09 April 2020

Time to unify

Bernie Sanders's suspension of his campaign (overview here) means that the race for the Democratic nomination is over.  Sanders has contributed ideas and proposals of genuine value to the party and the nation, and his influence will continue to be felt.  But the party rank-and-file have made their choice.  It's Joe Biden who will go up against Trump from now until election day.  It's time to do what most of us have committed to doing since the race began, and unify behind our nominee.

Biden's statement in response to Sanders's concession was gracious, and others should follow his example.  I know some centrist Democrats find some of Sanders's fervent supporters exasperating, but the fact remains, most of them will vote Democratic in November, or can be persuaded to do so, even if it takes time.  Some of them will need time; they're coping with a bitter disappointment now, and may even say intemperate things while dealing with it.  Make allowances and be respectful.  Remember, if Sanders had won the nomination, you might now be the one having to reconcile yourself to voting for a candidate about whom you had serious reservations, out of the sheer absolute necessity of getting Trump out of office.  You, too, might have needed some time to come to terms with it.

We have seven months now.  Seven months for the struggle to remove the worst president in American history, and as many as possible of his toadies and enablers in Congress and in the state governments, so we can start the titanic job of repairing the tragic damage he and his party have inflicted on our country and its reputation.

Sanders obviously knows that at least some of what he fought for has a far better chance of being realized under a Democratic government than under people who are actively malignant.  He did the right thing and put the fight against Trump ahead of his own ambitions and aspirations.  This, too, is an example to follow.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh you just KNOW it’s gonna be hard to get all the crybabies in line. Twitter is abuzz with the BBbut he’s a rapist! Bbbut Medicare for all! Bbbut younger demographics, Bbbut whatever whatever! Concerning Biden. They straw man and false equate everything to try to justify their votes for the Green Party or to justify writing Bernie’s name in the ballot or to justify sitting this one out. Again.
I won’t insert clap emojis here but really, there is no perfect candidate. Not. One.
Just get COVFEFE-19 out of the White House, people.


09 April, 2020 07:24  
Blogger Mike said...

I think the virus lockdown helped make his decision. Losing two months at this time would make it almost impossible for a comeback. So he drops out now and gives Biden more time to get organized for the real fight. The dump tRUMP fight. Unfortunately, some of the late-night talk shows are already making fun of Biden. Not as bad as tRUMP but still...

09 April, 2020 10:21  
Blogger Mary said...

I feel it in my bones that trump will be re elected. They will rig the election by voter suppression, now trump is going to stop funding coronavirus test kits, so the numbers will look better for him like he did such a good job with this, people who won’t vote because it’s not Bernie, the usual people who never vote and the fact that Biden is not a good candidate. I sure do wish is was someone else like Governor Cuomo, but I will vote for ANYONE other than trump and if my state does not allow mail in voting, I’ll drag myself in a hazmat suit to vote in person.

10 April, 2020 06:34  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Hopefully everyone who can will get out and vote for Biden when the time comes.

10 April, 2020 14:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: Hopefully seven months will be enough for them to come around to the reality of the situation.

Mike: I suspect some of those late-night hosts are disappointed Sanders or Warren didn't get it. They tend to be more linked to the activist fringe than to the mainstream of the party.

Mary: We'll see. I refuse to yield to defeatism. Trump's win last time was a narrow one brought about by a combination of freak circumstances, and now people have seen how bad he really is.

Mary K: I think enough will, this time.

11 April, 2020 02:30  
Anonymous Anynameleft said...

The myth of "bernia" bro's is as over played as the faux panic when two(2) supposedly "Black Panthers" showed up at a Philly polling stationin 2008 and was blown up to be just the first wave of rampant voter intimication that threatened every white voter in the country.
That was a myth constructed on the weakest of foundations just as this bernie bro myth.
More likely russian bots or thuglican rat F----ers trying to forment disunity.
key issue I have for Joe is whether he thinks the Obama administration was right in refusing to hold anyone from the criminal twit's administration, or the bankers for melt down, responsible in the name of moving forward and will he allow the present criminals get away with it again with the ludicrous excuse of wanting to move forward without correcting the sins of the immediate past.

13 April, 2020 14:20  
Blogger RO said...

Very cool to see the rapport and kindness between Mr. Biden and Mr. Sanders and a great show of teamwork. Sending out some hugs, RO

14 April, 2020 02:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anynameleft: What to do about Trump after he leaves office is a good question, though not one I've spent much time on -- the main issue is just getting him out of office in the first place. I can well imagine a future administration deciding that prosecuting him would be too much of a distraction when there are more important things to do. Still, a lot of Trump's crimes would be prosecutable by state-level authorities. And we do need to deter similar behavior in the future.

RO: It's encouraging that the major figures are rallying together so quickly (Warren has endorsed Biden too). I think they realize how much is at stake.

16 April, 2020 00:23  

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