12 July 2020

Link round-up for 12 July 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Bread-making can be more intriguing than you think.

Dellgirl has a few new definitions for words.

Ben the ornithologist is looking for the right woman.

This is art.  And this is music.  And this is a future blogger.

"My heart will go on....."

There must be something in that water.

It's beautiful, but don't touch.

Gaze into the depths.....

Cthulhu seems less scary in person.

"Never stop dreaming."

Many beings, or one?

See award-winning sky photographs.

Donald Trump, Hitchcock villain.

Most ridiculous political propaganda image ever.

Fake Scotland, real Scotland.

Some people apparently believed this was an alien spacecraft.

"That's because of the walls, Phil."

Fireworks are tough on vermin.

This exists.  Nobody knows why.

There's a clear winner in the race.

Sarah Cooper does Trump's cognition test.

It has not been a good year.

"The axe forgets, but the tree remembers."

The minions of the King in Orange spread madness and fear in Dim Costcosa.

Back to school!

A new book teaches kids that the body is the self, to the predictable annoyance of some.

Good sign.

So.....here's the deal with Microsoft Edge.

Censorship affects sales.

Don't fly yet.

It's tough being a sane person in South Carolina these days.

The US is in the grip of demons, according to an exorcist -- yes, never forget, the world's largest Christian sect still employs exorcistsMore demons here.

Viruses, like gravity and reality in general, are unaffected by what people believe or don't believe.

This is the world we live in, for now.

Don't vote for Kanye.

Experts need to be careful how they write.

We're fighting two pandemics at once.

The internet can enlighten people in backward societies about the outside world.

Gort Nation posts an open letter to our Spoiled-Toddler-in-Chief.

There's no common ground between us and the fundies.  And don't trust them.

Keep this and this for the next time you meet someone who believes Trump's bullshit about testing.

Literature has much to teach, if we don't let political correctness get in the way.

It's all about statues.

Fighting for freedom means fighting for freedom.  No, it is not OK to use violence against people just for having opinions you don't like.

Imagine trying to have a rational conversation with this person.

Your tax dollars pay for Catholic priests to molest kids.

It's Trump logic.

The reaction to an open letter on free speech shows why it's necessary.  More here.  I believe the use of intimidation and bullying to silence and punish people with "wrong" opinions is now the West's most serious cultural problem (I've added a link to the letter in the sidebar).

Yellowdog Granny has an e-mail exchange with a Christian.

Mississippi legislators have been refusing to wear masks, with predictable resultsRachel Maddow comments.

A conservative columnist hopes for divine intervention to help Trump win in November.

Frat parties generate a covid-19 outbreak at UC Berkeley.

Religious morality:  homosexuality is absolutely evil, but slavery is basically OKMore here.

"We are done with corona" -- but corona is not done with you.

Religious hucksters made out like bandits from covid-19 aid money.

These are conservative values (found via New Witch).

Satanists stand up for the First Amendment in Mississippi.

Biden should jump on the marijuana bandwagon, especially in light of this.

A network of Christian summer camps becomes a nexus of covid-19 in Missouri.

The "stupid one-third" can't seem to grasp that freedom doesn't include a "right" to endanger other people.

Tucker Carlson says we hate America -- forgetting that we are America.

If an arrest seems suspicious, check what time of day it happened.

Employees at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland struggle to unionize under pandemic conditions.

A Florida church apparently sponsored a "covid party".  At least one teenager is already dead.

Here's another huge collection of crazy from the wacky world of wingnuts.

Despite high unemployment, hazard pay for essential workers may be coming back.

Republican presidents are consistent in their effect on the deficit -- Trump is just the worst of all.

Covid-19 is now hitting red states the hardest.

Churches hate being held accountable.

Yeah, they fired this piece of shit.

Trump's Tulsa rally was followed by a spike in infections.

Funny how these same numbers keep cropping up, just by coincidence.

At least one more person who went to a "covid party" has died.

Congress could cause an economic disaster if it fails to extend economic aid beyond July.

In ancient times, worshipers of the god Moloch used to sacrifice children to him.  Modern people would never do such a thing -- certainly not modern leaders.

Do Americans understand what a disaster this country has become?  Here's a view from Germany.

The Supreme Court should have been tougher on Trump.

There was even a Confederate monument in Seattle -- was (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

The big prize the right wing got from its Faustian bargain with Trump was packing the federal judiciary with wingnut judges -- but it probably won't last.

Covid-19 can cause delirium and severe brain damage.  Any immunity you get after having it seems to be weak and last only a few months.

By leaving the WHO, the US would give up a lot.

Greece is forging ahead with clean energy.

Poland's wingnut anti-gay president faces a liberal challenger.

US religionists gloat as Russia institutionalizes religion and homophobia -- and entrenches Putin's dictatorship indefinitely.

In what could become a global trend, Fujitsu plans to halve its office space and shift many employees to permanent work-from-home.

Even if Trump isn't re-elected, the Russian and Chinese regimes have gotten plenty of good value out of him.

China's new "security law" in Hong Kong is already imposing censorship.  The UK and US are enacting sanctions.  Australia and some other countries are taking action.

In Cameroon, too, an activist fights to remove statues honoring colonialism.

Racist trolling has a global reach.

Remember the names of Trump's most powerful enablers -- and support their opponents.

What if something really crazy happens right before the election?

It's not just voting against Trump -- we have a lot to vote for.

For now, our side is mostly united.

Don't let the polls make you complacent -- the enemy fights dirty.

Here's why Trump's campaign against vote-by-mail is likely to backfire.

More links here.

[1,270 days down, 192 to go until the inauguration of a real president.]


Blogger Hot guys said...

I love bread so, count me in! 😏👌🏻 Also, that future blogger is super-adorable! 💜🤗 Appreciate this brand new link-collection you prepared for all of us! 😉👏🏻

12 July, 2020 01:19  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The airlines only care about the money they make. I haven't flown in 20 years and don't plan too ever again.

I have a bread maker so I don't have to finger my dough. lol

Molten glass is pretty.

That little octopus was so cute and very curious.

Maybe that's why I have nightmares all the time...Freddy Kreuger.

12 July, 2020 09:58  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the Hacker Baby and Celine Dion cat!

12 July, 2020 10:16  
Blogger Leanna said...

I think the second-best thing about reading all the great links you post is not just the great reading but picking up new blogs. I caught two blogs I haven't seen before. Thanks!

12 July, 2020 10:44  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

I hope you and all your readers are well and safe.

Why do I have the sudden desire to "loaf" around?

I enjoyed the alternate definitions, but I have to take issue with the one for raisin, for obvious reasons. By the way, I have been accumulating new definitions for the next time you are having fun with words.

I loved the art, the music and especially the future blogger.

Deer Park, that's good water! I've seen a gif of that sweet dog smiling on Twitter a thousand times, but it cuts out the part where he's drinking the water. Now I know why he's so happy.

Put a DO NOT TOUCH sign on the molten glass, and I bet Mike Pence will touch it!

Was that swarm birds, bugs or the smoke monster from Lost?

Twitler the Redeemer? The only things he's ever redeemed are some old soda bottles. He needed the nickels.

"The axe forgets, but the tree remembers." That should be embroidered on a pillow and handed out to every new parent.

The dog is insisting on going outside, and I think the rain has stopped, so I will indulge him. I'll be back later.

Thanks for the link to The Raisin here and at C&L. Always appreciated.

12 July, 2020 21:02  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Sarah Cooper is fantastic! And Cheeto keeps providing material for her day in, day out.
And of course the world thinks America is a joke!


13 July, 2020 04:53  
Blogger Oblio said...

Muchismas Gracias for the Gort Nation link, it means a lot that you liked it enough to let others know what I'm bleating out here on The Left Coast. Yet another excellent link round-up... THANK YOU!!!!

13 July, 2020 12:01  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Thanks for the shout out last week, Infidel. I appreciate it.
Sarah Cooper is a very funny lady. I've watched all of her How To videos several times. She can actually make Trump's voice seem less grating. That's saying something.
I'm way behind on reading your links - trying to catch up though. Thanks for keeping us in reading material.

13 July, 2020 19:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hot: Thanks! I'm glad bread-makers get to enjoy their work.

Mary K: The airlines won't be making any money from me in the foreseeable future, not the way they've been acting.

I wonder what kind of dreams Freddy has.

Debra: That cat thing was inspired.

Leanna: Always glad to help people find new things. I'm glad I found your blog recently.

Nonnie: Perhaps "loafing" should become a new euphemism.

I should do another of those "improving words" things, I suppose.

Pretty sure that swarm was birds. It certainly looks like some bizarre single life form, though.

Just keep the dog away from suspicious water pipes. You never know.

Sixpence: Cooper definitely helps us get through these dark times. I wonder if Trump has seen her act.

Oblio: Thanks for the post! It deserves to be received by Trump -- although he would never read anything that long.

Jenny_o: Thanks for visiting. Cooper is certainly pleasanter to look at than Trump, if we have to hear him at all.

14 July, 2020 03:18  

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