22 November 2020

Link round-up for 22 November 2020

Please consider donating or otherwise helping the Georgia runoff effort at these links -- Fair Fight, Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock.

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Debra She Who Seeks dishes out pun-ishment, some of it medieval.

Big Bad Bald Bastard contemplates dinosaur dongs.

A magician's mishaps make his act even more entertaining.

Nobody is normal.

"Help me with this jigsaw puzzle."

Time for some reptiles.

Take things literally.

Having a big nose is no excuse.

Blue Jays Mom! (NSFW).

Watch him as he climbs.

Not everybody likes Christmas.  (But hey, there are only 343 days to go until Halloween!)

If 2020 were a.....

"We had one of those but the wheels came off."

The music won't be very good.


It's my body.

I hope all Republicans in Georgia heed this message.

Hmm, a science-fiction movie that isn't just another tired "explosion and bullet laden feast for the senses" but makes you think?  Needless to say, it isn't American.

See these animals as they truly are.

The media outrageously fail to cover tiny gatherings of delusional nitwits.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Blogger Keith looks at the best of Star Trek.

Longfellow's epic Evangeline brings the tragedy of the Acadian deportation to life.  This is one of the most interesting posts I've seen on the net in a while.

Fox News out-stupids itself yet again.  Unbelievable.

The approach of December brings the usual wingnut bleating about the holidays.

Does this man even have any right to be in America? (found via Octoberfarm).

Trump is too lazy to destroy democracy.  He's going for fascism, but incompetently.  Republicans are afraid he'll wreck their chances in the Georgia runoffs if they don't pander to his delusions.

Christianity tries to take over Thanksgiving.

Good hat.

Commemorate Giuliani's last stand (found via Octoberfarm).  But don't watch this disgusting clip if you're eating.

Wingnuts want more Americans to embrace a Biblical world-view.  Good luck with that.

".....as the least intelligent people alive attempt to overthrow the US government by punching themselves in the crotch over and over again."

To fundies, even hugs are problematical.

If you support making nice with the Trumpanzees, think of how you'd justify it to this guy, not to me.  Lo Imprescindible knows it's a waste of time (do watch the video there, it's a real circus of idiots), as does Jen SorensenRead this too.

Parler is a refuge where wingnuts can escape from reality.

Fuck this guy, and the toadies he rode in on.

"It's very impressive, all this raising of questions."

Here are some companies you may prefer not to buy from (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Watch a sample of Raphael Warnock as a speaker.

Have a cruelty-free Thanksgiving.

Civil Commotion is doing a poll on whether Trump should be prosecuted after leaving office.

The ACLU turns against freedom.

Ivanka Trump's social life will never be the same again (boo hoo).

The "million MAGA march" was a bizarre protest.

At last -- a couple of victories against "cancel culture".

Kristi Noem, champion plague-spreader.

Here's an example of what many wingnuts are reading and believing about the election.  And this is a news site, not some crackpot blog.

At least one school district has now re-defined "people of color" to exclude Asians.  Expect more of this.

Christian pastors continue their covid-19 super-spreader role by warning their sheep against future vaccines.

Ellis county TX needs to be dragged into the modern world.

Remember, Trump lost and we won.  All over the US, Republicans are desperately flailing around trying to disenfranchise people.

It is difficult for the brilliant to understand the militantly stupid.

The terrorists who planned to abduct and murder Michigan's governor intended to kill a lot of other people as well.

This person exists.  Absolutely disgusting.

Early signs are that Biden's administration will take a tough line on Wall Street.

The majority of Catholics in the West disregard their own religion's taboo on homosexuality.

An attorney considers the possibility of Trump going to prison.

Oregon now has two new sanctuary counties.

Voting by mail is here to stay.

Progress, progress..... Kamala Harris has expressed support for decriminalizing sex work.

Here's the reality behind talk of a "civil war" among Democrats.

The New York Times seems to be sinking into the political correctness tar pit.

Part of the reason the election results didn't match the polls is that most undecideds went Republican.

When the covid-19 vaccines become available, those who need them the most will rightly be first in line.

The "hidden deplorables" who turned out for Trump this year will likely stay home when he's not on the ballot.  But we need to understand why he did better in 2020 than in 2016 with every demographic except white males.  For one thing, there's no such thing as "the Latino vote"Don't take any voters for granted.

Covid-19 is increasingly concentrated in parts of the country where people believe it's a hoax and militantly oppose all efforts to stop it.

Supervisors at an Iowa meat-processing plant entertained themselves by placing bets on how many workers would get infected with covid-19.

Win support for liberal policies by using more accurate language.  I can't believe this isn't already obvious to everyone.

The US faces a huge wave of evictions in January.  70,000 unemployed workers in Oregon will likely lose their benefits right after Christmas.

The mentality of Franco nostalgia in Spain sheds some light on the mind-set of American Trumpanzees.

Trains loaded with horrendously dangerous explosive material will soon be rumbling through American cities.

Here's how Stacey Abrams and her allies saved democracy in Georgia.

Wingnuts will be intensifying the covid-19 surge over the holidays.  Stay away from them and let natural selection do its work.

As Georgia's critical runoffs loom, Republicans in the state are bitterly divided.

Doctors without Borders brings relief to a shithole country that can't manage the pandemic on its own.

Trump becomes irrelevant as the world moves on.

The right-wing Polish government's attack on abortion rights is part of a broader drive toward authoritarianism.

There's clear evidence that covid-19 is hitting Russia much harder than official figures suggest.

The president of Brazil is an asshat.

A religious festival ends in literal shit-flinging and wallowing in filth.

The Arecibo radio telescope hasn't been maintained properly and may have to be abandoned.

Some differences between languages reflect the way different cultures structure the relationships between concepts.

There are no out-of-place fossils.

Exercise is good for your brain.

Birds have been terraforming the Earth for millions of years.

Some questions remain about the new covid-19 vaccines.

"Deserts of vast eternity....."

More links here.

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In case you missed it -- last week I posted a video on orgasms, the latest collection of "improved" words, and two more videos on the madness of Trumpanzees and woketards.

[Image at top:  the Arecibo radio telescope]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoyed the magician and his rabbit! MAD's version of the Charlie Brown Halloween special is right on!

The post about Evangeline was interesting. I have been to Grand Pré, Nova Scotia and seen the statue of Evangeline in the park dedicated to Acadian history. Many Acadians and their descendants eventually returned to the Maritimes and are now a notable presence in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI.

22 November, 2020 06:52  
Blogger CAS said...

Hi Debra. You’re right that there are still Acadians in NS and PEI. I was surprised to learn that the vast majority, by far, are in New Brunswick—over 300,000. Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks to Infidel753 for sharing.

22 November, 2020 10:31  
Blogger Mike said...

BBBB's post on exercise is right on. Parkinson's groups push exercise exercise exercise.

22 November, 2020 10:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: That magician video was pretty funny. Interesting that some Acadians have migrated to the land of their ancestors. I wonder how they get along with the Anglo residents.

CAS: Thanks for putting up such an interesting post!

Mike: I need to exercise more. Probably most of us do.

23 November, 2020 05:29  
Blogger Martha said...

The one about part of Michigan being in Canada...HAHAHAHA! I just can't...

The "f*ck this guy" link. Many of us up here in Canada feel the same way.

Enjoyed your links, as always, especially anything with humour in it. We can sure use more of that these days!

23 November, 2020 08:23  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

(PT.1 of 2) A few comments to leave, I didn't cover all yet (quite a list), and I'll forget or get distracted if I don't comment now.

The voting by mail piece interested me, because all the crap that I had to go through this year (out of over 4 decades of voting). I would like to have a mail in voting or any voting standard NATIONALLY, instead of this state to state crap with dozens of systemr, guidelines/ requirements, and something more efficient, modified, improved, etc. This year was a mess, for me, and two other people I know that tried voting by mail, here in Dallas (because I always voted in person, I chose by mail this year only, because of COVID). After I did the online request, and after completing my mail in request they sent after, and a month before early voting, just to make sure, still no ballot. I called them, they sent it like 2- 3 weeks ago out, from right here "in" Dallas (what did it travel by ... Turtle Express?). Two others I know, same thing, and we all are Democratic voters, in a Democratic city ... go figure/ question ... we still never got them. I had to go to the polling vote place, go to an office, sign a document, and get another verification, and then vote early in person. The 2 other people that I know, I told to do the same thing after I did, because I figured, and figured right, that they weren't ging to get theirs. It was time consuming and unecessary (I been on the voting books for years in this town), as if I was trying to make a large bank withdrawal. I asked myself ... with all the experts and think tanks of scholars ... we can't come up with a system that works better, and a tgad more conformity?

Place your bet thing in Iowa for Tyson workers. This doesn't surprise me AT ALL. There was some guys here in Dallas area, that hired a bunch of immigrants they pick up at the parking lot meat markets (cheap labour corners around town, where hundreds of immigrant workers looking for labour jobs wait to get picked up, kind of like prostitution street corner pick up areas, but way more populated, yet sex prostitution is illegal in Dallas, but slave labour is LEGAL). The owners/ supervisors would short the checks/ pay of workers (many don't speak much english if any) and make bets on which workers will first catch that they been shortchanged. Folks bet on everything ... I myself bet on the Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings game yesterday and won, taking Dallas who was the underdog.

Convicting Trump ... glad so many folks are talking about this. Of course I posted on this for awhile, because he was clearing cutting it close on so much he was doing. I didn't care about the sex stuff, or his opinions on poor or minorities, that is what his type/ breed think ... he even despises poor white working classes, like many of those supporters that love him, for no reason. The thing that really was bad to me, was how he denied COVID and told thousands of folks to get back to work, it's a hoax, etc ... then later said he done it so people don't panic ... TENS OF THOUSANDS DIED BECAUSE OF HIM. And I feel he should pay for what he done. His response to the pandemic was a disaster, and still is ... he won't even cooperate with the new administration, and thousands more are dying.

23 November, 2020 09:27  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

(PT.2 of 2) What was kind of sad, but also made me laugh was the piece about the latino vote, assuming how people think the same or whatever, because of race, gender, religion or some other thing. I met and knew so many people from so many areas over the years, as anyone else who has ... and realize there are so may differences with folks. Even some folks in the same race, actually dislike each other, or have their own ideas, and how they identify themselves. I wonder how much we pay these folks (millions) who are experts out of some place like Havard, MIT, etc ... who use all kinds of algorthms, expert methods, etc ... to conclude and tell us how all these different folks fall into some category. Reminds me of a hick racist, that comes to the conclusion that "nig*ers are nig*ers, beaners are beaners, etc" ... I mean, we could get the same results just asking the White Nationalists/ KKK for their assessments on demographics ... and save a bundle.

23 November, 2020 09:33  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Here, something I wanted to leave you. Professor Griffin here explains about race demographics in the 2nd video, and about religion in the first. It may be a bit hard for those with sensitive ears ... Enjoy!


23 November, 2020 14:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: These idiots are so obsessed with closing off the border, it would help if they had some idea where the border is.

Glad to provide a few laughs. Or at least find them.

Ranch: I've seen rankings of states on how easy they make it to vote. Oregon comes first and Texas comes last -- that is, it's the most difficult state to vote in. That's what happens when Republicans are running a diverse state for so many years.

Gambling on how many workers will get a deadly disease is the kind of thing you'd expect guards at Auschwitz to do. I think these are basically the same kind of people.

Trump has done a lot of stuff he could spend years in prison for, and once he's no longer president, he can be prosecuted. That's why he's trying so desperately to negate the election so he can stay in office. Even if Biden doesn't go after him, New York probably will, and not even Biden will be able to stop that. Trump is going to be in deep shit for the rest of his life, and he knows it.

That religion video was really funny. I could have done without the ragging on the first ladies, but the guy's got a talent for comedy. He should go into news commentary like Colbert or Noah.

24 November, 2020 01:02  

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