29 September 2019

Link round-up for 29 September 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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The pumpkin spice fad is completely out of control.

See some electronic-communication cartoons.

Spelling is important.

The spiders are bewildered.

A few jokes for your day here and here.

This thief messed with the wrong woman.

I didn't realize this, but Halloween trees are a thing (found via Old Fashion Halloween).

There's a benefit to going to church.

Some more mostly-cheery Halloween decorations here.

"Can I have a plastic bag, please?"

I'm just as baffled as the cat by this effect of electro-magnetism.

These people exist.

Will you get bored in retirement?  (I get more bored working.)

Bill Maher holds forth on impeachment and Giuliani's meltdown.

Graham is hopelessly devoted to Trump.

Americans have "traded community for economy", but there are little ways of getting it back.

Which is the deadliest killer?

Visitors to Times Square face a new kind of harassment.

Stupid Evil Bastard pwns a rather pitiful creationist.

Sixpence Notthewiser explains why he's not interested in going back to Tumblr (NSFW image).

"No, that's socialism."

Here are some oddities about life in the US.

It's spamming for Jesus!

While being so critical of Trump, it's only fair to remember Obama's malfeasance in office.

LifeSite News is in a snit about Cokie Roberts being allowed a Catholic funeral.  Because Christianity is all about shunning and excluding people.

"One's body is inviolable, subject to one's will alone."

Boeing's MACS disaster is the latest result of a shift from an engineering-centered corporate culture to "a culture of financial bullshit".

Remember this when interacting with retail workers over the holidays.

We need to accept that people can change over time.

Spend wisely.

The madness the Republican party created has now engulfed it.

Some of the urge to censor comes from kids who were never allowed to grow up.

Facebook has served the purposes of employment discrimination.

This sounds like one hell of a nasty school. Update:  The latest allegation is false; the rest of the stuff in the post is presumably true.

"Women should have absolutely no say whatsoever in the issue of abortion."

Here's what the wingnutosphere has been up to over the last week or so.

Darwinfish 2 looks at phony patriotism.

Even the MSM is now calling out some of Trump's bullshit.

Why should atheists respect Jesus when Christians don't?

The history of the Pilgrims in early America includes some very ugly stuff.

Evangelical nutballs sound off on impeachment and Greta Thunberg.

Speaking of which, a lot of wingnuts are absolutely spitting venom about Thunberg.  I've seen equally vicious stuff on some right-wing blogs.

A popular feminist internet forum is under attack.

Know the opposition, folks!  See right-wing blogger reactions to the impeachment inquiry here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  RedState insists it's a big fuss about nothing, LifeSite regurgitates talking points, and Breitbart claims Democrats are panicking -- while Jim Geraghty at NRO takes a more balanced view.

Does Trump really care about religious freedom?

The class war that has wrecked US prosperity was the capitalist parasite class's way of dealing with increased competition as other countries recovered from World War II.

A disgusting religious practice spreads disease to newborn babies.

If we win next year, making DC a state can help make the Senate more democratic.

A simple change could massively cut greenhouse-gas emissions (there might be an issue with another type of gas emissions, though).

Current research corroborates that exercise is good for your brain.

This video makes a good case for what I think is the true solution to the Fermi paradox -- that intelligent life (and probably life of any kind) is very rare in the universe and we may even be completely alone.

Here's what a black hole really looks like, at least the parts you can see.

A publisher rejected a book on free speech because it said controversial things.

In New Zealand, self-identified Christians are down to 37% of the population, strongly outnumbered by "nones".

US prison officials are studying the Norwegian prison system as a basis for reforms here.

Ecuador's parliament has rejected a bill to decriminalize abortion for rape victims.

Trump's phone call to Zelensky was meant to pressure Ukraine into providing dirt on Biden.  So why didn't Ukraine do that?

This is just weird.  India and China are already doing more to fight global warming than the US is.  And Kerry thinks making new commitments at some meeting is more important than actual action?

The dreariness of life in business-dominated China is fueling a drop-out culture.

Engulfed in a national tidal wave of rape and murder, South Africa decides to crack down on spanking.

The results of the LGBTQ presidential forum were a bit of a mixed bag.

Martin Longman thinks Biden and Warren are our strongest general-election candidates.

Republicans feel confident that impeachment would help their side.  Democrats, not so much. One poll shows a rise in voter support for impeachment, but the overall picture isn't clear yet.

Is Sanders supportive of gays?  Let's look at the record.

Warren is making the right enemies.

Wyoming's Senate primary will test whether libertarianism has any future in the Republican party.

The media need to stop trying to create a Biden/Ukraine scandal where none exists (some good discussion in the comments too).

Defeat next year won't bring the Republican party back to sanity.  It may even make it more extreme, as it's the least wingnutty ones who will be gone.

More links here.

[983 days down, 479 to go until the inauguration of a real President.]


Blogger nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

Your statement that you "ran across the net last week" is a bit of an understatement. I think "galloped and hotfooted, scurried and scrambled" might describe it better.

The little summaries are appreciated. Helps me choose instead of having to flit from link to link. These are my choices as of 6:00 AM.

1. "Spelling is important!" The sign reminded me of funny (unintended) church signs.

2. So of course I had a good laugh at "Going to Church"

3. I passed up " Graham is hopelessly devoted to Trump" Nothing new to learn there

4. "Stupid Evil Bastard" And I thought there couldn't be one more bastard. I was wrong.

5. "People can change over time" NOT if you're a republican.

I've done enough flitting for the time being. Thanks for the exercise!

29 September, 2019 04:14  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cultural appropriation of spider webs for Halloween, LOL!

29 September, 2019 06:41  
Blogger Adam said...

I've seen one in person


29 September, 2019 08:36  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

If my husband would go for it I would probably put up a Halloween tree. I've seen some that are outstanding. I ended up giving all of my Halloween decorations to my daughter for her place this year.

The pumpkin spice post was funny. I actually love pumpkin spice but not the Starbucks latte because it tastes like soap.

29 September, 2019 09:32  
Blogger Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Holy moley. You've been busy, haven't you? I'm an old broad. I'm pleased with myself when I include even a couple of links within a post. :)

I looked at a few of your earlier posts while I was here. Seems to me, dems had little choice but to go for an impeachment hearing. Letting POTUS get away with any more of his power-grabbing and self-aggrandizing bull would only serve to further undermine the intended checks & balances. The republicans might be content to let the alleged prez act as a dictator, but the dems have to wake their sorry butts up.

29 September, 2019 14:47  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel!

Of course, I already clicked on the funny links, but I will come back later for the more serious stuff. However, I just wanted to make sure to say thanks for linking over to The Raisin. It's appreciated.

By the way, I hid a special little joke just for you (and your super duper monitor) in my "Whistleblowing past the graveyard" post.

I'll just comment briefly on impeachment. I was with Pelosi the entire time. I think she nailed it. As for Twitler, I can't wait for the recording of his conversation with the Ukrainian president (and others). The transcript is the best spin on it, but I'm sure a lot was left out, and we all know the old saying, "Loose ellipses sink shipsies."

29 September, 2019 15:48  
Blogger dellgirl said...

This is another great list of links. I especially liked the Unfortunate Spelling link and the thief who messed with the wrong woman. He sure DID, wonder if he learned anything from it...

Wishing you a wonderful week!

29 September, 2019 22:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

No Thoughts: Well, there's a lot of net to cover..... I don't think I'd trust the results of testing done by any outfit who's that sloppy with their sign. True, we know about Graham, but Nonnie's altered images are worth a look. "Stupid Evil Bastard" actually seems like a smart and nice guy, but I can't speak to the marital status of his parents.

"People can change over time" NOT if you're a republican.

Oh, you'd be surprised.

Debra: The witches will probably complain too.....

Adam: I wonder how long people have been doing those. Not something I was familiar with.

Mary: Since seeing that post I've been noticing how much stuff in the stores has pumpkin spice. Haven't seen any gasoline yet, though.

Susan: Yeah, my reading is pretty eclectic. On impeachment, we don't know yet whether it will happen, but if it does, I just hope it doesn't backfire and actually help him.

Nonnie: Thanks for the post. On the "Whistleblowing past....." one, I did see the small labels like "Made in China" and "9/11", and of course the very small hands, but my monitor may not be all that "super" by current standards. It was the biggest and highest-resolution one available at the time, but that was years ago and I think technology has moved on a lot since then.

I think history will show Pelosi got this right. I hope after retiring she'll write a book explaining what was really going on.

Dellgirl: I imagine he's had plenty of opportunity for regret since the whole thing was captured on video, plus I'm sure the motorcycle could be traced back to him. He must have freaked out at the time.

29 September, 2019 23:25  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...


It's after 3 in the morning, I'm still clicking on links. Just wanted to leave a comment to explain that the cat was not baffled at all. Who do you think was controlling that spinning object with its mind? Electro-magnetism, my ass!

P.S. Yes, the "made in China" imprint was just for you, because I knew nobody else would notice it.

30 September, 2019 00:18  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

So MUCH to see here!
Your mega link posts are the perfect rabbit hole.

30 September, 2019 01:14  
Blogger RO said...

Always such cool stuff and ways to see what other bloggers are talking about. One definite biggie is spelling for sure.(lol) Lots of funnies to found when words are misspelled for sure. By the way, I sure hope you're feeling well, and I'm sending lots of hugs your way! RO

02 October, 2019 04:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: Figures. It must be a catto-magnetic effect.

Sixpence: Glad to provide some diversion.....

RO: Thanks! And thank goodness for sloppy spellers -- they provide so much amusement.

02 October, 2019 08:21  
Blogger RO said...

I had to share the Thief pic on Twitter. My goodness, I'll bet that guy was so shocked!(lol) Hugs, RO

03 October, 2019 06:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

No doubt he was, and well deserved, too. Curious what sort of reactions you'll get on Twitter.

03 October, 2019 19:12  

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