15 February 2020

Video of the day -- The Hope

Israeli singer Daniel Saadon performs the Israeli national anthem HaTikvah ("The Hope") to an Arabic dabkah-style beat.  While I love this video for the music and the very Middle-Easterny street scenes, the tone of the comments on its YouTube page was also interesting.  YouTube comments have a reputation for moronic hostility and squabbling, but these were different:

David Johnson: I like the Dabke beat, it incorporates our Arab cousins who are a great part of the homeland. Peace

Ahmed Antares: J'adore from Algeria

Youssef Zohbi: Im lebanese but damn hebrew sounds nice

Medo Ali: Love from Egyptian Atheist to Israel ❤️

Rami Zureikat: So similar to Arabic. Love from Jordan 🇯🇴❤️

BearJew05 (in reply to the above): We come from same blood. Salaam aleikum achi.

.....and there are plenty more like those.  Yes, it's only a small sample of YouTube viewers and not necessarily representative, but it suggests that at least some people within the region are moving beyond the weary dead-end hatred and revanchism which have benighted it for generations.  Ordinary people, unlike politicians and ideologists, have nothing to gain from sustaining a permanent state of rage and venom.  One is, at least, entitled to hope.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Interesting video -- I never would have recognized that as "Hatikvah"

15 February, 2020 06:59  
Blogger Leanna said...

We need more like this to maybe one day stop all the squabbling and killing all for nothing.

15 February, 2020 07:43  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

he has a nice voice. I too liked seeing the streets and scenery since I've never been there. I like that there are nice comments on the video. People on youtube are notorious for leaving hateful comments so it's nice to see the other side every once in a while.

15 February, 2020 09:04  
Blogger Mike said...

The music is interesting. Apparently, dabkah is the original line dancing.

15 February, 2020 10:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: I didn't at first, either.

Leanna: I hope so. Eventually people just get tired of pointless religious conflict. It happened in Northern Ireland.

Mary: It captures the look and feel of the Middle East quite well, as I remember it (although the countries I went to were different). One thing that doesn't come across is how hot it is.

Mike: Interesting -- I hadn't heard of that connection.

15 February, 2020 12:50  

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