06 May 2021

Meditation #14 -- reconciliation

The time has come to dry your tears,
To face the demons that haunt your fears,
To quell the rage of ten thousand years,
There's more than fight-or-flee.

Cain's fiery daughter understood
That what seems evil may bring good.
And demons she loved, and tame them she would!
Your free will holds the key.

The wolves that once devoured our kind,
Domesticated, re-designed,
Now wag their tails and walk behind,
In humble fealty.

The lightning that once scorched and slew,
Now tamed and trapped in wires for you,
Brings light, heat, sights and sites to view
(And even words from me.....)

The demon within will always hold
Its ancient sway, as since eons untold.
One million generations old;
O dark antiquity!

It didn't start on the Hill-King's plains,
Or the dreary Eden of wagons and chains,
Or the golden land where the beast now reigns;
Genetics spurns your plea.

The demons' route is an open door;
Their path to peace in the midst of war;
A protest against the way things are;
The sandbox tyranny.

The demons demand that you forget
Your poison brew, your knife, your net,
That raise your will above theirs -- and let
Their winter harvest be.

But demons tamed shall pave the way
To a siren-castle, a festive day,
A covenant to which none say nay;
In peace eternally.

Mundane or witch, divine or mage,
Shall read the story, page by page,
And claim at last the demon-wage
In some dark turbid sea.

I know not where the tale will wend;
The human hand must write the end.
The human and demon soul must mend,
And both live sane and free.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

If only humans could exorcise their evil impulses! I watched a documentary on the Holocaust last night.

06 May, 2021 03:54  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

And I thought I was intense today....


06 May, 2021 04:27  
Anonymous Annie said...

That would be lovely, Infidel—and lovelier still if it starts in this country with the recognition that there’s “one home.”

As someone who’s seriously dog-deprived, I love “The wolves...in humble fealty.” The stanza that follows is fun with the poet’s little aside—and “ sights and sites” is a nice touch.

Rhythmic (I like the rhyme scheme), upbeat, and gratifying. Very nice!

06 May, 2021 19:51  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

That was really well written.

07 May, 2021 15:22  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

kick some demon ass.

08 May, 2021 02:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: Yes, I'm not thinking of reconciliation with that kind of evil.

Sixpence: It is a little intense, I guess.

Annie: Thanks! Dogs are a prime example of how we turned something dangerous into something useful.

Mark K: Thanks!

JackieSue: The ass that lies within is the hardest to kick.....

08 May, 2021 03:08  

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