23 January 2022

Link round-up for 23 January 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Quite a big one indeed.

Understand computer terminology.

It's not exactly what she wanted.

This translator created a sentiment we can all share.

You're too big, Margie!

Other countries exist, you nitwits.

Unreasonable job requirement here.

Right way to serve onion rings here.

Journey through Britain's unforgettable places.

Often, weird people are just boring.

Beware the deadly Zionist dolphin.

This looks to me like an ass driving a car.

This sculpture exists (NSFW) -- it's in Prague.

Life imitates art.

If the job you're applying for asks for three references.....

Serves you effing right.

The ocean depths harbor goofy monsters.

Books are worthy of protection by medieval curses.

This entire concept has "scam" written all over it.

Some background here to a memorable Star Trek scene.

The Earth and Sun (in amine-character form) are visited by an avatar of their own future.

Different things are empowering to different people.

Don't wait -- your life is now.

Not everyone can be this brave.

Celebrate reading.

Awesome house.

This house, not so much.

This man literally has a job doing nothing.

The world that was theirs, now is ours.

Some striking tree photos here.

This is the Netherlands in 1919.

Rebuilding Notre Dame is a daunting and complex task.

The distribution of light on the Earth's surface seen from space tells us a lot about human development -- and regression.

This is how blood originated.

Should pets have the legal status of family members?

Medieval Europe was surprisingly relaxed about abortion (found via Miss Cellania).

Compare the size of the Tonga eruption with the Tsar Bomba H-bomb (the largest man-made explosion ever).

Actions matter more than words.

It was a last message to his aunt.

NFTs symbolize the ugly, boring world of art subordinated to money and gadgetry.  Here's a pretty good explanation of what they are.

Let "Barry" help you learn to be an asshole.

Identity politics made the left lose its way.

It's no longer possible for most people in poverty to escape on their own.

This story is clearly bullshit.

Blockchain/NFT dingdongs get pwned yet again.

School in-person or remote?  It's a class issue.

Tips here and here on spotting cults and cultists.  I would add that anybody who calls other people "sheeple" is probably part of a cult or cult-like belief system of some kind.

Fairy tales for adults!

Hospital standards are breaking down as unvaccinated covid-19 patients overwhelm the system.

God is such an asshole, it's a relief that he doesn't exist.

Credit-card companies, FOSTA-SESTA, and advertising are driving the shittyization of the internet.

A "Christian flag" waves from a city flagpole in Boston.  Should it?

Booster shots strongly protect against omicron.  Being vaccinated and boosted makes you up to 49 times less likely to need hospitalization relative to the unvaccinated.

Youngkin has ordered an investigation of the Loudoun county rape cover-up scandal.  Note that the school board commissioned its own investigation, but has covered up the results of that as well, though one official has been fired.

There's a political price to be paid for racial preferences.

In cases of public stupidity, mockery is appropriate.

Examples here (scroll down a bit) of the difference vaccination makes during the omicron surge.

Some insurrectionists are dumber than dirt (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Mail-order abortion pills could checkmate the forced-birth fetishists and their laws.

Some of you may die, but that's a sacrifice we are willing to make.

Here's how the gay liberation movement was replaced by the thuggish, reactionary, big-money "LGBTQ+" insanity.

2021 saw a huge shift in American voters' political orientation, from Democrats 9 points ahead to Republicans 5 points ahead.  The efforts by some to hand-wave this away are disturbingly reminiscent of the Republicans' self-deluding dismissal of uncomfortable polls in 2012.

If you don't like what you're reading.....

Religion infiltrating schools?  Satan to the rescue!

Sensible assessment of the Lia Thomas controversy here.

The relentless shittyization of work made the Great Resignation inevitable.

Time to start making anti-mask assholes pay for the disruptions they cause.

Real-world data are showing that some of the basic accepted dogmas of economics aren't true.

Proposed legislation in California threatens protections for sex workers on the internet (found via The Honest Courtesan).

Being an atheist involves social and occupational costs in most of the US, but if you really don't believe, you don't have much choice.

Twitter is escalating its war against women who tell the truth.

No job interviewer should ever ask you these questions.

Hundreds of women are pushing back against forced hijab-wearing in Islam -- and against Western "woke" morons who treat the hijab as a sign of "diversity".

This guy claims he hacked into 25 Tesla cars remotely, taking partial control of them.

The "supply chain" we keep hearing about is made up of workers, who suffer from covid-19 and management abuse just as other workers do.

Most Americans support women's right to single-sex spaces and sports teams, and support rises as the public becomes more aware of the issue.  Key survey results here.

Ken Ham spews bullshit about atheism.

The world's ten richest men have doubled their wealth during the pandemic, while most people saw a drop in income.

Even if you don't get covid-19, the prolonged stress of the pandemic is very damaging.

Yet another example of what they keep telling us never happens (hint: one word in the first line of the story is a lie).

It's all the Taco Bell guy's fault.

Don't obfuscate the reality of what happened at the Colleyville TX synagogue.

Corporate greed is behind the push to prematurely re-open schools (here in Oregon, the state government is also weirdly gung-ho on this).

There is also a pandemic of grief.

Will no one think of the poor oppressed child rapist?

Cracking down on the anti-vaxers is now a winning strategy in most democracies.

One of the best things we could to for the climate would be to eradicate cryptocurrency mining.

Europe vs the US -- who's doing better?

One of several women prison inmates who was raped by a male inmate transferred into her prison is speaking out.

The British navy now has its first woman admiral.

Boris Johnson's may lose his job as prime minister over his attendance at parties that broke the pandemic-control rules his government had imposed on the general public.  Seems British political parties have less tolerance for such hypocrisy than American ones do.

Australia is an increasingly important front-line state in the coalition of democracies against China.

Greenland has permanently banned all oil and gas exploration to fight global warming.

He Who Zings Rats was involved in the shielding of molesting priests (like there was ever much doubt).

Eastern European countries which escaped the tyranny of the Soviet gangster-state now naturally support Taiwan against another such state.

Putin is becoming as belligerent, irresponsible, and dangerous as Trump was.

Turkey's once-booming economy has collapsed, plunging millions into poverty, under Erdo─čan's failed Islamist authoritarian government.

Afghanistan's Taliban theocracy intensifies its efforts to purge women from public life.

A woman in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for blasphemy.

Analysis here on the consequences of son preference and sex-selective abortion in Asia.

In Japan, religion is largely frowned upon because it's associated with brainwashing, manipulation, war, and terrorism.  (But religion causes those things everywhere in the world -- maybe the Japanese are just more perceptive than other people?)

South Korea's upcoming election offers the country a choice between fascist China and the democratic world.

More and more people are trying to leave China.  And the country's birth rate is still falling despite the regime's frantic efforts to boost it.

Think US pandemic-control measures are "tyranny"?  China does this and this.

More links at The Honest Courtesan, Fair and Unbalanced, and The Psy of Life.

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My own posts this week:  a new "improving words" list, a video by Dr Steel, and a quick final eye update.


Blogger NickM said...

Well the RN may have it's first female admiral but didn't the USN appoint a woman recently as captain of a Nimitz-class carrier? Oddly enough I have recently been streaming "Star Trek: Voyager". Did you know that when they made that (7 seasons '95 to '01) and first announced Kate Mulgrew as playing Captain Janeway there were actual death threats? I mean Starfleet are muli-species from different planets but a woman in charge! I mean obviously the possession of a vagina makes it impossible to say, "Engage!" ;-)

As to Ken Ham... I dunno if he's a con-artiste or just a nucking futter. The two are of course not mutually exclusive but to tie that in with the Pakistan blasphemy thing... The things the unholy object to aren't fundamentalist ideas as their effects. I personally couldn't give a fuck that Ham has built a sort of twisted Presbyterian Disneyland somewhere in the Midwest. I do care that when I had a US girlfriend she didn't like going for a cervical smear test in Atlanta (her home city) because the gyno-clinic was frequently blockaded by anti-abortionists so committed to "life" they were prepared to kill and had done so. That is just one example. Ham has twisted it a full 180.

I would like to write more and neaten up my reasoning but...

... One of Ham's great "points" is "belief" in evolution etc. destroys society and morals. I fail to see how that is at all tenable. Science has revealed our Universe as so much grander than it is portrayed in a bunch of Bronze-Age legends. This last Christmas Day my real big gift was seeing that Ariane 5 take off live on TV. That was the starter... When it starts generating data... that is the main course.

I guess this whole area is something I've got a lot of thoughts about which is why they are both a jumble and too long for a comment. That and dinner is getting ready.

23 January, 2022 11:30  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Big Margie was my fave here.

23 January, 2022 11:31  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I've seen several videos of the Tonga eruption and I just can't believe how massive it was. The fact that it could burst out of the water and still be so darn big is astounding.

Spock showing any emotion, especially full out crying was bound to get some reaction from fans.

23 January, 2022 13:30  
Blogger Mike said...

I'm turning the blue gorilla with the shiny balls into a post tomorrow.

23 January, 2022 18:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: Yes on the US woman aircraft carrier captain -- I included a link about it in the round-up for that week.

People who make death threats over a TV show aren't just assholes, they're pathetic assholes.

I really don't know or care what goes on inside Ken Ham's head, I care about the practical result, which is that he's selling the public bullshit for money. Whether it's because he's a liar or an idiot or both, the result is the same.

Ricko: She was pretty big, all right.

Mary K: That was one hell of an explosion, several times larger than the largest H-bomb blast ever set off.

Mike: Cool -- he's actually a bonobo, though.

23 January, 2022 22:35  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

lets all go to china and DIE

24 January, 2022 12:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Right place for it.

25 January, 2022 05:33  

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