14 April 2019

Link round-up for 14 April 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Bluebird of Bitterness observes Library Week with signs, humor, and book spoilers.

Please support this worthy cause.

British place names are unique (found via Miss Cellania).

Who the hell comes up with these ridiculous clothes?

I like these innovative interpretations of the Bible.

As blogger Tengrain likes to say, birds are jerks.

A prudish prig vandalizes a dentist's Easter display (found via Scottie).

Donna at Tell Me a Story looks at obscure words.

Debra She Who Seeks presents the entries in her tinfoil hat contest.  You still have until midnight Monday to vote on the final winner.

Jono has some seasonal imagery, from a place (Minnesota) with real seasons.

If you like long legs, you'll love this picture.

Back then it was a golden calf -- today.....

A radical cleric has issued a fatwa calling for an assassination.

AO3 should be a model for the future of the internet.

We are now 23.1% of Americans, and growing.

Well said, indeed.

This person exists.  And this person exists.  And this person exists too.

Vine died because it wouldn't accommodate its most creative users.

This probably won't happen, but it should.

Thomas Paine knew a bad book when he saw one.

Religious crackpottery is behind the big measles outbreak in New York City.

The "war on Christmas" is a lie back up by lies.

One is well remembered, the other won't be.

Scottie has another great round-up on religion.

The film and TV industry starts pushing back against Georgia's draconian anti-abortion bill.

Christianity has a revolting obsession with blood.

I guess evil is OK now?

For those who were formerly religious but no longer are, Nan's Notebook has some questions.

Must-read post of the week -- Assange is an utter monster responsible for many innocent people's deaths.

Poverty stalks our wealthy land (read the comments too).

American women are subject to horrific religious control-freakery.

The Mormon Church dials back its bigotry just a bit, not enough.

"True power is the right to be cruel. True freedom is the power to deny freedom to others."

Meeting in the middle isn't always desirable.

Ex-Pope Ratzinger blames the epidemic of priestly child-molesting on gays, the sexual revolution, and "the absence of God" (in the Catholic Church???).

Jerry Coyne debunks some "secular humanism is a religion" nonsense.  It's almost too easy a target.

Even on the left, beware of corruption.

A mass grave from the Chicxulub impact has been discovered in North Dakota.

I've been saying this for years -- humans are just not suited to long periods in space (found via Miss Cellania).

The new black hole image is triggering the incel/MGTOW types.  The photo of Katie Bouman's hard drives evokes a historical comparison.  Some people don't quite grasp the technical aspects.  Here's some real background on the image.

A Muslim sociologist explains how to beat your wife (but with a boy playing the role of the wife.....hmmm.....).

Chinese influence in Zambia arouses opposition.

South Africa has been plagued for months by rolling electricity blackouts, and they're going to get worse.  Corruption and shoddy construction in new power plants seem to be the causes.  Johannesburg blogger Arkenaten has been offline for a month due to a long blackout plus thefts of phone/internet cables which haven't been replaced (scroll down to later comments).  The US can't point fingers given how long the power was down in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria, but when this happens in the largest city in the country.....

Biden has a bigger problem than the touchy-feely thing.

Trump is the living culmination of right-wing hate and stupidity.

The 2020 debate must engage wage stagnation and inequality.  Booman argues that if the left goes all-out to make the US a normal Western country, the business world may embrace fascism, setting up a fight we dare not lose.

Voters are with the Democrats on most issues.

Buttigieg now polls in third place in New Hampshire and Iowa.  Some wingnuts are getting a bit concerned about him.  Tony Perkins and Erick Erickson are freaking out Biblically.

Shower Cap reviews Trump's immigration flailing and self-pwning wingnuts.

[Image at top:  The black hole in context, in the midst of galaxy M87]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Brit place names are such a hoot! The pigeons at the car wash, LOL!

On a more serious note, I am a proud member of AO3. It's the real deal. Google gave up "not being evil" a loooooooong time ago. The misogyny directed at Katie Bouman is disgusting and all too typical, alas. I hope Joe Biden does not get the nomination. He is "yesterday's man." America can do better.

14 April, 2019 07:47  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The black hole image has been making the rounds on the internet. I think it might be one of the more interesting finds that I've read about in quite a long time.

14 April, 2019 09:38  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ratzinger truly is Palpatine. Barf.
Oh and the tin hat contest was EVERYTHING. I laughed my head off.


14 April, 2019 12:37  
Blogger jono said...

So much good stuff! These people exist! Now I know the acceptable way to beat a wife, too! It is good to know there are wackos in every corner of the planet. Debra's tinfoil hat contest was one of the most inspired blog features I have ever seen.

15 April, 2019 12:16  
Anonymous Zog said...

For a Christian, wouldn't it be a bull instead of a fatwa? (I know, bulls are Catholic, not Protestant. . .)

And, for Pat Robertson, wouldn't it all be bull?

15 April, 2019 15:43  
Blogger Adam said...

I personally think the number is larger than that.

16 April, 2019 13:15  
Blogger dellgirl said...

This is another great list of links, something for everybody. As I read through the list, clicked on a few and found some interesting stuff.

I couldn't resist clicking Who the hell comes up with these ridiculous clothes? I thought the same as I scrolled through the participants. Uggghhh

Almost finished, I curiously clicked on the one about Bible interpretations. HOLY MOLY What a surprise! Thank you so much for the inclusion in your wonderful Round Up! I appreciate that more than I can even express.Thank you!

16 April, 2019 18:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: Google has been going in some rather disturbing directions for a long time. I guess it's the lure of money.

It seems that any woman who becomes a highly visible success at something attracts vile reactions from the incel/insecure masculinity crowd. It was the same with Hillary Clinton.

Mary: I wish Stephen Hawking had lived to see the black hole image. The real significance of it is way over my head.

Sixpence: He Who Zings Rats, as I call him, is indeed a classic villain, but the whole mess is like something out of Star Wars.

I loved the tinfoil hats! I think everyone did.

Jono: Unfortunately they not only exist, but vote -- as I intend to keep reminding everybody.

Zog: I find that using the same terminology helps people see the similarities.

Adam: Not sure which link you're referring to, but if it's the one about the number of non-religious, you're probably right.

Dellgirl: Thanks for the funny post -- I couldn't resist including it.

People in a huge range of cultures all over the world have been designing clothes for the human body for thousands of years. If there's an idea that hasn't been tried, there's probably a good reason why it hasn't been tried.

16 April, 2019 19:07  
Blogger Martha said...

Windmill cancer! LOL ...ugh... How can one man possess all of humanity's stupidity?

Thanks for another fun and interesting round-up :)

17 April, 2019 08:27  

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