24 July 2021

Video of the day -- dropping out of the rat race

The wholesale rejection of shitty jobs with shitty pay, shitty working conditions, and insane work hours -- the simple refusal to participate in an economy which offers nothing but misery and exhaustion -- it's happening in China too.  Based on the regime's frantic efforts to suppress internet discussion of the trend, they're scared.  躺平!


Blogger Bohemian said...

It was bound to happen when Employers try to take the Humanity out of hiring Humans. I think that is why some companies scrambled to replace us all with Bots and Tech, they can abuse a Machine all they want and then scrap it and build another.

24 July, 2021 08:52  
Blogger Mike said...

I watched the video and I want to take a nap in support of Lying Flat. I also watch the video on NPP problems and its main message, never trust anything the Chinese Government says. Maybe they have a job for tRUMP.

24 July, 2021 11:12  

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