14 February 2021

Link round-up for 14 February 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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He sees his enemy, and he attacks.

Where did they all go?

Not everyone fits in with a computerized world.

Beware the shitting cat juggernaut.

The forecast is for snow, or.....

Here's how to scare a baboon.

Vote here for the best hate valentine (I think today is the last day to vote).

Normalcy is overrated.

Canada has snow too.

And you thought the cat filter thing was unfortunate..... (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Imagine Lord of the Rings characters as Girl Scout cookies.

Visit Namibia, see the upside-down flying rhinoceroses (found via Miss Cellania).

Speaking French, how does it work?

Speaking English as a native, what must that be like?

Learn the lore of evil whales.

Here's a question for the Flat Earth Society.

US currency originally had a better motto.

You won't catch me walking on this vertiginous horror, but it's a spectacular shot (use fullscreen).

This army managed to lose a battle when the enemy wasn't even there.

Jules Verne was a visionary storyteller, but often betrayed by his English translators.

"Clearly, it doesn't do to annoy love-filled Christians."

Some impressive photos here of Utah's Red Rock Country.

Create your own wingnut conspiracy.

You may not have heard of this man, but he influenced what you heard.

What did people do before modern technology?

I know the feeling.

You don't actually own e-books.  Buy the real thing.

Never, ever let the Republicans off the hook for supporting Trump.

Don't bother with that guy on the internet.

You do not have a "soul" or "spirit", so you cannot use them to "know" things.

There's such a thing as sexual introverts and extroverts.

This brief clip shows the extreme conditions faced during the Vendée Globe sailing race.

Many people are sick to death of hearing about Trump and need some time off from it.

In San Francisco, cancel culture goes off the deep end (again).

Lindsey Graham is a slimebucket, worthy of this portrait.

In Bessemer AL, Americans try to unite against the real oppressor.

"Democrats have a clear choice."

What if the super-rich believed their own bullshit?

Shower Cap inventories the cowardice and madness of the Republicans.

This man fought for freedom, in his own way.

God is still going to make Trump president again, just wait.

The New York Times doesn't like people pointing out its moral vacuity.

Trump let the Morlocks out of the basement and now they're not going back.

A country with this kind of economy is not "the greatest nation on Earth".

Pat Robertson says the Biden covid-19 bill is a socialist plot.  But 83% of Americans want it to pass.

Yes, things are improving (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Ideology should not have a veto on scientific research.

Reagan began our country's decline.

This change in administrative policy could help Americans understand the social safety net better.

Juli Briskman, fired at Trump's instigation, gets the last laugh.

Super Bowl, super-spreader event.

Biden learned from Obama's experience.  His bold plans are turning economists optimistic.

How does a woman want an abortion?

"I'm a fucking idiot but it's someone else's fault."

Pray, and God will reveal himself.

Trump must be held accountable.  Now, his real problems begin.

This woman ruined her life for a dream of "fitting in" (also read comment #1).

140,000 people left the Republican party in January, in the 25 states with readily-available data.  Anti-Trump Republicans' plan to form a third party will go nowhere.

Tennessee is considering a law to allow men who impregnate women to prevent them from having abortions.  Yes, that includes rapists.  And Arkansas is considering a law that would allow religious healthcare providers to refuse to treat gay patients.

Asian-Americans continue to be targeted with violence and vandalism after a year of the wingnut media calling covid-19 the "Chinese virus" and suchlike.

The Capitol lynch mob left a hell of a mess.

Darwinfish 2 looks at the drive toward premature school re-openings.

There must be no place allowed to exist where you can say anything I disapprove of.  Not even rape victims are exempt.

Many disappointed QAnon qrackpots are leaving for other extremist groups, not for reality.

In the worst-hit US states, one out of every five hundred people has died of covid-19.  Here in Oregon, for the first time ever, deaths outnumbered births last year.  But competent leadership will make a huge difference.

Agree with me or I'll beat the shit out of you.  In fact, I'll kill you.

Europe welcomes the US return to normal relations, but concerns about the future linger.

Saudi women's-rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul is finally out of prison, but not yet free.

India is upgrading its military to better meet the China threat, but there's a lot to do.

Tanzania's president opted for a Trumpesque response to covid-19.  It's not working out very well.

What happens if you miss your second dose of covid-19 vaccine? (found via Miss Cellania).

Evolution keeps producing crabs -- they're a surprisingly versatile life-form.

The uniqueness of the human brain may be due to a single simple mutation.

Jupiter shepherds the asteroids.

More links here and here.

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In case you missed it -- this week I posted another "dream world" collection of images, a brief Bible video, and some speculations on extraterrestrial life.


Blogger Martha said...

Create your own wingnut conspiracy... HAHAHAHA I had fun with that one. I'm one of those people who is tired of hearing about Trump. My husband has been keeping up with the news and always eager to share what he's found out with me. I'm a captive audience! I've asked him to stop because there's only so much my brain can handle before it explodes.

Thanks for all the interesting, fun and unusual links!

14 February, 2021 04:49  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that weather forecast, LOL! Love the speaking French one too. And the conspiracy generator!

14 February, 2021 07:33  
Blogger Richard said...

What is a "mulligan" ? Sounds like malarkey to me. I wish Irish was a more popular language. I wonder why these old farts think they sound "folksy " and wise when they use these words. Truth, they sound like fools. I would like to know how to say that in Irish.

14 February, 2021 18:02  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I can totally believe that crazy conspiracy theorists would leave one crazy conspiracy theory to embrace another.
And I am one of those sick of IMPUTUS2. If I never hear or read about him again I'll be happy.
Ohhh you brought Lurkie to the discussion! Yay!


15 February, 2021 16:12  
Blogger Mike said...

I'd never heard of the Fugio Cent. You learn something new every day.

15 February, 2021 18:28  

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