02 April 2019

Random observations for April 2019

If people are determined to be pessimists, there's really not much you can do for them.

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I have smelled pig shit.  And yes, as people say, it does smell a lot worse than other kinds of shit.  And cigarette smoke is still far worse.

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I accept no man as my equal who does not accept women as his equals.

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From the viewpoint of living through it, the Trump administration looks like a disaster.  From the viewpoint of ten or fifteen years from now, it will look like a speed bump.

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No compromise with prudery.  The re-sexualization of the public space is an integral part of the liberation of Western culture from the influence of Abrahamic religion.

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I don't actually support this, but one could make a case that people who advocate censorship -- "hate speech" laws, or whatever kind of restrictions on free speech -- should simply be prohibited from saying or writing anything in defense of their position.  It's no different from what they want to do to others.

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Sometimes individuals belonging to groups which are targets of bigotry are also bigots themselves. There exist black anti-Semites, gay racists, Jewish homophobes, and probably every other permutation imaginable. None of that makes any of the bigotries excusable.

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One could argue that only atheists truly behave morally, since they do good because it is good and abstain from evil because it is evil, not merely because they anticipate reward or punishment in an afterlife.

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Leaders come and go.  Political parties come and go.  Nations come and go.  The essential struggle continues.

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Blogger Jimbo said...

These are good observations. And the photo is very nice. Thanks.

02 April, 2019 07:00  
Anonymous Scottie said...

Hello Infidel. I love all the points but I am not sure about one of them. I find it really hard to think the tRump presidency will be seen as a speed bump. The ramifications of the court packing with ideological judges who have lifetime appointments will be something that will be a huge drag on any attempt at progress for decades to come. The attempts to fix the problems being caused today by these WS / WN evangelical / fundamentalist Christian bigots of the tRump administration will be blocked by these judges that have the same views as the administration. Hugs

02 April, 2019 07:07  
Blogger Adam said...

Wise words

02 April, 2019 07:21  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

The world is a complicated place alright.

02 April, 2019 12:22  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

No compromise with prudery. None.
Nothing like sex to fight dogma.


02 April, 2019 19:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jimbo: Thanks!

Scottie: Once Democrats again control the Presidency and both houses, it will be possible to increase the size of the Supreme Court to reverse McConnell's blatant seat-stealing. Something similar may be possible with lower courts. And ultimately the courts have no enforcement mechanism except the popular perception of their legitimacy. If they become packed with wingnuts making decisions that obviously have no basis in the real Constitution, they'll lose that.

But what I was really thinking of with that observation is that ultimately politics and law are shaped by culture, not vice versa -- and the evolution of culture is continuing, pretty much unaffected by the Trump era, as I discussed here. As long as the wingnuts can't stop that -- and they can't -- all their political and legal victories will be transient.

Adam: Thanks!

Debra: Can't argue with that.

Sixpence: Prudery is not only damn depressing, it's an important issue in the cultural battle. Orwell understood this quite well.

03 April, 2019 03:57  

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