14 September 2018

Quote for the day -- the standard of success



Anonymous PsiCop said...

Full disclosure: This guy is one of my two Senators. He's running for re-election this November, for the first time (he was first elected in 2012). I met him briefly when he did his "walk through Connecticut" this summer. Seemed like a normal guy. To be clear, he IS a politician, and that appearance of normality is likely a pose.

Still, I expect we could have worse than him representing the Nutmeg State. The guy running against him on the GOP ticket is a fierce Groperphile, which I assure you is NOT going to play well in most of the state. To be sure, there are some Groper-in-Chief fans here, even though this is about as "deep blue" a state as one can find, but many CT GOPers are not fond of the GiC, and some have told me they're not happy their candidate is clinging so hard to the cretin in the White House.

The guy running for governor on the GOP ticket is also clinging hard to the GiC. Given that Murphy and the Dem candidate for governor are both incredibly unpopular among GOPers here, what this means is, it's very likely many GOP voters will be "stay-at-homes" this year. This means our "one party state" (all statewide offices & the entire Congressional delegation are Dems, and the state House is also under Dem control, with the state Senate split 50/50) will become more intensely "one party" in nature.

And that's not good. As much as I dislike the GOP, their rivals (at least here in CT) have been worse. The Dems spent this state into the ground. We have colossal budget liabilities, and face massive deficits, that we have no real way to deal with. Leaving the legislature in the hands of the party which largely caused this, and which is in bed with the public-employee unions which have been the primary "feeders at the trough," isn't going to help.

Effectively, the GiC, and the candidates here who love him, have ruined things here in the Land of Steady Habits, and we will just continue all those old, unhealthy, fiscally-unsound habits for the foreseeable future. More's the pity.

14 September, 2018 10:01  
Anonymous Scottiestoybox said...

I just watched two competing videos. One from Anderson Cooper who was explaining the death total and the way it was calculated. The other from Lou Dobbs who was totally backing up the tRump that it was all a hoax designed to hurt poor tRump. https://mockpaperscissors.com/2018/09/14/from-birtherism-to-deatherism-trump-has-all-conspiracy-theories-covered/
Horrible. Hugs

14 September, 2018 17:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

PsiCop: Be careful what you wish for. As the experience of the federal government and states like Kansas has shown, the Republicans are champs at exploding deficits -- not through spending (except on the military), but through tax cuts for the wealthy. The deficit Obama managed to cut substantially has now exploded again under trump and a Republican Congress.

And the Republicans these days are implacably hostile to gays, minorities, women's reproductive freedom, and the separation of church and state. They're essentially a theocratic party. To me there isn't even any choice about which party to support.

Scottie: Unfortunately, there's good money in spreading bullshit these days. No matter how disgusting what Trump says, there's a market out there for whoever can "justify" it.

14 September, 2018 18:18  
Blogger Adam said...

I'm staying for the free paper towels, great success!

14 September, 2018 18:22  
Anonymous PsiCop said...

Don't mistake me. I don't necessarily want one-party rule by Republicans instead of one-party rule by Democrats. What I want is for at least one house of the legislature to be controlled by the GOP. This will break the vise-grip the Dems have had on the state. And it's the only way we have any hope of changing the way the state has been run.

That's just how it is. The Dems had their chance -- for decades. All they did was to spend the state into the ground, in the name of keeping the public-employee unions (their political allies) happy. Their control over this state must be broken.

It. Must. Be. Broken.

At the very least, we need a legislature whose leadership (the Speaker of the House) doesn't work for the unions in their "day jobs." Yes, that's what we have: Dems who work for the unions who're bankrupting CT.

I dunno, maybe you're happy with that arrangement, but I'm telling you it doesn't work. And it places the union reps who ostensibly are only supposed to represent labor, into the position of working for management (as part of the legislature). That spells "conflict of interest" loud and clear to me. But the Dems here in CT have made it that way, and it's been the case for at least a decade.

Again, it needs to end. If that means giving the state House or Senate to the GOP for a few years ... well, yes. I am OK with that. Very much so!

14 September, 2018 18:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Adam: Now that's what I call looking on the bright side!

PsiCop: The Republican party is deranged and anti-human. Its implacable hostility to gays, minorities, women's reproductive freedom, and the separation of church and state makes it totally unacceptable, even without the demonstrable fact that Republicans are so much worse on deficits than the Democrats. And they're beholden to special interests, both religious and economic, which are far more dangerous than unions. They need to be kept away from power of any kind, anywhere.

14 September, 2018 19:13  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

@Infidel: The Republicans exploding the deficit goes back to the days of Reagan. Clinton took care of that, and even gave us a projected surplus...and then George W. Bush destroyed that. And yes, like you said, Obama managed to get that deficit left from Bush under control, but now Trump has destroyed that.

This is why I will always remain hostile to those who keep babbling out how "both parties are the same", especially those who cling to one issue and then use that as their fulcrum point--and that issue is usually something about Wall Street or corporations. That stand completely ignores the GOP's stand on voting rights, women's rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, the environment, healthcare, and pretty much everything else...and the GOP are absolutely horrible when it comes to all of those (and kudos to you for pointing out separation of Church and State, because even this liberal Catholic who wants Church and state to be separated can see that the GOP wants to destroy that).

The GOP wants their hands on the levers of power, and I wish the purists on the far Left realize that--and that the only way to really affect change is to get our hands on those levers of power and hold onto them for a good while.

19 September, 2018 08:23  

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