12 September 2021

Link round-up for 12 September 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Next big thing at parties: sperm confetti.

One Finnish soldier.....

Time for some animals.

How tiresome!

A man's life was saved by ivermectin.

Not quite how gender reveal parties work.

King killed by cattle dung and other Norse tales here (some gruesome).

Yeah, swing that bottle!

Obtain a "political compass" from Jack Chick's art.

Use hemp to avert future toilet paper shortages.

This statue exists.

A millipede casts a shadow (put the sound on).

Eat my face!

Her prayers have been answered.

When playing chess, beware this basic error.

Some sites with amusing stuff here.

What a lucky coincidence!

There will always be some people who don't like you, no matter what you do.

Be wary of computer cables unless you trust wherever you got them.

Impressive art here -- click for full-size to see all the detail.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.....

Finally, an accurate definition of "sin".

This is Mt Fuji.

Interesting story idea and concept art.  I hope it gets written.

Wild boars display sophisticated empathetic behavior.

This is what amoebas actually look like.

Whales have vestigial hands inside their flippers (gruesome image to some; found via TYWKIWDBI).

This fish exists (it's called a mandarin dragonet).  This bird exists too.

The first murder hornet nest to be eliminated in Washington state this year was alarmingly large.

The mystery of "dark energy" might be explained by vast numbers of ultra-powerful alien computers.

Republicans threaten the CEO of Yahoo -- who left that job in 2017.

"Some scientists are religious" isn't actually a very good pro-religion argument.

This is just stupid.  We need to adopt the simple system the rest of the world uses.

No, vaccine mandates are not un-American.

"Fuck the team!"

Even people who claim the Bible provides an absolute moral standard don't really believe it does.

This attempt to create a libertarian/cryptocurrency utopia failed before it even began because nobody involved had the foggiest idea what they were doing.

This is the wrong way to handle death -- or life.

Wingnut reactions to covid-19 and AIDS reveal hypocrisy.

Not much appeal to going to the gym any more.

Flight attendants face a growing problem with asshole passengers.

The dead bear witness.

Interesting info here on how skyscraper design has changed since the Sept 11 attack.  No building is indestructible, but we're making them a lot tougher now.  Paul Wartenberg remembers the day, Shaw Kenawe remembers one victim, and SickoRicko has pictures, including what the site looks like now.  Never forget.

Anti-vaxers are not good people.  What forms of persuasion actually will work to sway them? (found via Hackwhackers).

Bruce Gerencser deals with yet another evangelical asshole.  There seem to be a lot of those.

Wage increases are getting bigger -- but notice that things are still worse than at the end of the twentieth century.

To religio-wingnuts, covid-19 is part of the mythical "end times".

Pronoun pandering is like a gateway drug to more serious insanities.

Here's how to get help in an emergency by pretending to order a pizza.

Despite a noisy minority, racism is still declining in the US.

This is why we need government to regulate business.

Blogger Bluzdude has had it with the anti-vaxers after a terrible personal loss made worse by their bullshit.

Criminal groups making fake vaccination cards are more widespread and sophisticated than you'd think, even entering recipients in the database of vaccinated people.  This means that some percentage of the cases we hear about of vaccinated people getting covid-19 may not be vaccinated after all.

The Wi Spa incident was a wake-up call.

The planned Sept 18 wingnut rally in Washington has a strongly anti-Semitic tone to it.

Biden's anti-pandemic measures were long overdue.  Big Bad Bald Bastard assesses the speech.

DHS worries that Afghan refugees in the US may become targets of domestic terrorism.

Here's why a philosophy teacher has quit Portland State University.

Wingnut blogs have been claiming that a recent report of Oklahoma hospitals being swamped with ivermectin-poisoning patients is false.  News Corpse did some digging and reports the truth (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

The Texas abortion law is outrageous.  Women and girls have a right to not be pregnant, period, no matter what the reason.  Always remember that the true root of the problem is religious extremism.  The law has no penalty for frivolous lawsuits, so.....

You may see this alleged quote by the developer of ivermectin insulting Dr Fauci, which has been going around on the wingnutosphere.  The quote is fake.

Assholes bullying a rape victim is the kind of thing that happens when ideology becomes more important than people.

He thought covid-19 was "bullshit".

Here again are sites where you can donate to help Afghan refugees.

Even here in liberal, highly-vaccinated Portland, hospitals are more swamped than ever by covid-19 patients, many of them young and almost all from the unvaccinated minority.

This guy could become governor of California with a small minority of the vote if the recall of Newsom isn't defeated.

Troll comments have surged this week, so here are links to my "to the trolls" posts (first post here, second here), and to the trans ideology resources list.

Some of the January 6 lynch-mob turdules apparently have impulse-control issues -- not too surprising.

This king was a man of faith.

Wingnuts always need to be at war with something, even if it's their own country.

An Arkansas doctor allegedly gave ivermectin to prison inmates without telling them what it was (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

This kind of thing is why citizens need guns.

Canada too suffers from right-wing government covidiocy.

Even in the UK, religionists are still pushing conversion therapy for gay people.

Meet the new misogyny, same as the old misogyny.

Remember when two million people literally stood together for their freedom.

Mexico's supreme court decriminalizes abortion, moving forward as neighboring Texas moves backward.

The Taliban celebrate a beheading.

China is a land of gross inequality and working-class misery, and its people aren't fooled by the regime's bogus economic statistics (as many Westerners all too easily are).

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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Blogger Paul W said...

Thank you Infidel for the links you're giving us every Sunday!

12 September, 2021 06:41  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I'm glad they are on top of those murder hornet nests. That's the last thing we need to be dealing with. That's just nightmare fuel right there.

12 September, 2021 10:43  
Blogger Richard said...

I love these links. I wanted to tell you all about Capitol Reef and the Fish Lake Mountains because i was just there and it was so beautiful. We had only 5 days. I could have stayed for weeks.

12 September, 2021 11:26  
Blogger Jimmy T said...

Thought this was something you would like from a street artist and lecturer in Kabul. Hope she stays safe...


12 September, 2021 13:38  
Blogger Mike said...

When I posed for that art class, I didn't know they were going to make a statue and put it outside!

12 September, 2021 16:35  
Blogger MJ said...

That "political compass" thing just looks like my notion of an average day for Trump.

12 September, 2021 17:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: Thanks for the posts!

Mary K: They're nasty critters. But they seem to prefer damp forest areas, so hopefully they'll never invade the desert area around you.

Richard: Sounds cool -- maybe you should start your own blog and post pictures?

Jimmy T: Thanks -- I actually included that very post in last week's link round-up.

Mike: I guess they figured such a handsome work needed maximum exposure.....

MJ: He does manifest a great many different attributes.

13 September, 2021 00:46  
Blogger Lady M said...

I love that art work. It looks like inspiration for a Studio Ghibli film.

13 September, 2021 12:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It reminded me of Miyazaki as well. I wonder if Mendoza has worked on any movies.

14 September, 2021 02:19  
Anonymous Ross said...

I read the news today, oh boy.

Bozo Boris now wants Britain to exit the metric system.

Be sure to read all the jokes in the comments.

18 September, 2021 08:23  

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