26 January 2019

The art of the cave

As usually happens in the real world, the skilled and experienced player whipped the incompetent tyro.  Trump marched into a fight he had no idea how to win, and Pelosi squashed him like a bug.  His poll numbers have crashed down through his normal floor due to all the damage the shutdown was doing, and now he's got the Ann Coulters of the world yelling "wimp!" at him for not standing fast and driving the country to total ruin for the sake of the wall, while the rage and dismay of posters and commenters across the wingnutosphere is wondrous to behold.  This is a time to gloat, a time to savor the pwnage of our enemies.  We've all earned it.

So I'm not terribly worried about what happens three weeks from now.  Hair Furor Agolf Twitler has just learned the hard way that a shutdown is not a winning strategy for him, and that he's way out of his league messing with Pelosi.  In any case, having caved the first time, he'll have that much less credibility if he tries the same thing again.

In three weeks, rather than launch another shutdown only to crash and burn again, he may well go the state-of-emergency route.  Such a move would make him look tough and decisive (in the eyes of his idiot base, but that’s all that matters to him), and even though it would be tied up in the courts for months, he could still postpone the day when it dawns on the Trumpanzees that there's never going to be any wall.

Or maybe by then he'll have bigger issues to deal with.  Like a forklift driving up to the White House every morning with the day's pallet of subpoenas from various House committees.

Elections, as the saying goes, have consequences, but we're only just now beginning to see the consequences of the election last November.  For the past two years there's been a diarrheal firehose of shit continuously hitting the fan, and it's made a hell of a mess while Congress, run by cowardly Republicans too frightened of Trump's knuckle-dragging Deliverance-mutant base to so much as reach for a mop, did nothing.  The Blue Wave put some real power in the hands of real Americans with a real leader.  Trump has just gotten his first taste of the "checks and balances" the Founders built into the system.  He's going to be getting a lot more.

And our oblivious plutocrats and libertarian dingbat assholes have had a chance to see that, yes, all those federal workers are actually doing stuff which is necessary for the systems we all depend on to function, without which we were plummeting toward the level of one of those "shithole countries" with shuttered airports, toxic lettuce, garbage-clogged national parks, and disrupted basic services.  It was a lesson taught at terrible cost.  Let us rub it in with the enemy at every opportunity, so that it need never be repeated.


Blogger Dave Dubya said...

Real checks and balances by a functioning opposition are refreshing indeed.

"Hair Furor Agolf Twitler". I love it. Our Lyin' King MAGAt really begs for more such designations.

Putin's Puppet is going down and that's good, but the damage he and his Government Of Putin have already done will poison our country for decades.

I am still wary that the present Constitutional crisis in our ongoing Great American Tragedy may be met with distraction by military aggression and regime change in Venezuela if we are not careful. Unless Putin tells him to back off, of course.

Fortunately Trump's rancid kool-ade lacks the war fever hysteria and sick sweeteners in the Bush/Cheney koolade.

Still, Venezuela and Iran will always be in the sights of our Con-servative far Right.

26 January, 2019 08:20  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

"wingnutosphere," "Hair Furor Agolf Twitler," "a diarrheal firehose of shit continuously hitting the fan" -- hahahaha, love it! I've heard some commentators say that the Alt-Right is opposed to using the "State of Emergency" power because they fear it would set a precedent for a Democratic president to use it in order to "seize their guns." Let's hope that's true and it keeps Trump in check.

26 January, 2019 10:26  
Blogger Martha said...

I must admit I got a kick out of this. He caved. And to a woman, no less. You gotta love that!

26 January, 2019 12:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Dave: The next Democratic President, like Obama, will spend much of his time and energy trying to clean up the mess left behind by the preceding Republican -- except that this time it's much worse. It's a wonder anyone wants the job.

I have to credit Nonnie9999 for "Twitler", and I've seen "Hair Furor" or similar in several places; "Agolf" is original with me, as far as I know.

Debra: Hey, words are my thing.....:-) That is true that a lot of wingnuts fear the precedent of using a state of emergency to get whatever the President happens to want -- and Congress, even a lot of Republicans, would rebel against such usurpation of its own power. Trump would not end up winning that way either.

Martha: And I'm sure that for him the humiliation is all the deeper because of that :-)

26 January, 2019 13:04  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I think the shutdown really hurt his numbers. He pissed off a lot of people with that.
"Hair Furor Agolf Twitler" I think this is the funniest name I've seen anyone call him so far.

27 January, 2019 06:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: It's definitely hurt his popularity. We just need to wait and see if the effect is permanent.

Trump is a guy who invites imaginative epithets. It's one of the few good things about him.

27 January, 2019 09:58  

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