19 November 2020

Videos of the day -- crazy people

Trae Crowder takes a look at Parler, the wingnut flight from reality, and "bridging the gap".

Bill Maher makes the case that the "woke" fringe is costing us the blue-wave victories that we could otherwise achieve.  No, we won't get the Trumpanzees to vote our way no matter what we do -- they're just nuts -- but there is a sensible center, and this crap is killing us with them.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, Liberal Redneck is a riot. Southern fried comedy with a backbone, I call it. He also delivers a message, and that's priceless. Funny how people working with humor (comedians, late night show hosts) are the ones with the most incisive and critical approach to the fuckery that is politics in America).
Bill, well, Maher has points sometimes. The only thing I have to say is that Dems play by the rules, while Repugs do not care about them and get away with it.


19 November, 2020 06:25  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Trae Crowder rules!

19 November, 2020 10:20  
Blogger Mike said...

I saw the first one. It's really good.
Bill Maher has a point. When the far-right acts like the assholes that they are, there is a knee jerk reaction to try to drag things as far left as they will go. I'm not so sure things are going to change much in the near future.

19 November, 2020 10:22  
Anonymous NickM said...

I was hooked from the start - I do have a shitty uncle* and at least a couple of regrettable ex-girlfriends - one was utterly mental. I somehow suspect this is not very unusual.

*I would like to tell of his antics (they are amusing) but some of them are still sub-judice. Some of them, if I even mentioned, might result in repercussions. Legal repercussions.

20 November, 2020 00:34  
Blogger MJ said...

I've seen Trae already, but Maher has an important point.
I allege boredom and a bunch of Karens expecting to get consensus, but the consensus should be everyone agreeing with them.
You're never going to get everyone to agree, but you can, like Obama, call out the bs for what it is.
I was once on a jury with the question involving the treatment of several non-verbal students. Did the defendant abuse them, or not? One of the other jurors had been in education in her previous residence. California, for those who are interested. Her contention was that we must declare the accused teacher guilty because we must believe the children, whatever they say. Yeah, she said that. Yes, she actually believe that children never lie. Yes, she said we should believe the children in a case where the children couldn't testify because they were non-verbal. And I bet she would have had a Hillary bumper stick if she lived in a place where it was safe to do that.
She never did change her mind, and the case ended in a hung jury.

20 November, 2020 10:45  
Blogger Kay said...

OK, I can wish for the center, but I'm not sure where that center is.

20 November, 2020 13:12  

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