31 October 2021

Link round-up for Samhain 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Escape the stark horror of the leopard woman.

It's not easy being funny.

Get your exercise even when your friend doesn't want to.

Hot pursuit = heart attack.

This church denounces fornication, warmly.

Chinese "tofu-dreg" construction again? (found via Funny Links).

An emoji should be carefully designed (NSFW) (found via Workmen and Rednecks).

See muppets perform Mr Blue Sky.

This filth should not be on PornHub -- it's obviously aimed at young people.

Left and right have different visions of the future.

Explore the claim that eating pineapple makes your semen taste better.


This man does not allow his cat to misbehave.

It's such a bore when boorish boars bore through your neighborhood.

Which monsters actually taste good?

Potentially a useful idea.  Texas?  But they wouldn't make everything blue.

At last, a practical use for a crucifix (or part of one).

Reflect on Schrödinger's cat.

Don't drop that fizzy soda bottle!

It's not quite what it looks like.

In Manitou Springs CO, skeletons help get out the vote.

Wednesday was National Black Cat Day.  More Halloween cats here.

There's a reason why horror-movie haunted houses have a certain look.

The fucked-up deer is always a bad sign.

You can find some good Halloween stuff at local vendor markets.

Lo Imprescindible looks at some horror movies with gay subtexts.

Bohemian Valhalla presents residential control freaks, some skeletons and carved pumpkins, and a fake vagina.

Rotten Tomatoes lists the 200 best horror movies of all time (found via Miss Cellania).

JesusWeen is the latest cringey fundie embarrassment.

Meet the critters that could have beaten the shit out of a T-rex without breaking a sweat.

Bees have gods.

The statement "all art is political" is the bullshittiest bullshit ever bullshitted.

I guess this is a new kink of some kind.

Color experts Nutsacktorturer, Ineffectualdemon and others discuss the mystery of how the ancient Greeks perceived color.

Burning witches would be unwise (also definitely read the comment by Bicycle Bill!).

Elon Musk is bringing trickle-down to outer space.

American science-fiction movies are basically dead.  I wonder how we get out of this.

Some elaborate pumpkin work here.

Check out the spooky art of Hysteria Machine.

Oregon should reach herd immunity to covid-19 around the end of this year, as most workers comply with employer vaccine mandates.

They opened an OnlyFans account to post nude pics.

The Romans built to last.

If God created sheep, he goofed up and humans had to fix them.

This is Highgate cemetery, London.

Brittany, the Celtic enclave of western France, has some interesting traditions around Halloween and death (found via Cas d'Intérêt).

Watch a time-lapse view from the Moon's south pole.

We now know of thousands of planets in other solar systems, but NASA has now confirmed one in another galaxy.

A big part of why the US exists in its present form is that king George III was a jackass.

Blogger Paul W looks at the workers' mass revolt against shitty jobs.

Covid-19 vaccines are Satanic.  We know this because an actual demon said so.  Who can argue with that?

Halloween is also Satanic and fundies shouldn't participate (wow, these people are easily spooked).

Cas d'Intérêt has a round-up of items from France including covid-19, the biggest trial in the country's history, some cartoons, and a very French trade dispute.

Workers are wising up about the misery and stupidity of "careers".

See tips on how noise registers to autistic people and making life easier for an autistic person.

Never forget most people are the guy on the right, not the guy on the left.

Let people live their own lives their own way even if it's not what you yourself would have chosen.

Don't You Want Me Ladies, a cotton-ceiling satire video made by a proud "Karen", is this week's must-watch.

Green Eagle brings us another massive report from the right-wing internet's cesspit of lunacy.

Becoming shallow and trendy derailed the gay movement into the current LGBTQXYZWTF nonsense.

Here's the reality behind Stockholm syndrome.

A new documentary tells the story of Giuliani's Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference.

Stop using words to mean things they don't mean.

As a young man at Harvard, Louis Brandeis repeatedly pwned an anti-Semitic professor.

Covid-19 greatly increases the risk of developing chronic dongwilt.  Guys, get that vaccine!

More responses to Margaret Atwood here.  These people are absolute psychopaths.

A new free speech organization focuses on free expression in the workplace.

Religion is all about controlling people, especially women (read the comments too).

These are some of the books that Texas legislators consider possibly inappropriate for school libraries.

Reading real literature is empowering, so be suspicious of those who try to take it away.

Sarah Silverman responds to the filth in Congress who voted against funding for Iron Dome (a purely defensive system).

No, those "keep parents out of classrooms" signs in Virginia are not real McAuliffe campaign signs.

Republican anti-vax mania is ridiculous and self-defeating.

Fundies don't like being called out over child abuse.  They can dish out attacks but can't take them.

The worst thing Facebook ever did was to normalize the renunciation of internet anonymity.

The Loudoun county trans bathroom sex attacker has been found guilty; he is still awaiting trial for another sexual assault at another school.  Students at several schools have held walk-outs to protest the county's cover-up of the assault.

Youngkin has now pulled slightly ahead in the polling average in the Virginia governor's race (though remember it's unclear how accurate polls are these days) -- which may be what's motivating the sudden outbreak of media gaslighting and damage control about the widening Loudoun scandal.

Robert Reich says the US is going through an informal general strike.

Fundie Liberty University blames and silences women who complain of sexual assault (found via Miss Cellania).

If you don't have sex with me, you're worse than Hitler.

Let Minnesota keep the flag.

"How's your new job?"

It's better to get some of what Biden wanted and work on getting more later, than to demand all or nothing immediately and get nothing.  See my comments on the post as well.

Our state government has been so slow to dispense rent assistance money that thousands of renters who qualify for it are now at risk of eviction, still not having received a cent.

Darwinfish 2 dissects some more wingnut hypocrisy.

Pay attention to what independent voters care about.

Reactions here to the BBC "cotton ceiling" report.

Surely the police have better things to do than go around notifying the public that a few people aren't interested in sex.

Brazil is poised to hold Bolsonaro accountable for his disastrous handling of covid-19.

Iraqi notables call for peace and reconciliation with Israel.

Why would any country want Israel as a friend?

Iranian hackers are using electronic billboards to pwn the regime.

Islamist ideology and modern economics don't mix.

India has successfully tested a nuclear-capable missile with the range to reach any target in China.

Earthbound Misfit isn't buying the hype about China's hypersonic missile.  More here.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced, The Blog Fodder, and Miss Cellania.

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My own posts this week:  Halloween pics, a spooky music video, more Halloween pics.

Update:  The trans-troll comments have been off the charts today.  I've even gotten my first two that arguably constitute death threats.  So I wonder if that means that I, myself, can now self-identify as a woman -- since they normally only send death threats to women.

All I do on this issue is link to people who tell the truth.  Every load of shit these fuckheads throw at me just makes me even more determined to keep on doing so.  You wanted a determined enemy, you've made one.


Blogger NickM said...

I almost sent you the link to the Butterflies & Wheels story originating on the BBC. I first read it on the BBC - great minds and all that. It is beyond wrong - it's unhinged. Call me old skool but I grew-up thinking that lesbians were women who fancied women and that women were people who had a vulva and not a penis. I've had a couple of sexual relationships with bi-women neither of whom (I'm 99% sure) would buy any of this trans drivel. Apart from the grotesque reference to Hitler - does this person actually know how the NAZIs treated the non-cis? - a term from the the BBC article really struck me as utterly bizarre: "Genital fetishist". That even make sense. My understanding is a sexual fetish by definition is not connected to genitals. That is why fetishes can seem strange and possibly disturbing even if they are essentially harmless - which they usually are - because a primary attraction to genitals is kinda what sex - whether gay, straight, lesbian, whatever - is about.

That caught my attention because of the perversion of meaning which is the sort of thing that I home in on but there was also something much worse. The assumption of a right to sex. This is the flip-side to incels is it not? By which I mean it is basically the same thing just wearing knickers rather than boxers but still enclosing a penis with which to rape.

Except this is not just a matter of dry logic is it? It is a matter of visceral hatred along the lines of the KKK (or indeed Hitler!). I was astonished by the hatred spewed against JK Rowling and Margaret Atwood (Margaret Atwood being hated by people who want to be seen as women - a great novelist but I think that would have defied even her powers of imagination!) Nothing though prepared me for this...


Actually I kinda rescind what I said. It is really to do with logic - or the lack thereof when someone just boils over into utterly inchoate rage and hatred. Does the statement, "fuck you terfs eat my biologically female cock" actually make any sense? To quote Wolfganag Pauli it is, "Not even wrong". It would be hilarious if it wasn't an explicit threat of sexual violence.

One of the great achievements of our civilization over the past twenty years or so is the almost complete removal of stigma associated with sexuality (certainly in the UK - YMMV). I recall when gay marriage was introduced the usual suspects thought this the end of all things. And guess what? Apart from (obviously) the people who were directly permitted the right it didn't even tingle the Richter scale of societal bedrock. Maybe that's the issue? Are there activists who just want to create mayhem for the sheer Hell of it? Even after the battle is basically won? And in the UK (and much of the civilized world) it is won. Not the only battle, obviously, but that one is done with. But if you're a soldier and the war is won what next?

31 October, 2021 08:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: Thanks. I read Butterflies and Wheels pretty consistently so I'm up-to-speed on this stuff. I also have TERFisaslur listed on my resources page on the subject.

It is a matter of visceral hatred along the lines of the KKK

Exactly. The death and rape threats, the insane Orwellian twisting of language, make it clear that the trans movement isn't a new liberation movement like the suffragettes or the black civil rights movement or gay liberation. It's a new reactionary, regressive movement against feminism and lesbian self-determination, similar in character to previous reactionary elements like the KKK or the gay-bashers. They've gotten away with a lot because most people aren't aware that it's happening, but the BBC report, several recent best-selling books, and various incidents like the Wi Spa case are getting the word out and waking people up. In the long run trans ideology is unsustainable because, like antimatter, it keeps producing explosions whenever it comes in contact with reality.

31 October, 2021 09:06  
Blogger Bruce.desertrat said...

I have never, EVER met an "Independent Voter" who was anything but a Republican embarrased to admit in public that they're a Republican.

This is why, invariably, their preferred policy prescriptions are always, ALWAYS 'Republican-lite'. The catastrophic Dem losses in 2010, and to a lesser extent 2014 were NOT because of insufficient attention paid to 'Independents', but rather cowardly Democrats running away from Obama as fast as they could.

31 October, 2021 11:31  
Blogger MJ said...

Now I have to go find the link you guys are commenting about.
I just came here to comment on your second post (the joke is lasers, that's safe, right?) because it reminded me of 50 First Dates when Adam pretends to get electrocuted by jumper cables and Drew messes with him "How could you? My grandfather was killed trying to jump-start a car"

31 October, 2021 11:41  
Blogger MJ said...

Found the Atwood post.
I am old enough to remember when "you're old", "suck my dick", and "F* off" were not considered valid arguments.
Just an observation.

31 October, 2021 12:10  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Happy Halloween! I hope you get some trick or treaters and some good candy to snack on as well.

You found some really great links. You always find interesting things to look at.

31 October, 2021 12:14  
Anonymous Rosalyn said...

Happy Samhain!

31 October, 2021 14:57  
Anonymous Burr Deming said...

Thank you for the generosity in linking in my direction.

And thank you for each week's enlightenment.
This week, the story of Louis Brandeis was exceptional.

31 October, 2021 20:56  
Blogger NickM said...

I agree almost entirely infidel... Except for antimatter but then I'm a physics graduate and it does exist - those who say otherwise are guilty of putting the wrong spin on stuff*. The bonkers end of the trans movement has exploited the historically down-trodden status of the whole LGBT thing for too long. This is vile and bizarre (in the way it is done - people who want to be treated as women being utterly beastly to women) and utterly wrong. But that is how they have gotten away with it - by seeking not equality but special treatment. I say that because a lot of the sloganering seems, well, supremacist. So, yeah, totally unlike MLK or Stonewall or suffragettes.

*As to matter with negative mass/energy - well... Let's hope so because then I'll have an Alcubierre drive to sell you. Make that Elon Musk look like he was merely pottering...

01 November, 2021 07:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Bruce: If you look at the link, they're talking about swing voters specifically -- that is, those whose votes genuinely could go one way or the other.

MJ: Those people wouldn't know what a valid argument was if it walked up to them and sucked their..... That kind of talk is just primordial snarls of intimidation meant to scare opponents into shutting up.

Mary K: Thanks! Glad you find the links interesting. The building I live in doesn't allow trick-or-treaters, but the candy won't go to waste.

Rosalyn: Thanks.

Burr: Thanks for your weekly assembly of links -- I'm glad someone else is doing this too. Brandeis certainly put that asshole in his place.

NickM: They've been getting away with this stuff because most people don't know it's happening. When regular people hear about stuff like putting male sex offenders in women's prisons where they can prey on the women inmates, they're horrified. What's happening now is that word is getting out. Soon the issue will be well-known enough that it starts affecting election outcomes -- and there, unfortunately, the Democrats have handed the Republicans a devastating weapon, by committing themselves to the wrong side.

02 November, 2021 01:33  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

I can relate to the LGBTQXYZWTF acronym. I mean, give me a break.

02 November, 2021 09:06  
Blogger MJ said...

Infidel753 - I wonder if it would make anyone stop and think, even just a little, if they realized this group is using the Gingrich/Limbaugh method - take an issue, redefine the meanings of several key words, pick out trigger words (TERF, for example) and attack with vigor, then insist that any pushback proves they are correct.

02 November, 2021 10:38  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ricko: They keep coming up with new things to add, somehow. It never ends.

MJ: I think more and more people are realizing that this is a reactionary movement, though not the similarities with Limbaugh or Gingrich. I suppose anti-rational totalitarians naturally tend to converge on similar tactics. But most people know bullying when they see it.

02 November, 2021 16:02  

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