything's possible, but they'd lose a lot of support from their own voting base then.

03 July, 2022 20:03  
Blogger Daal said...

so much here, as usual, that I start off wanting to comment on this, that, & the other, then end up with too long a list -- thanks for the laughs, groans, & sobs. I wish I'd seen the fireworks fireworks earlier so I could share it before the 4th -- unfortunately my city allows fireworks because churches & service organizations make a lot of money selling them

03 July, 2022 21:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Daal: You should see how many links I have each week before I start trimming them down. The internet is a big place. I hope the fireworks warnings at least prompt a few people to re-think their gleeful racket-making. It really does seem to be tough on animals -- and I've seen a few comments elsewhere by veterans who are really bothered by them too.

04 July, 2022 00:20  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The tea kettle with a resemblance was crazy. I wouldn't have seen it without the other picture.

The dog meme's are hilarious.

04 July, 2022 13:40  
Blogger Daal said...

compounding the awfulness is that people from neighboring cities that don't allow them flock to our city. also, Los Angeles County is made up of many small cities, each with their own displays that are such a noisy polluting waste of tax $

05 July, 2022 15:24  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary K: Dogs tend to be kind of goofy-looking. They invite such captioning. At least the kettle made a pretty goofy-looking Hitler.

Daal: Los Angeles County is made up of many small cities, each with their own displays

Yeesh, that must look like a war. I'd hate to be a dog there.

05 July, 2022 22:34  
Blogger Martha said...

The dog's spider costume for Halloween. That is amazing! So funny. With all that's going on, we need some humour to stay sane.

11 July, 2022 05:25  

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