22 September 2020

Don't forget the Senate

The prospect of a third Trump appointment to the Supreme Court has focused attention on the Senate, and deservedly so.  But it's been clear for years that flipping as many Senate seats as possible is almost as vital as winning the presidency.

Under the iron-fisted rule of McConnell -- a man at least as evil as Trump and far more capable -- the Senate has for years stood as an impenetrable wall against progress.  Almost everything of value that the House passes, from measures to safeguard elections against hacking to the new covid-19 relief bill, founders there on the shoals of the Republicans' do-nothing anti-interventionist ideology and their determination to consolidate power at all costs.  It's the Senate which has enabled Trump to infest the federal judiciary with an ever-growing gaggle of religious fanatics and miscellaneous wingnuts who now threaten everything from voting rights to abortion.  And out of fifty-three Republican senators, it would have taken only twenty during impeachment to remove the most flagrantly crooked, malignant, and dangerous president in American history -- but only one of the fifty-three voted to do the right thing.

Even if we keep the House (very likely) and win the presidency (fairly likely), if the Senate remains under Republican control, it will continue to block almost everything we try to do to repair the damage done by Trump, combat covid-19, and move the country forward.  Remember Merrick Garland and the "McConnell rule", now exposed as flagrant hypocrisy.  If another Supreme Court judge were to die five minutes after Biden's inauguration, Moscow Mitch would invent some pretext for holding the seat vacant for four years.

A public option / Medicare expansion.  Serious action on climate change.  A minimum-wage increase.  Protecting our elections against hacking.  Overhauling the country's antiquated infrastructure.  Federal rules to stop gerrymandering and vote suppression.  Legislation to protect abortion rights in case Roe falls.  Safeguarding Social Security.  Real help for the millions thrown out of work by covid-19.  Reversal of the deficit-exploding tax cuts for the wealthy.  Federal support for reform of education, policing, immigration, criminal justice, and on and on.  An expansion of the Supreme Court.  Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico.  Even with a Democratic House and president, none of that will get done if the Republicans keep the Senate.  I wouldn't put it past McConnell to block all of Biden's cabinet appointees and judges, making the country ungovernable as long as Democrats are trying to govern it.

And every seat counts, because our majority needs to be as large as possible.  Even with a majority, most of what the country needs still won't get through unless the filibuster is abolished -- something which a few conservative Democratic senators may balk at.  The bigger our majority, the more defections we can afford and still get that done.  The same goes for some of the more radical necessities like expanding the Supreme Court.  A larger majority can still accomplish it even if a couple of our own senators vote no.

And it's the right thing to do.  Out of cowardice or opportunism, Senate Republicans have enabled and protected Trump at every turn while he targeted the vulnerable, divided the country, trashed the Constitution, and bungled covid-19.  They need to pay a price, in the form of removal from power.

Go here to check out our candidates -- and donate.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ohh the Lincoln Project. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, am I right?
And you are right. The senate needs to be overhauled. People need to vote blue up and down that ballot.
I can't believe The Turtle still leads in his state. Well, but it's Kentucky, no? The armpit of America.


22 September, 2020 03:48  
Blogger Mike said...

The Lincoln Project is just one of the places I've donated to this year.

22 September, 2020 06:54  
Blogger Annie Asks You said...

Absolutely right—thank you!
There are some surprisingly close races: Jaime Harrison has been tied with Lindsey Graham in SC; MJ Hegar is closing in on John Cornyn in Texas(!); Steve Bullock is gaining on Daines in Montana; and Mike Espy is down only 1% in Mississippi! There’s hope!! Donate as you can.

22 September, 2020 12:14  
Blogger Lady M said...

I hope that we can flip the seat in Colorado. I sent Hickenlooper some money to defeat Cory Gardener.

22 September, 2020 15:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: I don't know about being "friends", but I'll take anything that seems likely to help get these #$@!*^% out of office. And this is probably the best Lincoln Project video out of the ones I've seen.

Moscow Mitch looks to be leading by a big margin, unfortunately. Let's hope that if he's re-elected he'll just be minority leader.

Mike: Good for you. They deserve support.

Annie: I've been following South Carolina. How wonderful if we could get a Democrat elected from there! I'm seeing different numbers for Mississippi, but Montana does look promising.

Lady M: Glad to hear you donated. Colorado looks like one of our best prospects to flip a seat.

23 September, 2020 15:51  

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