09 May 2021

Link round-up for 9 May 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Hysterical Raisins is back, with the casting out of Liz Cheney.

Assess the ethics of sex with monsters.

If the Titanic sank in 2020.....

Lots of cool stuff here about bananas.

She's an expert at organizing animals.

A correct answer.

This person exists (found via Yellowdog Granny).

An offer was made (found via Hackwhackers).

Now that it's May, Rawknrobyn celebrates the maypole.

Caption this picture.

France just got a little smaller.

Book nook inserts enhance any bookshelf.

Baptism isn't what it used to be.

My kid is so smart!

Jesus matters.....

Here's a brief history of the "Folgers incest ad".

Does this family have enough guns or should they get another one? (found via Strangely Blogged).

See some of the world's oldest color photos.

Even a monkey realizes unequal pay is unfair.

A blog is a place to be authentically yourself.  Those who like what you have to offer will find their way to you.

Do straight men do this?

There's a better system.

He was greeted by a chorus of angels.

Read an insightful essay on citizenship from 1943.

This is an impressive door.

Girls can't play chess.

Why bother with social media interactions that demand more than you get out of them?

Doing maintenance on a wind turbine is not for people with vertigo.

A man's unusual hobby saves a hiker.

See the Moon (click for bigger).

An erotic memory inspires poetry.

An astronomer takes a well-rounded look at flat-Earthism.

We need a hypocrisy tax.

Anthony Sacramone has a commencement address for our times.

Protect children from both forms of addictive poison.

This marriage is off to a bad start.

The new conspiratardia barely even makes claims about reality -- it pretty much rejects the very concept of reality.

God has a reason for everything.

Companies make choices about the wages they offer (found via Yellowdog Granny).  Not that that stops Republicans from spouting bullshit.

DC pays more in federal taxes than.....

Everyone has a right to their own sexual boundaries.

It would be worth committing a crime if you got all this stuff as a reward.

See the Khafre pyramid in a new way.

Apple is getting increasingly control-freaky, apparently.

There's a price to be paid for treating workers like shit.

OnlyFans is becoming globally popular, with good reason.

Roger Daltrey gets it.

Support the right of atheists to use social media to engage with government officials.

These lines from 1942's Casablanca still resonate today.

Wingnuts are already selling fake proof-of-vaccination cards, but there are consequences.

This police chief took an expansive view of the perks of his job (found via Miss Cellania).

Much of the left is becoming dangerously illiberal, leaving believers in freedom politically homeless.  I know the feeling.

Rick Wiles is still as crazy as ever.

Jezebel is a villain in the Bible, but why?

Vote pro-choice -- it matters.

Tumblr woketardia is becoming difficult to distinguish from the puritanism of the Hayes-code era.

Wow, even the field of architecture has its very own flaming-nutzoid conspiracy theory.

This sexually-twisted religious weirdo is an elected state legislator (found via Hackwhackers).

Not sure which is worse -- her defense of slavery or her godawful spelling.

Bruse Gerencser may lose a family member to covid-19 due to a church's carelessness.  The church predictably refuses to take responsibility.

Lo Imprescindible remembers the impact of Brokeback Mountain in 2005.

Political must-read post of the week:  stop the name-calling.  Some good advice here as well.

Academic freedom increasingly doesn't exist any more.

Queen's Brian May is also an astrophysicist.

You need to accurately understand what the figures on vaccine effectiveness actually mean.

Anti-gay bigotry is hastening the decline of fundamentalism in the US, but it's a bigotry the fundies can't easily abandon.

"I couldn't have survived if I was in America."

A controversial claim about Jesus leads to an intriguing tale of detective work.

Here's how current Republican leaders learned history.

It was normal at the time.

The US may never achieve herd immunity because it has too many stupid people.

Why do people believe liars?

Consider the coffee you won't get to drink.

The Republicans' devolution into a Trump cult continues, posing an ongoing threat to democracy.

This man was executed in 2017 -- now DNA evidence not tested at the time suggests he was innocent.

Nan's Notebook is requesting deconversion stories.

Misogynistic threats and abuse aim to drive women out of journalism globally.

Some say the world will end in fire / Some say in mice..... (found via Hackwhackers).

"There is no legitimate reason for a law-abiding member of the community to own or use an encrypted communication platform" -- fuck you.

The British political left's abandonment of the working class in favor of wokeness and identity politics is dooming it to political irrelevance -- a lesson the US left would be wise to learn.

Germany's longest-running lesbian festival is the latest target of trans bullying and harassment.

One by one, the Catholic dominoes are falling in Europe.

Under new management -- the US stands up to the Putin regime over Ukraine, and the G7 stands up to the Chinese regime over Taiwan.

Green Eagle finds some good in the deadly ultra-Orthodox stampede in Israel.

Islamist fanatics have finally driven out almost all the remaining Jews of Yemen.

India is running low on tigers -- but also something far more important.

India's covid-19 disaster is undermining its religio-nationalist ruling party.

Sometimes the Chinese regime's propaganda is too nasty even for its own subjects.

Uyghurs in China are forced to have government agents living in their homes with them to monitor their loyalty.

The interaction of fast-orbiting stars created this beautiful structure 15,000 light-years away.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted an essay about Mars colonization, a meditation on making the best of our inner demons, and a video on non-belonging.

Also check out a couple of additions to the sidebar blog list -- Musings of an Old Fart (Keith) and Happiness between Tails (da-AL).


Blogger Mike said...

I have the 'all gods matter' in my file. I may make the sign for my front yard.

09 May, 2021 02:02  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the Belgian farmer who moved the French border! "All Gods Matter," LOL! YAY Judit Polgar and her sisters!

09 May, 2021 05:49  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...


I can't thank you enough for the link to The Raisin. I didn't expect anyone to stop over after all this time. While I've been away from most things online, I have been amassing words with alternate definitions. I named the file "Words for Infidel", because I always enjoyed when you posted them.

I have stopped by here several times, but I didn't comment. The wind was taken out of my sails after my mom died, and it's ironic that I am resurfacing on Mother's Day. I'm still not back to "normal" and have accepted the fact that normal no longer exists. However, with both doses of vaccine coursing through my bloodstream, I will attempt to put grief aside and live.

Once again, I am so grateful. Thanks for being such a good friend and having my back.

09 May, 2021 20:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: I'd prefer one that said "No gods matter", but people probably wouldn't get it.

Debra: The Polgár sisters are pretty amazing. And it's bizarre that Kasparov would say something so stupid.

Nonnie: Seriously glad to see you posting again. As you've seen from the comments by now, quite a few people did indeed stop over.

I understand what you mean about "normal no longer exists". For me it's been a year and a half now. But our mothers would have wanted us to go on with our lives.

There's another "improving words" post almost ready to go -- will probably appear in the next week or two.

10 May, 2021 04:11  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Can't wait for the "improving words" post! I can email you my list, or I can save them for the comments.

10 May, 2021 16:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hey, if you've got suggestions, go ahead and e-mail them -- I'll give you credit if I use them.

10 May, 2021 17:13  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ohhh you sent me down the rabbit hole. Again!
And the repugs are circling their wagons around Cheeto. I hope the decision comes back to haunt them. The flat earth one was a hoot.
And I sent the figures about the vaccines to a person I know. Really. People have no idea what 'efficacy' means.


p.s. I knew you had a hand on that avalanche of clicks i got! LOL

11 May, 2021 00:09  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Those bookshelf inserts are so cool. I have too many books on my bookshelves and need to organize them better before I do something like that.

I like playing chess, but I'm not very good at it.

11 May, 2021 14:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: They may be circling the wagons, but it's going to turn into circling the drain. Glad you got a few extra page views.

Mary K: I know the feeling. They look fascinating, but I barely have enough shelf space for the books themselves.

12 May, 2021 01:12  
Blogger Martha said...

"This person exists" BAHAHAHAHAHA! Just when you think you've heard the stupidest thing...BAM...someone comes along and tops it.

13 May, 2021 13:47  

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