10 February 2019

Link round-up for 10 February 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Cat time!

Re-think the font, indeed.

Has this actually been an issue in their library?

Now we know why he did it.

There's now a pin-up calendar of gods.

The Galactic Empire attacks a new target.

It's a "dead duck", or.....

A modern person finds something disturbing on his doorstep.

The snow fairy has arrived in Portland (brrrr).

Hey, no shit.

Voldemort was a pretty pathetic villain.

Church of what?

Check out this almost psychedelic cube.

They both recognized it.

Good summary here of human reactions to technology.

Keep this poison away from children.

Pelosi pulls the plug on Gohmert TV.

Marco Polo probably never got anywhere near China.

These are the real-world zombies.

Here's a richly-detailed discussion of the 1972 film Silent Running.

Humorists mock the SOTU speech.  Here's a more serious analysis.

John Dingell was skilled at Twitter pwnage (Tyson was right, though).

Never use your real name on social media.

A religio-nutball goes on a rant against "effeminate" men -- and plastic forks.

There really is a Lake of Fire, and it's in Turkmenistan.

Clash of the asshole titans:  it's America's sleaziest "newspaper" vs the boss of Amazon.

Incels psych themselves into being jealous of rats and fish (warning -- this is kind of gross).

This is a good overview of the attacks on internet free expression, though I find it too defeatist -- Google Blogger backed down from such efforts in 2015, and as I've discussed recently, user-funded platforms remain free of corporate power.

Lucky Otter worries about the coming end of Google+.  I've never been on Google+, so it's hard for me to say, but I don't see why this would have any effect on the Google Blogger platform.

No, Trump is not going to end AIDS.

You're not just imagining things, pop music really is getting worse.

There's more and more pushback against the tiresome and bullying "cultural appropriation" bullshit.

This epic tale of dumbth has it all -- bitcoins, drug culture, "anarcho-capitalist" Randroids, and endless business scams.  (Seriously, "John Galton"?)  Here's some more pwnage of bitcointards.

Hecate Demeter takes an unusual view of drag.

Trumpanzees fume at their idol as they fill out their tax forms.

This person is an asshole.  And this person is worse.

Monotheism is not better.  It's not even monotheism.

Powerful Texas landowners will oppose Trump's border wall.

It took long enough, but Fox News is going down the tubes.

What's religion worth?  The evidence is clear.

An overwhelming majority of Americans favor raising taxes on the rich (found via Mock Paper Scissors), and even more want Mueller's final report made public.

As the measles outbreak a few dozen miles north of me reaches fifty cases, some people are deciding vaccines are a good idea after all.

Two former RedState writers explain why they quit.

Too often, Christian homeschooling is a way of controlling and limiting children's minds.  Of course, they're trying to foul up the public schools too (found via Scottie).

The latest work of creationist propaganda looks dead-on-arrival.

Yes, there's value in learning higher mathematics even if you'll never use it.

Pygmy mammoths sound like a contradiction in terms, but they really existed.

The "replicator" is a new approach to 3D printing.

Compare the rotation speed and axial tilt of the various planets (but they left out PlutošŸ˜”).

We live in a warped galaxy.

2018 was officially the fourth-hottest year on record.

Americans tend to be utterly ignorant of how socialized medicine really works.

Even in Canada, there are a lot of bad cops.

In Germany, Merkel's conservative government has maintained a surprisingly backward abortion policy which is only now loosening a bit.

Let's hope this is no more effective than curses usually are.

The Catholic Church in India behaves just like it does elsewhere in the world.

No, the US is not the hottest economy in the world -- not even close.

Republicans' hypocritical weaponization of the law for partisan attacks goes back years before Trump, but it's getting worse.

This city did it -- yours could too.

Here is why Northam probably won't resign.

Stacey Abrams for President?  Some people are thinking about it.

Republicans don't understand Ocasio-Cortez, or much of anything else.

Some politicians find God, but it doesn't last.

Shower Cap reviews the Virginia mess and the SOTU speech.

[Image at top:  Pluto!  Yes, it is a planet, dammit -- it's got a Sailor Senshi named after it.]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Yes, they need to change the font on some of those cards in the stores. I've seen that before.

That church without nails is so cool. I love that it's dark black. It looks like it should be featured in a horror movie.

Thank goodness I haven't been to that library! LOL I think some of my crazy neighbors have been though.

10 February, 2019 10:17  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love all the funny links you always post at the start. Thanks for the shout-out too.

The Hypercube is just a high-tech Infinity Mirror. Remember when those were big?

Yes, John Dingell and his tweets rock! I especially like his signing up to fight Nazis one.

Loved all the responses to Cho's cultural appropriation tweet about the lunar new year, especially "Put down that damn piece of pizza, Cho!" People really need to learn the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.

Hecate Demeter's view of drag is the traditional radical lesbian-feminist view that was popular in the 70s and 80s. Most of us have lightened up a lot since then.

10 February, 2019 10:48  
Blogger Ami said...

The calendar featuring all the gods is so creative and such a great idea! Too bad they're sold out,I could have sent one to my fundie mom!!

Hell yes Pluto is a planet.
Anyone who says otherwise can smooch my donkey.

And. Keeping the religious poison away from kids... In my work with other people's kids, I can't tell the children that it's all bullshit. What I can tell them is that they should question everything, do their own research and not accept everything they're told and that ::gasp:: there are millions of people who don't believe in ANY god.

I wish I could tell them more.

10 February, 2019 11:38  
Anonymous PsiCop said...

The issue of Marco Polo: Way back when I was but a wee lad studying medieval history in college, there was a lot of talk about various problems with his account. Opinions back then were all over the place. Wood's book asserting he never even got to Persia was published almost 10 years after I graduated. There are probably a significant number of historians who agree with this. I'm in no position to survey them all, but it wouldn't surprise me if most of them conclude he never got to China.

As for whether or not he even lived, that's a different matter. I'm not aware of any evidence he did not exist, or that the Polo family didn't have a mercantile operation. I do recall questions about whether or not they were native to Venice. IIRC they may have come from what is now Croatia and ended up, somehow, in Venice. Since Venice controlled some of the Dalmatian coast, this certainly is plausible.

Anyway, this brought up something I hadn't thought about in a long time, so thanks. For the record, I don't think MP got to China ... but he wasn't a focus of mine in college, so I'm hardly expert enough to listen to on the subject.

10 February, 2019 15:59  
Blogger Martha said...

Oh my gosh, John Dingell and his tweets!!! Really awesome.

Another great round-up. I had fun going through it all this evening. Thanks!

10 February, 2019 17:56  
Anonymous Ole Phat Stu said...

How do you find the time to locate all this stuff ? Do you do nothing else but surf the net? I'm retired, but I don't see as much as you. Which makes me grateful that you collect the links for us :-)

11 February, 2019 09:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I been going through these a little yesterday and today ... I've heard though about the measles issue up in your part of the country, there seems to be a growing movement, like I never seen before of folks being leery of vaccinations. Years ago, it seemed like religious type people made the groups, but today I noticed more non- fundamoralists. I think that social media also plays a part, and that folks are becoming more and more paranoid of medicine, government, and the powers that run things ... but, that's just my view, I really can't say, probably many other things too.

That piece on today's pop music was interesting, and this is a subject that I know a little about. But, I was watching the SuperBowl, one of the guyz I was with is an active musician, he is union, etc. But when the half time show went down, in particular, this "Maroon 5" crew, I sware, my jaw was on the floor in disbelief, me and this guy just looked at each other, like we were thinking the same thing ... it was absolutely awful, what was even more shocking, was the amount of viewers and the cost of attending this event, in the thousands per person. I'm not speaking bad of the musicians themselves, I realize they have a contract, and there was pressure to get a name act, because there has been also musicians that did not want to perform, because of Kaepernick, injustices, etc. Lots of money was invested in this, and today, corporate maneuvering, in particular in the pop music industry can shut you down in a heartbeat ... so there is alot of issues. The music was too over produced and watered down simply, and too generic ... and I'm NOT against pop music, for example, probably the best in many years that I seen in a half time show, had to be Lady Gaga a couple years ago in her Houston performance, as far as composition, aesthetics, props, choreography, techs, and her vocal abilities (without using mics that alter your voice and key). But Gaga, is a very well rounded artist, and behind the scenes in every part of it, as far as structuring a performance, and she has more clout in the industry, some don't use it, but SHE DOES. I was also catching some of the Grammy's last night ... so much today as well, is more about the dress/ attire, image, and the technology for the show, as far as lighting and the rest, including highly polished dance crews (very good dancers though), make it so musicians have to put forth much less effort, and kind of smothers one from creativity ... but enough on that. I was checking out my friend playing with his new crew (he's Henry, a Texas guitarist, who also played with with folks like Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, to name a couple over the years). But when I was there a couple wednesdays ago ... to my surprise, he called me to come on stage and sing "Just Got Paid" by ZZ Top ... and this was not planned, it hit me by surprise, but I did it ... of course, probably not as good as I done back in my 20's ... but no one cared, they were all drinking in the audience anywyaz, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... it was fun, for old times sake {:-)

11 February, 2019 09:33  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Hard to believe that Behe is still at it. I thought he would have learned his lesson after the Kitzmiller affair.

11 February, 2019 12:19  
Blogger Adam said...

I hope he gets it, hopefully one of his new girls on the side might.

11 February, 2019 15:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Anyone seeing that church would wonder what exactly they worship.

That library might get a lot of visitors, but perhaps not the kind they want.

Debra: Not familiar with the infinity mirror, actually.

Every major culture has copied a lot of things from other cultures. What's going on today is no different.

Ami: Well, what you do tell them will help. It's an important principle.

PsiCop: I'm no expert either -- I just thought it was interesting.

Martha: Thanks!

Ole: I guess I just have eclectic tastes.

Ranch: I'm no expert on music, but a lot of the recent stuff does seem simpler and blander.

Blurber: I guess he'll keep going as long as he's making money.

Adam: Not sure what you're referring to?

12 February, 2019 04:24  

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