07 June 2020

Link round-up for 7 June 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Start the day with a few jokesAnd cats.

Give your dog unlimited exercise.

Some architect was a bit too imaginative.

Looks like it's her first visit to the neighborhood.

People recreate famous paintings.

Who is allowed to park here?

Memory foam never forgets.

Giant bugs that eat sharks' faces can go for years without taking a shit (found via Mendip).

Never shame people for being interested in frivolous things.

Dogs always entertain.

Check out Trump's favorite Bible stories (found via Nan's Notebook).

Debra She Who Seeks is hosting a virtual Pride parade -- and you're invited!  In the meantime, who owns the rainbow?

Here kitty kitty.....

Tengrain improves upon the Trumps' visit to church.

View a compendium of annoying birds.

From Boston, word of another case of police violence.

Check out these fountains from around the world.

Support for gay marriage is at an all-time high.

This farmer's calendar was made to last.

A librarian speaks out on censorship.

Posters celebrate Hypatia.

The Republicans were right!  A blatant case of vote fraud has been detected.

Here's how to wash your face masks.

There's plywood everywhere in my city's downtown -- I recognize some of the places in the video.

Bruce Gerencser concludes that rational discussion with religio-Trumpanzees is impossible.

Due to Republican machinations, the Postal Service is in real trouble.

Big government is not the answer.

What data can the police extract from your phone?

Don't fall for these common misconceptions about atheists (but as to the last section, I am definitely Group C).

Once your information is out there on the internet, it's a huge task getting back any control over it.

There is such a thing as questions too stupid to be worth answering.

Based on this, I am highly intelligent.

Religion ruined her life.

The sister of Ahmaud Arbery's murderer is quite a jackass in her own right.

Gay rumors swirl around Lindsey Graham.

This is the subculture to which Trump's Bible stunt appealed.  At least it inspired cartoonists.  And he's planning another crass ego trip for Independence Day.

According to Fox, killing black people is good for the stock market.

Rand Paul worries about being too tough on lynch mobs.

When do they close the stores?

Green Eagle, Hackwhackers, Mock Paper Scissors, and various Twitterers assess May's drop in unemployment figures.

Robert E Lee was a terrible person.

This is the Republican chairwoman of a major Texas county.

The protests will likely fuel the pandemicMore here.

What did we have to lose?

White nationalists pose as Antifa to foment violence.

Trump visits a covid-19 test production line and fucks it up.

Trump gets his way on the Republican convention and fucks it up.

He's fucking up environmental regulation as well, but this time it's intentional.

There will not be a coupRead this too.

What does it really mean to be a good cop?

Some reflections from a pastor who lives 20 blocks from where George Floyd was murdered.

Obama, Biden, and others speak out on the protests and riots.

This is the president of the Minneapolis police union (found via Hackwhackers).  It's more than just a matter of a few bad apples.

Here are five things we need to do to limit deaths during the oncoming covid-19 second wave.

David Dorn deserves to be remembered.

It's an artistic statement.

Protesters block looters from attacking a Target store in Brooklyn.

This mining company blew up a valuable 46,000-year-old archaeological site.

See Pride parade pics from around the world.

Globally, the pandemic is now growing by over 100,000 cases per day.

German neo-Nazis are getting paramilitary training in Russia (WTF?).

The Brazilian government responds to its covid-19 disaster by hiding the data.

A recall election in Taiwan's third-largest city deals a blow to the pro-China-appeasement KMT party.

It takes guts to speak the truth.

There's a lot about China that no one knows, not even its rulers.

Photographs recall Tiananmen Square.  Hong Kongers defy the regime to commemorate the massacre.

As if there weren't already enough problems, the Congo is having a new outbreak of Ebola.

Will you let this man choose the president?

One party reflects the country, the other does not.

Annie Asks You looks at potential vice president Val Demings.

This time, Bernie Sanders is fully on board with the anti-Trump forces.

More links here.

[1,235 days down, 227 to go until the inauguration of a real president.]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the people recreating famous paintings -- so funny! "Memory Foam never forgets" made me pee my pants with laughter! Trump's Bible Stunt cartoons were great.

And thanks for amplifying my Virtual Pride Parade, Infidel!

07 June, 2020 07:22  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Cat jokes are always funny.
I didn't realize that I could have my dog take himself for a walk.
I don't know how people sleep on those memory foam mattresses. I had a memory foam mattress topper and it was so hot at night. I couldn't sleep on it.
I'm actually surprised people don't eat more ocean isopods. I mean we eat shrimp and lobster and those look like sea bugs to me too.

07 June, 2020 10:52  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

goooooooo ones

07 June, 2020 11:21  
Blogger Lady M said...

I enjoyed the article about Robert E. Lee and the mythology that has been built around his "cult of personality".

07 June, 2020 16:33  
Blogger Mike said...

We need more 'He's registered to vote. Are you?' meme's for the rest of the year.

07 June, 2020 19:02  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

HI Infidel,

I hope you and all your readers are well and safe.

Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite jokes ever. You'll have to guess which one it is.

I learn so much about cats on Sundays.

That dog walking trick would never work with Macho unless I substituted a really long strand of spaghetti for the leash.

Interesting health center. Not sure which entrance I would feel comfortable using.

Assless chaps. There's another one of your improving words. Englishmen with no butts. Or maybe they don't own donkeys. You decide.

People recreating paintings has become one of my favorite things.

Nice to know that we don't have to compete with giant undersea bugs for toilet paper.

Dogs are very entertaining. In fact, my dog entertained the hell out of me the other day by throwing up on my foot.

I never read the Bible, but I did see the movie. I suspect Twitler's favorite Bible stories are more entertaining than the original. I would add that in Exodus, Twitler is on board with getting rid of his first born son. In fact, I think he'd tell the Pharaoh that all of his sons are first-born.

Why is that guy pissed off at gay people for stealing the rainbow while giving Skittles a free pass?

I got a late start, so I will be back tomorrow for more linky goodness.

08 June, 2020 01:43  
Blogger Tommykey said...

I remember during the Obama administration, when Mango Mussolini was just Citizen Trump, he would declare that the unemployment rate was much higher than it was, and that the Obama administration was cooking the books. Of course, once Trump became president, the drop in the unemployment rate was proof that he was the bestest president evah! But if we weren't supposed to trust the numbers during Obama's presidency, why should we trust Trump's numbers?

09 June, 2020 21:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: I'll be interested to see how the virtual parade goes.

Mary K: Unfortunately that particular dog trick wouldn't work if the dog were a bit smarter.

I'll never understand how people can eat those ghastly-looking things.

Jackie: :-)

Lady M: I knew nothing about Lee before reading that, but there's been a lot of revisionist history employed to whitewash the Confederacy.

Mike: And no doubt there will be plenty.

Nonnie: Hard to guess when there are so many.....

The spaghetti thing might actually work.

Giant isopods don't use toilet paper, but I suspect they might eat it.

Those guys are just pissed off at gay people on general principles. Any pretext will do.

Tommykey: You'll never get consistency from Trump. He's not nearly smart enough to keep track of his own bullshit.

10 June, 2020 05:49  

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