23 May 2021

Link round-up for 23 May 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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There's a guest post by me, "Pursuing health in a land of sickness", up at Happiness between Tails blog.

How to make your guard dog more effective, and much more.

Everywhere, there are faces.

Definitely a model of a cucumber (link from comment by E Beyer).

Efficient use of horse semen is the topic of a debate.

Very large fish here.

Interesting job, to some.

Land of the free idiots.

Concerning that guy who messed up the calendar.....

Discovering something new is fun.

So, what kind of music are you into?

One film encompasses gay fashion.  But there are things no one of any orientation should stoop to wearing.

Follow the yellow phallic brick road.....

Go see the beach.

Handy gun-control fact here (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Nice ceiling.

This amoeba has quite an appetite.

It's an old painting but an impressive one.

Down with infidel technology.

Snapeism seems no dumber than any other religion.

"Because life is not Netflix."

Certain fonts are easier for dyslexics to read than others.

Turtle shells manifest intricate patterns.

Carol Seidl visits the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Civil Commotion remembers the great atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell.

Great photos here of the town of Zell in the Mosel wine country.

Retirees arrive at their new home in Florida.

Beware of mattresses containing fiberglass.

Sixpence Notthewiser plans to continue mask-wearing, for now.

Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme backed by wishful thinking.

Shower Cap reviews the right-wing antics of the week.

So, you're just going to blindly believe in reality?

Readers' feelings must not become a pretext for limiting writers' freedom of expression.

The Olympics needs a new logo.

Artists and internetters explore a female Jesus.

Every fad and gimmick is now an "identity".

A US attempt to imitate the Eurovision song contest sadly seems to just reflect our country's narcissistic tendencies.

Fake or stolen vaccination cards are already proliferating -- an "honor system" doesn't work with assholes.  But note the possible five-year prison term if you get caught.

Actual Asians reject the "cultural appropriation" nonsense.

This powerful new pickup truck shows that the future of vehicles is electric.

A shroom a day keeps the cancer away.

How can an actor act without even knowing what the movie is?  This is absurd.

61% to 69% of Americans want Roe v Wade upheld.  But Republicans are deadly serious about banning abortion, and Texas has already practically done it (found via Da-AL on Twitter).  A law professor has some questions on the a-fetus-is-a-person nonsense.  "The Liberal Redneck" Trae Crowder also has plenty to say.

You may never know whose life you saved.

"If you need my demographic info before you can decide if you agree with my opinion....."

Asshole frat boys behave like asshole frat boys.

Revenge at last (not nearly enough, though).

Be alert to avoid microaggressions.

Trump continues to gouge the taxpayers.

Twitter does, at least, fight to protect the anonymity of its users, even from corrupt government harassment.

Fundamentalism creates a privileged caste which can get away with almost anything.  The worst persecution is reserved for females who violate sexual taboos (read the comments too).

Stacey Abrams's Fair Fight has a range of options for joining the fight against the new Jim Crow laws (found via Annie Asks You).

Your job should feed your life, not consume it.

How do Christians know what their God wants?

Green Eagle once again plumbs the depths of wingnut insanity on the internet.

Pro-Palestinian mobs have been attacking and beating up Jews (not Israelis, Jews) in New York city.  Anti-Semitism is on the rise generally.

Shitty employers will do anything but offer decent pay.  They don't even understand the free market.

The fight for gun rights is winning allies among minorities and women.

Extremists vote with extremists.

A Christian school in Missouri got a free pass for years on gross abuse of children.

At least one US state is now putting male sex criminals in women's prisons, with predictable results -- and the ACLU is protecting the rapists.  This is madness.

The end of the pandemic is in sight, no thanks to the wingnutsMumbling and fiddling with beads probably won't be as effective as vaccines.

After a year of mob violence, most Portland-area residents want police presence maintained or increased.

Electoral-Vote readers have ideas on how to talk to Trumpanzees.

If you claim objective reality doesn't exist and everyone's opinion is equally valid, then you have no basis for contesting Trumpist lies and delusions.

Never forget the 6th of January.

The Supreme Court unanimously upholds the Fourth Amendment in a case which would have had truly terrifying implications if it had gone the other way (if it bothers you that guns were involved, imagine a similar warrantless search and seizure of, say, drugs in a private home).

A shocking painting highlights a dark episode in Canada's history.

In the UK you now risk arrest for expressing an opinion, but apparently rape threats are still OK.

It is now "violence" to call a girl a girl.

Anti-Israel protesters show their true colors in the UK.

Australian aborigines have come through the pandemic relatively well, partly due to a strong embrace of vaccination.

What is even satire any more when this is reality?

Despite the survey I linked to a few weeks ago, some Iranians are still deeply religious.

Hamas are very fine people.

Is there a long-term solution in Gaza?  Leaders worldwide -- and in the US Congress -- display hypocrisy.  A blogger in Jerusalem reports from the scene.

The "AP office tower" in Gaza contained a Hamas headquarters, meaning that Hamas was effectively using AP employees as human shields.

This important essay from 2009 has become a must-read again.

A Chinese-regime-backed art contest in Turkey backfires badly as artists call attention to the atrocities in Xinjiang.

Hunger once again stalks North Korea, but the regime makes sure its enforcers are well fed at everyone else's expense.

A proposed new law in Mauritius shows the dangers of government regulation of the internet.

Add pneumonia to the ever-growing list of diseases that meat-eating puts you at higher risk for.

Science discovers bizarre life forms -- and uses them as phonograph records.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted some improved word definitions, a reminder of the blindingly obvious, a look at divine intervention, and a video on low-carb diets.


Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

some really weird shit out there bud...

23 May, 2021 05:35  
Blogger Tommykey said...

What is really infuriating to me about the Republican attack on abortion rights is that they pay no price for it. The states where they push for the most restrictive measures are ones where most people won't vote for a Democrat. Really sad.

23 May, 2021 08:28  
Blogger Mike said...

Really interesting video on mushrooms. I had never read anything about L-Ergothioneine before. My wife has Parkinson's. I'm going to give the supplements a try. (Lots of them to pick from)
More info - https://www.alzdiscovery.org/uploads/cognitive_vitality_media/Ergothioneine-Cognitive-Vitality-For-Researchers.pdf

23 May, 2021 12:12  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I feel like I know so much more about you now, Infidel. One day, I hope you will share what your average daily menu is. I am trying to cut down on meat, but I am not ready to give it up entirely. I watched the video you posted a few days ago about low-carb diets, and I found that very interesting, mostly because my sister was recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, and she comes here for dinner twice a week now that we are actually able to be near each other again.

Loved the faces, but I would stay away from the sink with the runny nose. Why isn't it wearing a face mask?

No decisions on horse semen should be made without input (not just output) from the horse.

Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid really could have been horror movies!

One has to wonder how many times the Manhole Assessor has mispoken and told people he is an Asshole Assessor.

Omigosh. I never thought about the names of the months like that, and now I will never be at peace when I look at a calendar!

That ceiling is gorgeous. I wonder if they can do that in my kitchen when i remodel it. Speaking of the New Yawk Liberry, when my son moved to New Joisey (before he moved to NYC), he went to the city to meet his friend who works at the library. His friend took my son to the basement to show some of the stuff they have stored there, and my son said it was amazing. I wish I remembered any of the details. I'll have to ask him again when I speak to him. Anyway, if I can't find a contractor who can paint that on my ceiling, maybe I can find one who can at least paint a bear outline on one of the walls.

23 May, 2021 21:07  
Blogger Mildred Ratched said...

Geez, I feel I could probably write a dissertation on any of these topics, but I mentally got stuck on the first link. What is nearer and dearer to our hearts than food? As I've gotten older, I've found I can't eat like I used to eat. My mind may be willing, but my body no longer wants or needs the same things it did when I was younger. Certain health problems (gastroparesis) has made it so I cannot eat meat because it's so difficult to digest. I know this sounds disgusting, but it just sits in my stomach for long periods of time and causes all sorts of problems and discomfort. As long as I eat well-cooked veggies and soft fruits I do fine. I guess my body took control and knew what was best even when I didn't.

24 May, 2021 12:51  
Blogger Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

25 May, 2021 00:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

JackieSue: And I'm gonna keep rounding it up here.....

Tommykey: They'd better be careful. If the younger women in those states realize their rights are really under threat, they may start to reconsider how they vote.

Mike: Mushrooms seem to have a lot of potential, and not much research has been done yet. I suspect we'll keep seeing new discoveries about them for quite a while.

Nonnie: Dietary changes are difficult for most people. I recommend finding out as much as you can. This guy is a good resource for easy-to-absorb information.

I'm sure we still have a lot to learn about horse jizz ethics. And you can't spell "assessor" without "asses".

New York clearly understood the cultural importance of its library!

Mildred: I'm sorry to hear about the digestive problems, but I'm sure that not eating meat any more has given you all kinds of benefits.

Rajani: Thanks!

25 May, 2021 02:16  
Blogger Martha said...

Always enjoy these posts! So many things going on - some wackier than others! I know people who believe their Google searching skills produce better information than individuals who are experts in their fields. That's how crazy this world has become.

29 May, 2021 04:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yes, there's plenty going on out there, and I keep up with it here as best I can. And there have always been people who believed nonsense -- it's just that now the internet immortalizes their foolishness for our entertainment.

30 May, 2021 04:46  

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