11 April 2020

Video of the day -- dangerous lunatics

Within couple of years, we will defeat covid-19.  The insanity, stupidity, and greed of religion will take longer to overcome.


Blogger Mary said...

I can’t watch it. I want to live another day...and my blood pressure and my head might explode!

Oh yes I’m afraid this may be a permanent thing..this craziness and there is a strong link between religion, conservationism and propensity to believe in conspiracy theories. These three seem to point to a different cognitive process...some mutation or unusual wiring between the synapses of the brain in about what 70% of the population? Could it have some evolutionary purpose? Species turnover perhaps.

I also feel that even if religion is waning, some other fantasy belief will replace it, but hopefully it wouldn’t be so full of hate, bigotry and greed. I’d be ok with some woo woo that had kindness at it’s core and some sense of protection of our only home...Earth.

11 April, 2020 06:11  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Grifters, one and all.

11 April, 2020 09:28  
Blogger Mike said...

So all the crazies gather together to listen to the nut jobs. 50% of them get the virus. The sad part will be the waste of good ventilators on them until they die. Darwin awards for all of them.

11 April, 2020 11:15  
Blogger Ami said...

Which says more about the state of 'civilization'... the fact that there are people like these who actually believe (or DO they??) the bullshit they're spouting or the fact that so many people are gullible enough that loudmouthed liars like those featured make enough money by stealing it *from* the gullible?

It's an ugly picture either way, I guess.

I grew up in a home where sending financial support to missionaries and other con artists was a point of pride. Even while I still believed the lies I couldn't understand why our family had to do without proper winter clothing or other things so we could continue giving them money.

11 April, 2020 12:33  
Blogger Ami said...

Also. My daughter is currently living with a "christian" family (long story and her time being stuck there is coming to an end)who believes they're protected by god and are going to the grocery store every day in the morning and 'because the guvmint won't let them' not going to church. But there's a prayer meeting via TV almost every day. And yes, they're still tithing, 'cause GOD STILL NEEDS MONEY.

I sent her a link to this video. I'm sure she'll alternately scream and laugh the way I did.

11 April, 2020 12:53  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

It's all about the money. Selling snake oil is very lucrative.
And power. Because they all get huge boners knowing they can order people around.
The Xtianist mind is simple and twisted.


12 April, 2020 03:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Remember that a few centuries ago almost all of the population was religious. In the US it's now down to about 75% (a lot of whom aren't very serious about it), and in many other countries even fewer. The younger generation is much less religious than its parents' generation. So it can't be genetic.

If anything is replacing religion in the US, it seems to be superhero movies.

Debra: Damn effective ones, too -- I hear Copeland has about $300 million.

Mike: That's the problem. I don't particularly mind if they want to kill themselves, but they'll crash the healthcare system and infect other people on the way out.

Ami: people who can watch Copeland's antics and still take him seriously must be the most gullible of all. But there are enough of them to buy him three private planes.

I hope your daughter gets away from those people before they bring the virus back home along with the groceries!

Sixpence: I sometimes wish I were a little less ethical. I could probably have figured out a way to cash in on this bullshit myself.

14 April, 2020 02:40  
Blogger Martha said...

If only we could invent a vaccine for 'cray-cray'. These people are such a menace. If they were all alone on an island together, that's fine. But they are circulating amongst us and infecting so many other innocent individuals.

15 April, 2020 11:24  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The cure seems to be education and economic development -- it's reduced the religious saturation of the population from near 100% to about 70% (or a lot lower in some countries) in a couple of centuries. And I think the fundies are now speeding that up by being so repulsive and ridiculous.

16 April, 2020 00:18  

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