09 June 2019

Link round-up for 9 June 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Two hamsters, one wheel.

Safety first!

Have some cat pictures.  And these guys are just getting warmed up.

Debra She Who Seeks begins to celebrate Pride Month, leading off with lesbomania.

Best tweet yet on Trump's UK trip (found via I Should Be Laughing).

Misogynistic semen cultists are divided over the issue of sex demons.

"All people will become exceedingly polite and courteous....."

This movie looks kind of cool.

Be pro-life!

Fans have restored Star Wars to its original form.

I wonder if the females say "size doesn't matter"?

Good staircase for a library.

This is the birthplace of humanity's most important invention.

This is the wasteland.

Ecologists plan a huge, complex rodent extermination project in order to re-infest a small island with giant bugs.

Evangelicals have a dreary either-or, black-and-white view of human beings (this reminded me of Chick tracts).

Some companies are giving older workers a second look.

A Biblical creator God involves an irreconcilable contradiction.

This priest has serious issues with, well, practically everything.  Maybe such weird obsessing arises from the celibacy rule?

Only the woman can make this kind of decision.

If you use Google, Facebook or Windows 10, here's what you're opening yourself up to.

A Republican legislator apologizes -- for not being respectful enough of the Biblical kill-all-gays position.

The rise of non-belief in the US is happening faster than you think.

At the ATM, be wary of these tricks to steal your data.

A Catholic group claims gay pride is Satanic -- and a Satanist responds.

Kiko's House reviews Trump's misadventures in Europe.

Evangelicals are arrogant and hateful.

Kwame Ajamu spent 39 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit after being convicted on flimsy evidence.  The original sentence was death.

YouTube allows targeted harassment of an individual, as long as it's done by somebody with a large number of viewers.  Social media display flagrant hypocrisy.

Josh Marshall patiently explains to the thugs why assaulting people you don't agree with is a bad idea.

Darwinfish 2 looks at the problem of teenage mob violence.  I don't entirely agree with his analysis (see my comment on the post), but he's always worth reading.

The Christian forgiveness fetish marginalizes and further harms abuse victims.

Here's what the news looks like these days.

This elderly woman was treated in a truly horrifying manner by a nursing home run by a Catholic religious order.

Via Facebook one can follow the process whereby people get lured down the alt-right rabbit hole.

Professor Taboo looks at D-Day.

Are antioxidants good for you?  The answer isn't simple.

Science may have found the key to successful weight loss.

A genetically-modified fungus offers hope for the eventual extermination of the malaria mosquito.

To please the religious nuts, Trump acts to discourage medical research using fetal tissue -- a move which will drive important scientific work out of the US to other countries.

This kind of shit still happens even in London.  Keep fighting until these bastards are beaten.

Ireland's Prime Minister and Britain's likely future one both turned down formal meetings with Trump.

Boris Johnson is ready to play hardball with the EU.

The Queen of Denmark has long been an ally of gay liberation.

This is socialized medicine.

The mainstream media are telling lies about the tragic death of a Dutch rape victim.

Germany is trying to save the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump got nothing new from Mexico in return for suspending his threatened tariffs.

Remember those who dare not celebrate.

Japanese women are rebelling against a workplace culture that demands high heels -- unfortunately attitudes at the top are stuck in a bygone era.

The early twentieth century holds valuable lessons for the modern progressive movement.

There are grounds for thinking Trump will lose massively next year, though we dare not assume that.

One RedState writer is worried about Texas.

Steve M dismantles a post which represents everything wrong with today's ideological fringe.

Here's what will probably happen if Trump is impeached.  Burr Deming (and perhaps Nancy Pelosi) thinks televised hearings on the Mueller report could shift public opinion.

Go hard left or play to the middle?  A thoughtful post by Martin Longman.

Shower Cap blog tries to keep up with all the Trumpy madness.

More (mostly political) links here.

[Image at top:  A banner displayed in London during Trump's visit -- found via Shaw Kenawe]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I love hamsters, they are such funny animals. Those kinds of wheels were just coming out when I had hamsters but I never bought one of those since I had so many others. The pictures and videos of hamsters out there going crazy fast in those wheels are hilarious. They are cute pets.

09 June, 2019 08:21  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, those crazy hamsters! LOVE those "Stairs of Knowledge!" I appreciate all your Pride links too!

09 June, 2019 08:34  
Blogger dellgirl said...

Those pictures in Safety First boggles the mind, starting with the officer leaning on that gun? If that thing goes off his (bad word here) will be in a world of trouble.

I thought I had said enough, but I cant leave without giving an honorable mention to the guy working on the electricity...in STANDING WATER??! Some People...

Thanks for another great list of links. Wishing you a great week!

09 June, 2019 20:35  
Blogger Ami said...

It's difficult to read through the anti-Trump stuff.
Not because I'm a fan, you understand... but because it's just so damn depressing.
And the idea that there's anything at all that *I* can do is just crazy.

Also, the people who REALLY need to read and absorb that stuff aren't about to do either one.

09 June, 2019 21:10  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel!

Don't worry about all those people highlighted in the safety first post. They were all wearing condoms.

I love those stairs!

The wasteland looks a lot like where I live.

Evangelicals can't see people as they really are, because then they would have to see themselves for who they really are and see the people they are following as they really are, and their carefully built mental house of cards would fall apart.

Older people have to work, because life has become too expensive to survive on Social Security.

I saw some of the priest tweets earlier this week. Later on, some people were warning that priest tweets were deliberately trying to stir up shit on Twitter. In any case, that particular priest took his Twitter account down.

10 June, 2019 00:52  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

This is internet catnip:
Misogynistic semen cultists are divided over the issue of sex demons. LoL
Also, I wanna see that Abominable and google and Facebook are first rate stalkers. We sell our souls for a blog.


10 June, 2019 09:29  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

At 67 I still work, 24 hours per week. and still hit the gym 3 to 4 days a week. I do it to keep me healthier and because I can. Really, what's the point in retiring if you you're healthy and enjoy what you're doing?

10 June, 2019 13:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: You'd think they'd get dizzy, but they seem to like it.

Debra: I'm sure there will be plenty more Pride posts to link to.....

Dellgirl: Think of it as natural selection in action.

Ami: True, but it's not as depressing as the pro-Trump stuff.

Nonnie: Hah! Well, they should be safe then.

How is it possible that so much money and planning goes into suburbia and it so often comes out so hideous?

I wonder if that priest's superior told him to take it down because he was making Catholicism look even nuttier than usual.

Sixpence: That blog generates a lot of internet catnip.

Rational: The problem is that for most people, there's little or no overlap between the things they like doing and the things they can get paid for doing. The kind of work I do is OK, but if I didn't need the money, I'd quit in an instant. There are far better things to do with my time.

12 June, 2019 02:58  
Blogger Martha said...

Finally finished going through this post! LOL Thanks for the interesting and fun links. I have a solar-powered cat. She is constantly searching for sunbeams to re-energize. She even goes so far as lying under lamps to get her fix!

16 June, 2019 03:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: Just in time for the next one.....

16 June, 2019 06:17  

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