25 July 2021

Link round-up for 25 July 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Speak carefully when listing your medications.

It's cool what you can accomplish with a car and a bit of programming knowledge.

Life -- we're doing it wrong.

Extremely unambitious alien invaders here.

New one-minute version of Titanic here, with chinchillas.

Crook gets pwned, big time.

Experience changes one's view of problems.

Best period drama ever.

Lazy serfs are wrecking the medieval economy.

What is corn on the cob used for?

This would be a valid IQ test.

No you're right's!

Dashboard camera pwns insurance scammer.

These people know how to paint houses.

Stupidest question ever.

Here's why dogs are happier.

Kids are cute.

Looks like the start of a great novel.

Feed him and get a nose ride.

It's still a #$@!%* planet, you turkeys.

There is such a thing as a good job.

Oregon finds a large, colorful fish (found via Miss Cellania).

Here's how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

I'd actually prefer the "vegan ice cream".

This is not poetry.

Apparently Instagram is censoring content -- here's a work-around.

Pictures here of the Shah Cheragh mosque in Shiraz, Iran.

We know a lot more about extinct animals than you'd think.

It's remarkable what you can make by hand when you know how.

What should replace religion?

This animal exists.

Cool rocks.

Here's how we know ancient Egypt didn't trade with the Americas.

This scary tale of hospital abuse has been making the rounds -- don't be fooled.

"Only a cat."

Jeff Bezos's 11-minute flight got slightly closer to space than Branson did, and the launch at least provided some entertainment value.

The pronoun people can't even keep track of their own nonsense.

This is social anxiety.

There's no basis for religious exemptions from vaccination.

What would Orwell think of smartphones?  Almost anyone can now use yours to track you.  I don't have one and never will.

The internet is turning into shit.  Social media now actively sabotage interpersonal connections.

Don't turn non-work into a job.

"This isn’t even funny. This is just sad."

The Frito-Lay strike has ended in a win for the workers.

Health-care workers describe the nightmare of dealing with covid-denialist idiots.  They're pretty much unreachable, so we might as well make the best of it, aside from trying to save the kids.  The delta variant is far more infectious, and extrapolating the UK's experience to US conditions, "in about 4 months the delta variant will have ripped through virtually the entire unvaccinated US population".  The majority of the death toll from this pandemic could still be ahead of us.  Moscow Mitch has suddenly realized that letting Republican voters get mowed down isn't good for the party, but wingnuttia at large is unimpressed (read the comments too).

I haven't tried this, but it could be useful for internet reading.

Ideology leads to misunderstanding of history.

Blogger Da-AL discusses her own views of -- and personal experience with -- abortion.

Even on its own terms, religion is rubbish.

If you mock your kid's enthusiasms, don't be surprised if they stop opening up to you.

The law and police aren't geared for handling interactions with autistic people, often with deadly results (podcast with transcript).

Priorities, priorities.

"Fuck you and your lies!"

69% of men and 80% of women say work-from-home options are a top priority when seeking a new job.

A talk-radio host who told listeners not to get the covid-19 vaccine is changing his tune now that he's caught the disease.  Sorry, but anybody who takes medical advice from talk radio isn't much loss to the gene pool.  The Rude Pundit calls out their bullshit, and responds to critics.

Only one thing hasn't changed.

How do fundies deal with translating the Bible?

Cancel culture exists.  Including here in Oregon.

Stealing is OK as long as it's a huge amount.

The cruelty is the point with anti-abortion laws.

Sorry, some people deserve to be insulted.

Yet another Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy to escape paying compensation to molestation victims.

Counterweight is a liberal activist group fighting back against cancel culture and totalitarian "woke" hysteria.  Interesting case stories here of specific people they've helped.  These interviews with Steven Pinker and Sam Harris are also worth watching.

Calls for a general strike on October 15 are circulating on Tumblr.  Don't get suckered.

CNBC lists the ten worst US states to live in.  Not many surprises.

Every book lover should resist Amazon's growing domination of the market.

Earth-Bound Misfit is through with the NRA and suggests a better alternative.

Restaurant workers face shitty pay, shitty bosses, and shitty customers -- and now they have options.

The California prison system knows full well that moving hundreds of male inmates into women's prisons will lead to a wave of rapes and pregnancies -- and they're evidently just going to let it happen.

Never pay anything on debts you don't owe.

Murderously-lethal right-wing nonsense has religious roots.

Smoke from fires here in the western US is causing haze as far away as New York.  Here's what the smoke patterns look like.

Know the reality of the new laws on critical race theory.

New figures here on the rapid decline of US Christianity, especially among Latinos.

Just a single bitcoin "mining" operation is generating hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and dangerously warming a glacial lake (found via Cop Car).

This is not freedom.  And this is not justice.

Another witness to the Wi Spa incident speaks out.  Discussion thread here on the "it didn't happen" bullshit.  Watch for shifting goalposts.  Here's some info on normal practices at Korean spas.

Update:  Several people are now saying that this guy is the man who was in the women's area at the spa.  Background info on him here, including his own (ambiguous) statements about whether he was the one there or not.  Discussion here and here and here.

We'll probably never know covid-19's true death toll among American Indians, but it was high.

It is madness to proceed with the Olympics under these conditions.  Most people in Japan agree.

"Yes, but now hundreds of trans activists have threatened to beat, rape, assassinate and bomb me I've realised that this movement poses no risk to women whatsoever."

Introduced predators such as stoats are a serious problem in New Zealand.

Photos here from the severe floods in western Europe.

A hero of free expression has died.

France has stupid people too -- just not as many as we do.

The Cuban regime is harassing and arresting journalists, artists, and anyone else who gets out of line (found via Hackwhackers).

Two years after Trump's betrayal, the Kurds -- including women -- are still fighting back.

As the Taliban regain control in Afghanistan, they're demanding that unmarried women and girls be handed over for forced marriage.

The House is taking action to save Afghans who helped the US.

Islam is profoundly misogynistic, despite the propaganda spouted by apologists.

Here's what happened when citizens in New Delhi protested about water shortages.

India's true covid-19 death toll is probably around five million, far higher than the official figure.

Two-thirds of Taiwanese people now self-identify purely as Taiwanese, not as Chinese at all.  Forget "one China" -- Taiwan is a separate nation, and has been for decades.

The rise of brain-machine integration will necessitate formalization of "neuro-rights" to protect the integrity of the individual mind (found via Cop Car).

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted some more improved words, a call-out on strikes and the media, and a video on China's "lying flat" rebellion.

[Image at top:  the planet Pluto, a planetary object of unimpeachable planethood]


Blogger Green Eagle said...


I've commented before about my appreciation of your continuing coverage of the trans activist-"terf" issue. I hope you will not mind my writing some more on this problem. I have to say, I am not a woman, I am not gay, and I am not transsexual. So I have no particularly personal stake in this issue. I am still very concerned about it, and here is why:

We have witnessed, in the last couple of decades, one of our two controlling political parties completely taken over by a hateful man whose only approach to government is bullying his opponents into giving in to his desires. At this point, the success of his behavior has been so great that we are running out of historical comparisons to this party, except for the one obvious one. Luckily, few of the readers of your blog are members of that party.

However, with this issue particularly, and a couple of others, we are seeing governing by bullying starting to bear fruit on the left too. Regardless of your stake in the specific issue, giving in to this behavior is at this point a ticket to totalitarianism. If we allow our political world to degenerate into nothing but a dogfight among bullies, we are doomed.

25 July, 2021 10:07  
Blogger Paul W said...

Infidel, thanks for sharing the Olympics Pandemic link today!

So naturally, they're running it and they're getting more positive cases every day... /headdesk

25 July, 2021 10:41  
Blogger Bohemian said...

Well, it wasn't Surprising that the State I live in and County I live in Rated No. 1 in worst place to live in America. I love it here but have seen the decline in quality of life, quality of air, quality of healthcare, quality of inclusion, safety from crime, so on and so forth. A shame, since Arizona is a beautiful State... plagued with a lot of serious issues right now.

25 July, 2021 12:16  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I've been seeing so many tornadoes, flooding, heavy rain and thunderstorms all over the place. It's scary. Sometimes like this Im glad I live where I do.

The Instagram work around is interesting. I didn't even know they were doing that. Good info.

That sheep sea slug is way too cute.

25 July, 2021 12:54  
Blogger Martha said...

HAHAHAHA! The Dear Atheists question... Oh that is a good answer! I can't wrap my head around the fact that people believe dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

And some people worry about being microchipped and tracked? Too late! For anyone with a smartphone, that's already happening.

25 July, 2021 16:05  
Blogger Mike said...

It seems these surveys can't make up their mind on best or worst place in the US. Missouri is 3rd worst on this list, yet a previous list showed Missouri near the top of good places to live.

25 July, 2021 18:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Green: Thank you -- I appreciate the support.

I loathe bullies, and it's been obvious for a long time that this is a movement of bullies. They have no substance or logic on their side, so they operate by threatening and shouting down those who question their dogmas, even those like Rowling and Navratilova who do so in the most respectful and polite way imaginable. The gay movement and the black civil-rights movement didn't operate by deluging their opponents with death threats and rape threats. The trans mania is utterly different in character from them.

I do think it will eventually be self-defeating. The more success it has, the more of a backlash it will generate. As more stories hit the news of men in women's prisons, men displacing women in women's sports, and incidents like the Wi Spa, the more the general public will turn against this. Even the fact that they claimed (for a while) that the Wi Spa incident didn't happen, was a tactical retreat, since the whole point of their ideology is that it's OK for things like that to happen, that trans "women" have every right to be in such places. Normal people mostly don't know that this stuff is going on, or they're aware of it only in a very abstract way. When stories like this expose the reality of it, they recoil. Even worse is the issue of girls "transitioning" in the early teens or even younger, being given hormones and surgery that lead to permanent sterility, disfigurement, and abnormalities (I'm currently reading Shrier's Irreversible Damage on this issue). In the years to come there will be a wave of lawsuits and publicity from young women who realize they ruined their lives because they were allowed to get such "treatment" at an age when they were not psychologically competent to make such decisions.

By the way, when I posted my denunciation of politics, I was surprised how many supportive e-mails I got, mostly from readers who don't have blogs of their own. At least half of them specifically mentioned the trans issue. There has been no decline in page views since then. Lots of people do get it. They're just understandably reluctant to speak out openly -- because of the bullying and threats aimed at anyone who does.

25 July, 2021 21:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: Thanks. The powers-that-be in Tokyo have been blindly determined all along to press ahead with this, even though most of their citizenry didn't want it. It's all the worse since only 20% of Japan's population is vaccinated. The event will certainly lead to a lot of new infections. One can hope that few or no athletes will die, since they tend to be young and healthy; ordinary citizens who get exposed may not be so lucky.

Bohemian: It's unfortunate. I honestly can't imagine how anyone endures the kind of summer heat Arizona normally gets, never mind the way things are heading now. If it gets much hotter even the tarantulas will start moving out.

Mary K: There's a lot to be said for Nevada -- a long way from the earthquake faults, no really extreme weather (well, I admit I don't know how hot the summers normally are). It's too bad your immediate neighborhood is full of creeps.

Martha: It's actually easier to imagine some creationists living with dinosaurs -- their brains are equally tiny.

Mike: I had not heard about the one that listed Missouri as one of the best places. They must have interviewed a lot of coronaviruses.

25 July, 2021 21:18  

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