17 February 2020

Notitiam mortem

Being 59 with my share of health problems, from time to time I have considered the possibility that I might die suddenly.  Don't get me wrong -- this is extremely unlikely -- but it's possible.  If it were to happen, one thing I would want is for it to be known here, so that the readers would know why I was no longer posting, and not think I had just abandoned blogging with no explanation.

I've thought of several options, but none of them would really be satisfactory.  I could write a sort of death announcement post scheduled for a date in the near future, and keep postponing it every time I logged on, so that it would eventually appear if I were no longer around to re-schedule it -- but I'm prone to distraction and and would sooner or later forget, resulting in a false alarm.  Giving my password to someone else to do it when the time comes isn't an option.  It's not a question of lack of trust.  A blog is such a personal thing that I could never stand the though of anyone else having access to it, no matter who it was, no matter what the circumstances.

But there's still a way for it to be known.  If I ever stop posting for a while, I always post some sort of notification of it beforehand.  I can't imagine anything non-lethal that would keep me offline for as long as a month -- even the last time I had major surgery, the hospital stay was no more than a week.  So if ever there are no posts here for a full month, with no announcement of such a hiatus beforehand, you should assume that's the explanation.

Don't assume the same, though, if the blog suddenly disappears without explanation.  If that were to happen, it would probably mean my perennial OCD trolls had hacked it or persuaded Blogger to remove it; and I'd soon be back, either here or on another platform (all the posts are backed up on my computer and flash drives).  But if the blog is still here and there are no updates for a month, it most likely means Satan has called me home😈.

But I'm not expecting that to happen.  I intend to continue for a long time indeed.  I'm gonna be like this guy:


Blogger Oblio said...

Heh... we can assume many things, amirite? I think we have a weird sort of thought confluence, as this is a recent blog posting of mine that got some interesting feedback vis a vis DEATH. THANK YOU for being awesome. https://gortnation.blogspot.com/2020/01/today-is-greatest-day-ive-ever-known.html

17 February, 2020 07:51  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Duly noted! But here's to blogging for a long, long time!

17 February, 2020 08:26  
Blogger seafury said...

Keep up the good work. I really enjoy the blog specially the Sunday round up

17 February, 2020 08:29  
Blogger Leanna said...

That was fun. I like these short cartoons.

17 February, 2020 09:00  
Blogger Lawrence said...

The salmon mousse?

17 February, 2020 09:31  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh dear.
We’re dark, are t we?
Now, if you stop posting, who’s gonna make me go the rabbit hole every week? Not an option.


17 February, 2020 10:14  
Blogger Mike said...

I've got a few stars on my wall too.

17 February, 2020 11:09  
Anonymous c u n d gulag. said...

Don't you DARE "mortem" on me, Infidel!
I'm about to turn 62, and my health sucks too: I could die in a second. A tricky ticker. But I'm not ready to go yet. Not yet, snyway.

It took me years to find you and your great site, so hopefully, we'll both hobble along for awhile before the Grim Reaper "scythes" us up! 😉

17 February, 2020 11:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Oblio: Thanks -- I am firmly anti-death, but for now, it's a possibility one must prepare for.

Debra: Oh, I intend to!

Seafury: Thanks!

Leanna: It's a favorite of mine -- love that crafty little guy, defiant to the end!

Lawrence: Not something I'd ever eat.....

Sixpence: Had a flare-up of a painful condition since yesterday (spent this whole morning at medical places). I guess it turns one's thoughts in a darker direction.

Mike: Good for you!

Cund: I intend to do all I can to stick around.

17 February, 2020 13:06  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I thought I was the only one morbid enough to worry about what's going to happen to my blog if I drop dead. There are people who will know if I'm dead and can comment and tell the world that I've croaked, so that's not my worry. I am concerned that there are so many images that are blurred by Photobucket (hate them!!!!!) in old posts. While most of the posts are ignored now, there are times when a name or subject pops up, and someone looks for it on the blog. When that happens, I replace the image with an unblurred one. I've tried to replace a lot of them, but it takes forever to find them, and I don't want to run out of space on Wordpress. Beside having a correct historical record of my inconsequential blog, it breaks my heart that some of the images that I really liked but haven't thought about lately will be nothing but a blurry Photobucket mess (assuming that Photobucket doesn't disappear them completely). I guess that's somewhat narcissistic. Oh well, I'll be dead, so I guess I won't mind.

17 February, 2020 14:17  
Blogger Unknown said...

I use a password manager where you can set up a trusted person who will get your passwords under certain circumstances. They can request access to your account and if you are around you can deny it, but if you aren't around the person will gain access in a period of time. In my case I have my wife set up as the trusted person and the expiration time period is set to 7 days.

17 February, 2020 14:41  
Blogger Lady M said...

Thank for the notice but we'll hope that you'll tire of blogging before you leave the earthly realm. Either way, you will be missed. I appreciate the thought for your readers. It is amazing how many bloggers just disappear without so much as a goodbye.

17 February, 2020 15:16  
Blogger Jack said...

Yes, here's hoping you continue until you get sick of it and decide to stop. I haven't ever given any thought to what happens to a blog after the author dies. I suppose mine would disappear once the domain expired and wasn't renewed.

18 February, 2020 03:13  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

It hurt my heart when I read this. It's taken me 24 hours and I still don't know how to react, except to say I join the others in hoping you're going to be blogging for a long, long time (at least as long as me -- I'm 71!). Best wishes always.

18 February, 2020 04:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: After your "blog mitzvah" post yesterday I was looking at some of your older posts and noticed the blurring. Very annoying, but certainly it's an onerous task to go back and re-do older posts.

And I bet a lot of people have downloaded your images over the years.

Unknown: That's great if you feel comfortable doing that. To me, as I said, a blog is just too personal.

Lady M: Thank you. I've seen bloggers vanish with no explanation, but I've also seen several cases where it was made clear that the blogger had died. That's part of what made me think of this.

Jack: As far as I know, blogger blogs just stay up forever unless they're removed. At least I've seen plenty that remained after not being updated for years. I guess the simpler the interface, the less there is to break down over time.

Hackwhacker: Thank you! It pains me to have caused you any distress. As I say, it's a very unlikely eventuality. But I did feel a need to be prepared for it.

To still be blogging so prolifically at 71 is quite an accomplishment -- that gives me something to aspire to.

18 February, 2020 06:02  
Anonymous Ole Phat Stu said...

Who cares?
I (75) blog on, but the number of readers is decreasing anyway.
If I extrapolate my hits, it should reach zero at 113 ;-)

18 February, 2020 06:07  
Blogger Lady M said...

You've got me thinking. I just told his Lordship that if I die, he has a right to go onto Lady M's on my computer and post a little obituary. That closure would be good.

18 February, 2020 06:37  
Blogger Charles Watkins said...

Does anyone know what became of the In Search of Black Assassins blog? It stopped over a year ago, but is still up. It had some very in-depth probes into current trends.

18 February, 2020 12:57  
Anonymous Heathen Dan said...

Only 59?

OK, Boomer.

Seriously, about the trolls - do they ever come up with creative insults?

(I like your blog,
and I like you, too.)

18 February, 2020 13:30  
Blogger bluzdude said...

That's funny... I did a post on practically the same topic back in November of 2014, wondering what would happen to me (being newly single) if I were to suddenly drop dead. And yes, getting a message on my blog was one of the concerns. Also, I wanted someone to notify my local sports bar, just in case they thought I was seeing other bars.

It's amazing how many loose ends we could possibly leave behind in such a situation. At least with being married now, I don't have to worry about how long it will take someone to find me.

Here's to us all living long enough to not need such plans (because blogs will just transmit from the chips embedded in our heads.)

18 February, 2020 15:07  
Blogger The New York Crank said...

You kids think YOU have problems? I'm 80. Yes, that's eighty years old. I've got more replacement parts in me than a 1958 Ford. and they'll be adding another one (artificial left hip)in April. Assuming I make it to April.

When you confront old age there's only one thing to do, you young whippersnappers of 50-something to 70-something. Keep on blogging 'till you drop. And then blog from a prone position — at least when you get around to it. I might get around to another post tomorrow. Or maybe the day after.

Yours very crankily,
The (very ancient) New York Crank

18 February, 2020 21:19  
Anonymous Professor Taboo said...

Over the last 7-10 years of my life and dealing more and more with "death" by/from friends, family members, even one dear lady Friend and brief, past Lover/Partner that died from cancer last year... I have come more to the conclusion that our modern, super-busy society no longer incorporates death equally with life! And I've realized and learned these years, Death shouldn't be unequal, out of whack, or imbalanced with life. They actually go hand in hand AND do sometimes compliment each other, making the other better, more meaningful, more impactful...

to ourselves AND those around us. I think it is true that when death and life are intimate bed partners they greatly benefit both... IN THE PRESENT!!!

Hope that makes sense my Friend. LOL I admire you and applaud you for having these thoughts and feelings Infidel. :-)

18 February, 2020 21:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Stu: That's 38 years away -- with population growth, who knows how it will really go?:-)

Lady M: Glad you've found a solution.

Charles: Unfortunately I've never heard of that one.

Dan: Not particularly creative, sometimes not even insults. But they're always out to pick fights in some sense.

Bluzdude: That's the spirit!

Crank: That's one of the positives about blogging -- you really can keep going with it as long as you're alive and mentally sound, no matter how many years you rack up.

Professor: Aging and death will never be anything but a ghastly mortal enemy to me. I watched aging slowly and horribly kill my mother. I will never accept it as something we should just passively surrender to. Eventually technology will enable us to beat it as we beat smallpox and the bubonic plague. But until then, we need to take precautions for its eventuality.

19 February, 2020 01:38  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I was just talking with a FB friend about that. I blog ahead at least 45 posts so even if I did pass away, there would be 45 more blog posts that would go live after I was gone. I expect that with all the social media I have that my family would post on FB and some of my blogger friends would post in the comments on my blog if something happened to me. I just turned 50 two days ago so it's something I think about.

19 February, 2020 08:58  
Anonymous AZ Guy said...

Beware the perpetual machine of Purgatory. At 5 dozen I set myself up to have all bills paid by automatic debit. Auto deposit from pension, SS and monthly "allowance" (spend down) cover the tab and all extra provides beer money and pocket change. If I die suddenly, all all extra expenses cease and kitty grows a bit larger.

Bills continue to get paid. The recliner begins to heartly absorb the odor of decay. At some point the remote control slips from my hand, but to no effect. The mail piling up is what will likely give my eternal rest away.

19 February, 2020 17:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: You've set yourself up for quite an internet afterlife there. On the plus side, if you got sick or just needed a break, your blog would keep going on its own for quite a while.

AZ: Well, that and the fact that you stopped buying beer would be a sign that something was seriously wrong.....

21 February, 2020 02:23  

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