17 May 2020

Link round-up for 17 May 2020

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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If you can spare a few bucks, Mary K at Dark Thoughts could use some help (scroll down).

Flying saucers portend a terrifying plot against mankind.

Time for some birds.

Whoever drew this knew exactly what he was doing.

Such a disappointing meal.

What is its name?

It's so annoying when a cat does this.

Welcome to life under quarantine.

The cat armored division wins a new recruit.

Hint, hint.

Trump's stupid "America leads" banner gets pwned.

Cats discover something better than a cardboard box.

Elephants like music too.

Frogs, now available in ultra-mini size.

The platypus, nature's oddball.

Stockholm's subway system gains something in translation.

Get an early start on Halloween decorations.

Always remember, she was right.

Language is illogical.

If you don't get a test.....

There's something more important than applauding health-care workers.

Admit it -- Star Wars just isn't very good.

What a sad and screwed-up stance toward life.

You can't say what you really think.

Real patriots know their flags.

"Grand reopening".

This is creepy.

How much privacy would you give up for how much safety?

In this time of crisis, Trump takes decisive action by unveiling the new flag of the "space force".

Fantasy is not reality.

Impressive nature photos here.

Here's a list of harm-reduction resources for sex workers.

Robert Landsburg didn't let his last moments go to waste.

Don't celebrate SpaceX.

Cleaning-product poisonings doubled after Trump's idiotic remarks on the subject.

Arch-wingnut Matt Shea's anti-Satanic antics just cost him $4,761.34.

If it sounds like bullshit, it probably is bullshit.

Remember these women warriors of World War II.

With Trumpcare, everyone will be covered.

Religious nutters will perpetuate the pandemic even after a vaccine is available.

Not all deaths are equal.

The Trump-vs-Fauci dynamic is giving me a strong whiff of Pope-vs-Galileo.

It's politics for an extraordinary time.

Globally, 77% of workers want to continue working from home after the pandemic ends.  The practice brings huge benefits to everyone.

Why doesn't God give his followers "discernment" about viruses?

They can't even keep the White House safe.

Sorry, it's still there even if you refuse to look at it.

These people are just thugs.  But if the virus doesn't get them, the hydroxychloroquine will.

Which governor's covid-19 policy gets the lowest rating from his citizens?

Sports will soon become a viral battleground.

Individual freedom doesn't include a right to endanger others.  People used to understand that.

The wingnut bullshit machine is revving up to push re-opening.

Here's the kind of raving lunacy some wingnuts are spouting about Fauci -- and they're starting up on Obama again as well.

It's not socialism, it's a failure of capitalism.

Crooks and Liars looks at the court ruling that has opened up Wisconsin to the virus.

43 million Americans will probably lose their health insurance due to the pandemic.  No country with a national health system faces such a problem.

Defy the lockdown, face the consequences.

A meat-packing plant has apparently spread covid-19 to a nearby town.  The virus is already spreading fastest in rural areas.

The Trump regime has wasted the time we bought at such cost via the lockdowns.

The US unemployment system is terrible -- intentionally.

The arrogance of "American exceptionalism" keeps us ignorant.

The fundies are believing their own bullshit as the culture war spirals into madness.  As usual, churches are at the forefront in promoting the pandemic -- but they're determined not to be held accountable.

Who will succeed Sanders as the leader of the movement he built?

One of the world's most prominent medical journals has a prescription for us.

Here's a good analysis of the covid-19 infection risks in various situations (found via Darwinfish 2).

Contact-tracing apps have a lot of problems.

Five sailors who tested positive for covid-19 and then tested negative have been re-infected, suggesting that being infected once does not confer immunity.

There's a case that antioxidants aren't all that good for you.

The US is not even remotely the world leader in dealing with the pandemic.

This should be considered murder.

Denmark has tamed the pandemic and saved its people's jobs, while spending less relative to GDP than the US.

Russia now ranks second in covid-19 cases (after the US), with its hospitals overwhelmed and health workers dying as the regime's inept bureaucracy flounders.

This is radical Islam -- shooting newborn babies in the cradle.

Covid-19 is surging in Mumbai, India's financial center.

The US pushes back against fascist China's efforts to dominate the South China Sea.

The pandemic poses a threat to African wildlife.

Biden and Sanders are working to unify the anti-Trump forces for November.

Even red states are moving ahead with voting by mail.

Reade has something of a history (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Leaders of the radical left of the 1960s address modern progressives; Electoral-Vote comments.

Biden is realizing he needs to think big.

Trump voters stand by their man as the corpses pile up.  But if he alienates the elderly, he's doomed.

More links here.

[1,214 days down, 248 to go until the inauguration of a real president.]


Blogger Hot guys said...

Nice new link-roundup, man. πŸ‘πŸ» After your post and the recommendation for Sex Explained on Netflix, I'm totally going to find and watch it. Thanks. πŸ˜‰

Love that last line and, can't wait to see him leave! πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ€ŽπŸ’œ

17 May, 2020 01:34  
Blogger RO said...

Thanks so much for posting about Mary. You know that I also love that you shed the light on so many other blogs. You are such a kind man, and I'm sending lots and lots of air hugs yur way. RO

17 May, 2020 01:43  
Blogger Martha said...

Always enjoyable going go through the links you share! And I'm even here on the day of :)

17 May, 2020 06:36  
Blogger Leanna said...

Awesome roundup. I found a new blog to visit. Thanks so much.

17 May, 2020 08:51  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Thank you so much for adding me to your link round up. I really appreciate it with everything we're going through right now. I hope you are well.

17 May, 2020 10:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hot: I've been doing that countdown on and off since he's been in office -- it's been a long, long 1,214 days.

RO: Thank you for the kind words. I do what I can.

Martha: Glad to provide some diversion.....

Leanna: I always hope I can help someone find something new.

Mary: It's the least I can do in this awful situation. Best wishes, sincerely.

17 May, 2020 11:20  
Blogger Bruce.desertrat said...

Kind of a programming request...dunno if Blogger allows it easily, but if you add target="_blank" to your link's 'a' tag like thus:

[a href="some link" target="_blank"] link name [/a]

clicking on the link will open that link in a new window (or new tab, which is a preferences setting in all modern browsers now that even MS has gotten in on a webkit train, with Microsoft Chrom...err Edge :-) Would save me a LOT of back clicking here every Sunday :-)

17 May, 2020 11:27  
Blogger Mike said...

I don't think anyone will catch us on covid-19 deaths. Especially after round two starts.

17 May, 2020 14:56  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Thank you for the paypal donation. It means a lot.

17 May, 2020 15:00  
Blogger Lady M said...

Real Americans should not abuse their own flag either. Read the Code of the Flag. It is not to be worn as a bikini nor a sweaty bandanna. It is not to be sat on or made into place mats and disposable tableware. I am amazed at the most patriotic among us treat the flag worse than toilet paper.

17 May, 2020 20:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Bruce: I addressed that issue here.

Mike: Probably true, at this point.

Mary K: Glad I was able to help.

Lady M: It always amazes me how sloppy some people are about that.

17 May, 2020 20:15  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

I hope you and your readers are all safe and healthy.

I don't have a lot, but I hope the small donation to your friend Mary helps. People who are sick and who are taking care of someone who is sick shouldn't have to worry about transportation, too. I wish her and her father well.

I bet the aliens would wear masks without being assholes about it.

Love the bird cartoons, the guy whom I would bet is a "catcher" in the rye and the Twitler sign. I sort of saw the cowboy joke punchline coming, no pun intended...or maybe it was.

My dining room table is round and small. I guess pool is out of the question. I might have to settle for some version of hungry hungry hippos. Why not? I'm starting to look like one.

I knew the cardboard cat tanks would take off! I should have invested early. :(

Always love the dog posts. My quarantine has taken an unexpected turn. My dog has gone deaf. I've suspected that his hearing was going for a while, but it seemed like all of a sudden. he can't hear anything. It doesn't appear to have fazed him, but it's freaking me out.

New idea! Cardboard cat tanks lined with footwarmers!

Awwww, the elephants! Awwww, tiny Kermits!

Platypuses...platypi? Whatever the plural is, they sure can rock a fedora!

I love Halloween, but I wonder if we really need it this year?

Speaking of languages being funny, there's this:


If I don't step on the scale, I'm not gaining weight.

Real patriots know their flags, unlike Steve Mnuchin who doesn't know the different between the Liberian flag and ours.

Well, it's getting late. Going to try to move the little deaf dog over in the bed without scaring the shit out of him so I can get the few inches of mattress he allots to me.

18 May, 2020 01:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: Thank you. None of us can spare a great deal, but it all adds up.

The cats are weaponizing their beloved cardboard boxes. Love the footwarmer idea -- but then they'd never come out.

Sorry to hear about your dog. At least that's something if it doesn't seem to bother him, but it might be a problem if he can't hear you call him or give commands.

There are quite a few videos on the net in which elephants seem to be appreciating music.

I will not give up Halloween. We're going to need it this year more than ever.

Ah, French and its homonyms! You might like this.

18 May, 2020 12:30  
Blogger dellgirl said...

Oh MY, I just got another smile-making surprise. I’m included in your link list . . . again! WOW, Thank you so much for including me. I really appreciate that.

You have shared another great list of links here. Thank you for the laughs, insights, and other thought provoking items. I still can't pick a favorite, they’re all really good.

Wishing you well, my friend, Stay Safe!

18 May, 2020 18:48  

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