17 December 2021

Improving words (23)

Some more revised word definitions, based on what the words visibly should mean based on spelling.....

Antelope:  To run away and marry a small insect

Bison:  Male offspring attracted to persons of both sexes

Button:  The ass is activated

Cameramen:  Ejaculated Asian noodles

Codependent:  A indentation made by a pen normally used for writing in cypher

Coverage:  Anger at a small bay

Crowding:  Minor damage caused by a large black bird

Divergent:  An honorable man who spends a lot of time underwater

Exact:  A past behavior

Hallowed:  Someone's in debt to a corridor

Idealist:  A listing of thoughts

Impregnation:  A country where small demons must be registered

Lagoon:  A thug from Los Angeles

Molesting:  An attack by a small burrowing mammal using a wasp's method

Moscow:  A bovine from a wretched hive of scum and villainy

Poetic:  A twitch caused by reading too much Edgar Allen

Pastorate:  To give a long speech about history

Proliferate:  The abortion opponent gobbled it up

Rehearse:  To put a coffin back in its transport car

Rumbling:  Jewelry used for making Caribbean-style alcohol

Totally:  A friend of small children

Wanking:  A pale monarch

[The previous "improving words" post is here.]


Blogger SickoRicko said...

Some really good ones.

17 December, 2021 11:29  
Blogger Victor said...

Best one yet!

17 December, 2021 13:14  
Blogger Mike said...

JLo is buttON!

17 December, 2021 17:16  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Those were just too funny.

18 December, 2021 11:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks! I continue to press on with the work of language reform.....

19 December, 2021 00:51  
Anonymous Steve Kandalotofconsanents said...

Apologies but a bit off topic. I just wanted to thank you for the post dated 12/14. I've had similar thoughts banging around in my head for awhile and could not organize them enough to articulate. That's that. Thanks for the links today. For a seasonal giggle, check out Fred Willard's Christmas Story. It puts the whole season into clear focus!

19 December, 2021 14:29  
Blogger Bohemian said...

I also wanted to Thank You for the previous Post, which couldn't accept comments and I understand why, it's not even a debatable subject, it's the alarming Truth. I'm really worried about the fate of our Nation and Democracy in particular.

19 December, 2021 17:43  
Blogger Daal said...

clever & hilarious!

23 December, 2021 12:46  

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