13 September 2020

Link round-up for 13 September 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Should pets become doctors?

This drink sounds worthy of its name.

People get it on with statues.

It's modern-day humor.


Pwned, I think.

Take a gander at this.

Here's what really happened to the dinosaurs.

An errant fly spoils a dinner.

The ancient Romans had the best coins.

One cat, many interpretations.

Stylish dinner set-up.  Or something.

By Hook or by Book observes Star Trek Day and Read a Book Day.

Annie Asks You has a realistic recipe.

It's never too early to shop for Halloween decorations.  See Halloween potted plants and other items.

Let's face it.....

Hey little girl, want a ride?

See kinetic art with cards instead of dominoes.

Consider what matters in life and what doesn't.

Sometimes a cake can be art.

See a summary of the battle of Lake Travis (found via Brucedesertrat at Mock Paper Scissors).  Trumpanzees react with the usual paranoia.

Close cousins -- a gorilla baby behaves remarkably like a human one.

Take a break from the torrent of news.

Listen to the wisdom of HL Mencken.

19th-century artists knew who was the hottest guy in the Bible.

"Teenagers aren't apathetic about everything they're just used to you shitting all over whatever they show excitement about."

Third from left.

Mock Paper Scissors and Big Bad Bald Bastard remember one of the original Avengers.

See otherworldly mountains.

Nobody misses this.

".....but the Nazis think he is."

Debra She Who Seeks observes Labor Day.

Like everyone around here, Murr Brewster has been smoking something.

They took down a poster due to complaints -- but there hadn't been any complaints.

Nobody noticed this guy.

"Eat the rich"?  Get it right.

Spot the government agent.

Red sky over Salem OR (click pictures to enlarge).

If you use WordPress and want to use the old editor instead of the new "block editor", here is a tip (I don't blog on WordPress and don't really understand this, just passing along the information).

This Pennsylvanian won't be voting for Trump.

Religion in the US is declining faster than ever.

Politics as usual degeneracy.

If you read or look at things on the internet, learn this.

Some think it's better to blather about the impossible than to achieve the possible.

Quit ragging on the nearest thing we have to a national leader right now.

If you doubt how deep the derangement among the enemy runs, read the comments on this post (more revealing than the post itself).

Trump is the episodic man.

Some useful info here about the debts of dead people.

The color of the year is end-of-days orange.

"Conflicted" isn't the word for it.

If you've been wondering what Michele Bachmann is up to these days, click here.

People judge by appearances.

Portland now has the worst air quality on Earth.  You can donate here to help victims of the fires.

In these cases, you can't just "get over it".

What if workers got the full benefit of their own increased productivity?

You think you're recycling plastic but you're not.

The cast of The Princess Bride holds a reunion -- and pwns Ted Cruz (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Perfect metaphor for this whole administration (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Trumpanzees have no ideology -- it's just about hating on us.  A jihad-like radicalism is festering among them.

Smoke from the west coast fires extends far into the Pacific and southeast over Arizona and Mexico.

Portland has just passed the country's strictest ban on facial recognition technology.

The group-victimhood fetish is reaching insane levels.  If you don't know who Jessica Krug is, see here.

It's a religion of love.

Lots of political images here.

Trump's weaponizing of the DOJ against E Jean Carroll implies that defamation is part of the president's job.

Nothing can stop the men of God from spreading the virus.

In this case, an airline handled a racial incident well.

Our downtown has lost a long-established business to the chaos.

Trump's bungling of the pandemic pushes him over the line to be the worst president ever.

Your parents' mental issues are not your problem.

The Sturgis rally led to a quarter million covid-19 cases, even if the dimwit governor refuses to believe it.

Glenn Kirschner has a plan to de-wingnutize the federal courts.

Portland trains police to police police.

This is capitalism.

Somebody's dumping mail.

Schools open, teachers die.

66% of Oregonians oppose the protests in Portland; 42% think the police aren't using enough force.

Remember who really failed to prevent 9/11.

Yielding to despair and defeatism is what the Trumpists want you to do.  Listen to Obama.

What a family of losers and suckers.

A young, healthy athlete describes what severe covid-19 is like.

Atheists sleep better (link from Mike).

Wingnuts freak out over Canadian sex advice.

Be grateful we have the First Amendment.  This is madness.

Remember when the Middle East welcomed refugees from war-torn Europe.

Three major democracies form an alliance to confront fascist China.

China's Mongol minority protest the regime's efforts to marginalize their language.

The new Mulan movie faces a backlashMore here.

We're all in deep shit if this regime grows into a world power.

Here is what the Republicans have become.

Let this be a metaphor for November.

This is a bit long, but read the whole thing.

Republicans are wielding a vast array of tactics to sabotage the election.  Secretaries of state will be important.

Here's a guide on voting in each state (found via Wordifull).  And here's some motivation.

It's critical to flip the Senate.

Local elections in Texas can hit the Republicans where it hurts.

We need to win big.

Every Trump atrocity bears their rubber stamp.

Threatening to secede if Trump wins won't work.

More links here.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the geese on the bus, accompanied by their herding dog. Those Roman sex coins are interesting! Love the kinetic art video! "Third from left" -- brilliant, LOL.

13 September, 2020 08:49  
Blogger Lawrence said...

Re: the Eat the Rich link. I am reminded of Chris Rock's comment, "Shaq is rich. The guy who pays Shaq is wealthy."

13 September, 2020 14:12  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The geese on the bus are just funny.
Omg that guy who blew up his house to get the fly. That's like someone's bad joke.
I didn't even know there was a Star Trek Day.

13 September, 2020 14:54  
Blogger Buttermilk Sky said...

CNN thinks the Trumpandemic pushed him to the bottom of the list? How about giving the Russians a guided tour of the Oval with only Russian media present? Praising Nazis as "very fine people"? Skipping through the DMZ with his buddy Kim? Babies in cages? I think Andrew Johnson has been off the hook for at least three years.

13 September, 2020 15:19  
Blogger Mike said...

Do you want the Roman coin set?
Only about $50. I'm sure they're not originals. But hey, they'll be 16 conversation pieces.

13 September, 2020 17:34  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

The geese! Oh I laughed at that one.
I'm kind of bummed the whole recycling plastic thing is a ruse. And to think that I lecture everybody and their mother on recycling!
But those photos with the statues really made me smile. Fantastic.


14 September, 2020 02:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: There are always a few good laughs out there.....

Lawrence: I'm inclined to focus on the most malignant ones -- we know who they are.

Mary K: Considering how the guy's luck was going, the fly probably survived.

Sky: There are plenty of nastynesses to choose from, but contributing to the deaths of 200,000 people is pretty major.

Mike: Thanks. I wonder how that compares to the original value when in circulation.

Sixpence: I think recycling metal and even glass is still economical. We need to think of something else to do with plastic, though.

14 September, 2020 16:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - we Jews aren't nobodies! (This is in reference to "Nobody noticed this guy.")

While we don't have Roman or Greek first-century references to Jesus, we do have a Jewish first-century reference by Josephus. Josephus recorded the existence a bunch of failed would-be Messiahs that aren't mentioned in any other surviving sources. Also, Josephus would have been an adult when "James the brother of Jesus" was executed.

The lack of early pagan sources isn't surprising: how many wealthy Romans or Greeks would mention one loudmouthed religious schlub among many others in a remote corner of the Empire. Now, if Josephus had made no mention of Jesus, we would have a good reason to believe that no historical Jesus ever existed, because we would expect Josephus to list someone like Jesus in his works.

It's also dishonest to quote-mine Bart Ehrman to argue that Jesus never existed, because Ehrman, while an atheist, argues that Jesus did exist, and he uses Josephus' writings to make that case. It's like quote-mining Darwin to argue against evolution.


14 September, 2020 18:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's pretty generally recognized the Josephus's references to Jesus were added to his works much later by Christian editors, not originally part of his writing at all. And yes, if anything remotely like the events described about Jesus had happened in Roman-ruled Israel, Greek and Roman writers (at least those who lived and worked in the area) would have mentioned it.

15 September, 2020 01:30  
Blogger Lady M said...

Plastic recycling is a bust so I refill. Refill shops are popping up all over Colorado and His Lordship and I started a refillables program for our little community here in Manitou. We do dish washing liquid, Laundry Detergent, and Automatic dish washing detergent. It is all at cost so the program breaks even and we put the money up front to buy it. So far in the two years we have done it, we have saved about 600 plastic bottles from hitting the landfill.

15 September, 2020 20:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Lady M: Good for you! Every container re-used is another one that doesn't need to be bought (or made). I re-use things as much as I can.

16 September, 2020 03:46  

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