22 January 2020

Exactly what we shouldn't be doing

Hillary Clinton is owed considerable deference as the actual voters' choice for president in 2016, the leader we should have had but were robbed of by the Electoral College.  Nevertheless, her recent comments about Bernie Sanders exemplify exactly what we shouldn't be doing right now.

If Sanders becomes our nominee, her words will become a talking point replayed endlessly in Republican commercials and interviews from that moment until election day.  If another candidate becomes the nominee, those same words will likely make it harder to unify the party.

There is too much of this going on, from candidates and from other prominent Democrats.  Yes, there are cases when criticism is necessary, but the first thought should always be, "If this candidate becomes the nominee, will what I am now saying help the Republicans defeat him or her?"  Because if our nominee (whoever it is) loses, Trump wins.

Defeating Trump must be the foremost consideration, always.


Blogger jenny_o said...

If I could reach through the screen and throttle Hillary, I would. She is playing right into the Republicans' hands. What was she thinking?

22 January, 2020 19:09  
Blogger Mike said...

I think Hillary is still blaming everyone else but herself for losing. She should have campaigned in the north-central more.

22 January, 2020 23:16  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I kind of agree. But of course, I'm not Hillary and I didn't go through what she went through with Bernie. He was a dick. And the BernieBros... little fuckers.
All in all the circular firing squad should not be a strategy the Dems should be practicing, though. There's enough going on with gerrymandering, Vlad and the Russian Flying Monkeys and the overall corruption and fuckery of IMPOTUS and the GOP.


23 January, 2020 02:57  
Blogger Jack Vance said...

Agreed. It seems like she's still unwilling to accept the blame for 2016, preferring to blame Sanders. I can't help wondering about the timing of this statement and whether it reflects growing concern among the Democratic Party that Biden might be in trouble.

23 January, 2020 03:16  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I'll throw in a few cents on this, even though I would guess that many of your viewers would disagree with me, and because I haven't been writing a damn thing about this recently. When I first seen this on a morning news clip (ABC News) in bed one morning, about Clinton's new documentary and what she said about Bernie ... my first reaction was "at least Hillary is honest here". Sure, it's not the best thing to say, but I just seen it as honestly, which I admire, regardless of how much it hurts, because of how RARE it is. Frankly, I alwayz figured that most don't like Bernie up there, period. In fact, I alwayz figured that many establishment dems probably despise him more than republicans do. I actually love Bernie Sanders, no shit! I don't even see him as being very radical left, at all. Of course by Washington standards, he is the personification of evil ... a bunch of gutless, worthless parasites in my view, as far as representing the people of this country (in these times). I don't even think Bernie would take away our gun rights (and Yes, I AM a gun owner), maybe make gun laws more strict, is about it. I figured if Bernie won the nomination, and Presidency, his biggest rival would be his own party, and true bipartisanship would grow in both parties, and they would go after him like Trump, even though he is nothing like Trump. I don't like Hillary any more than Amy Klobuchar, but both were honest, like when Amy said Medicare for All won't happen, Hillary was just speaking the truth ... they don't like Bernie at all, many, not all ... the only people that like Bernie are actual regular working class people for the most part ... which are like an inferior species to the Washington corporate establishment (on both sides). I do think, that is we took most of the corporate money influence out of Washington, you would truly see a much different democratic party, their balls are to the wall, because they have to exclusively bow to the lobbies, foreign and domestic. These bastards even threatened Hillary when peaking, that if she chose Warren as a running mate, she's finished ... the wealth publicly said that, that's how much control they have.

23 January, 2020 07:30  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

(PART#2) I actually feel that if Bernie won the nomination, that he would beat Trump. Sure, the paid media woud paint him as a communist, end of lfe, liberty and pursuit of happiness, etc, etc, and the right would be furious, I just feel that the numbers of those who support Bernie, would even grow bigger and outnumber them on the right, because most people frankly want something different, even now, a majority of Americans want a 3rd party, and felt caught in the middle, because they don't totally agree with either side, but are forced into this identity thing. One of the reasons I chose Warren as my first choice this year, and for many years, is because I feel dems will do everything possible (establishment) to make sure Bernie doesn't get nomination, and Warren is very versatile (which is why some progressives turned on Warren), she can appeal to the centrist in the parties, and her background is impeccable compared to many, business- wise and from a legal view, she is a plan maker, and very good at it. But Yes, I love Bernie for sure, no doubt ... and don't feel for a minute that he will take away our guns (just be more sensible), or that he will close down corporations or the rest of the nonsense they say about him, just be more balanced and reasonable ... and of course, Wall Street hates that, because they may have to actually pay a few cents on the billions they rake in. I feel what the dem establishment would like to probably see, right now at this point, is to get Joe Biden as the nomineee, with Pete Buttgieg as his running mate. That's my view, Thank You

23 January, 2020 07:50  
Anonymous Mary said...

Hillary is right. Bernie is a selfish dope who doesn’t really care about anything but himself. He isn’t a Democrat and should not have ever been allowed to campaign under our banner. His career in the Senate has been long, but undistinguished and he only caught fire when he started telling college boys he’d make marijuana legal. Should he get the nomination, God forbid, Trump and the Repubs will cruise to easy victories.

23 January, 2020 09:01  
Blogger seafury said...

You're all missing the point. Her highness must, above all else, remain RELEVANT!! A TRUMP WIN GUARANTEES THIS!!
Stupid humans....

23 January, 2020 10:08  
Blogger Lady M said...

I agree that for all members of our party, defeating Trump should be number 1 not a lot of bad blood and internal squabbles. We really can't afford that.

23 January, 2020 18:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Where politics is concerned, we can't let other matters distract us from the goal of getting Trump (and as many other Republicans as possible) out of office. I'm not a big fan of Sanders and I think he would have serious flaws as a candidate, but he does have a serious shot at being the nominee, and everyone needs to be ready to support him without reservation if he is.

24 January, 2020 02:15  
Blogger Mary said...

I’ll vote for any democrat....just wish Adam Shiff was running...a class act, eloquent speaker and very intelligent

24 January, 2020 10:37  
Blogger Adam said...

Splitting the vote is Trump's only chance.

24 January, 2020 12:48  

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