26 August 2018

Link round-up for 26 August 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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A sheep falls victim to a fiendish trap.

Olympic athletes deliver peak performance.

Why do you have to flaunt it?

The Trumplings have gone full Orwell, in memes.

Grow it for yourself.

Some forms of demonic possession are easier than others.

Check out these weird-looking animals.  Here's a more appealing species.

Touché, New Zealand.

Why do novelists push these contrived characters on us?

The world's two most influential mass cultures cross-fertilized each other on a large scale.

A new drug-addiction problem is sweeping Russia.

Robbie Rotten is no more.

Ignorant wingnut is ignorant.

Capitalism didn't build that.

They think this is witty or something.

This guy is really, really freaked out about independent-minded women.

Republicans finally found a deportation they object to.

You don't owe anyone an explanation.

Don't try to eat stuff that's past its "best by" date.

What kind of man was "Silent Sam"?

Forced-birth fetishists are hypocrites.

More "violent" video games mean less real violence.

Americans are cowards.

Rulers in Machiavelli's time were shocked at his ideas, but not for the reasons you'd think.

The new opioid Reefer Madness, like its predecessor, has a racial angle.

Corrupt institution is corrupt.

If you don't like it, don't read it -- end of problem.  To completely defeat the bluenoses will require independent internet platforms.

Infrastructure repair costs are a ticking time bomb in suburbia.

Yet again, Christians fight tooth and nail for the right to discriminate.

The myth of the self-made man ignores almost everything about reality.

Abrahamic religions have a natural affinity for torture and suffering.

This is deregulation.

FFS you couldn't make this stuff up.

Sex abusers are pushing back against #MeToo (found via Mike the Mad Biologist).  The church has always been on their side.

Religion requires sacrifice.

Breitbart commenters honor John McCain before his death and afterwards.  Kinder words come from political figures, liberal commenters, and Kurdish and Israeli leaders.

This issue isn't over -- 565 of the migrant children separated from their parents still aren't re-united.

To win support for universal health care, just choose the right term.

Too much alcohol really is dangerous.  Even just a little is probably bad.

Here are some true examples of intelligent design of living things.

We have pretty good evidence on what "near-death experiences" really are.

As religion erodes, science gains.

Unusual features of elephant brains offer hints about the nature of their intelligence.

Global warming is changing the nature of weather.  We need to fight back effectively.

Irish victims of molesting priests are unimpressed with the chief asshole's empty verbiage.

Germany wants to organize the democratic world to act without, and if necessary against, Trump's America.

Brazil is cracking down on violence against women.

Turkish police attack the "Saturday Mothers" vigil for persons "disappeared" during previous periods of repression.

This year's House and Senate races are totally different, with our chances in the House being far better.  But Booman thinks that we may do well in the Senate too -- and that even a Republican Senate might dump Trump.

The progressive road to power runs through the Democrats, not the Greens.

Republican ideology is a threat to independent women, and the latter will soon return the favor.

Shower Cap looks at the Trumplings' antics during a boring week.

Republicans try to dodge the consequences of their attacks on the ACA's pre-existing conditions protections.

For more link round-ups, see Fair and Unbalanced, Mike the Mad Biologist, and Love Joy Feminism.

[Image at top found via Juanita Jean]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Drug addicted bears in Russia. That's nuts. Hooked on huffing.

26 August, 2018 09:11  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think there's too many straight people in novels too, LOL! And on TV! And in movies! Gawd, they're EVERYWHERE. Shamelessly flaunting their sexuality too, the sickos.

26 August, 2018 09:20  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Thanks again for the weekly list, Infidel!

--The irony of the Trump-bots going full Orwell is that many probably have no idea who Orwell was.

--Seriously, who is surprised that many men have a problem with independent-minded women? Anyone remember the 2016 election?

--In regards to the cross-pollination of anime and western art...well, I plead guilty, since I've been creating work that's a fusion of both for years (but you've obviously noticed....:) ). What's even more interesting is the growth of Western-influenced superhero manga in Japan, with MY HERO ACADEMIA being the most popular right now. Plus American comic artists like Frank Miller and Mike Mignola are admired by and have influenced a number of manga creators in Japan.

(Of course, I still have to pen my own graphic novel one of these days...what the hell am I waiting for?)

--I've played many a violent video game--and I don't own a gun (nor do I want to, despite being trained in the use and handling of firearms). And yes, videogames do function as the best type of "steam control" (see Tom Wolfe for that one).

--I did have my druthers with the late Senator McCain, but I do mourn his passing and will not speak ill of him at this time. The statement from Barack and Michelle Obama was full of class, empathy, and genuine sadness. The fact that Obama will deliver the eulogy at McCain's funeral is a perfect post-mortem middle finger to Trump and the GOP. And another irony is that McCain had higher approval ratings among Democrats than Republicans.

--To hell with the Green Party. Instead of bringing about progress, all they've done is help to put Republicans in office, especially the Presidency. The fact that the GOP can also use GP candidates to siphon votes from Democrats is equally disgusting.

No, the Democratic Party is not perfect (and obviously will never be good enough for Howie Klein)--but right now it is the only true "big tent" party out there that truly reflects the diversity of this country and has put this country on a better path.

...As always, just my 2-cents. :)

26 August, 2018 09:21  
Blogger Thomas Ten Bears said...

So ... when geologists started figuring how the Missoula Ice Dams formed the Colombia River Gorge it was thought to apply to the St Lawrence Seaway as well, that as the collapsing Hudson's Bay glaciation rescinded the super cold water following out into the N Atlantic collapsed the North Atlantic Conveyor, the Gulf Stream, and the associated Jet Stream warming of the north coast that europeans have enjoyed throughout their history. When they started ice and sea-bed floor coring it was found that eyup, 'bout twelve thousand years ago the Gulf Stream collapsed, the recession of the ice-age slowed and the north coasts of europe and "america" saw a return of ice-age conditions. As the rest of the world grows ever warmer there is the very real historical possibility sub-arctic europe will get even colder.

Almost as if the arctic were moving ...

Remember when everybody hated the Loggers and loved the Greens? Heh, indeed.

26 August, 2018 15:47  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The "TPM" piece on 565 immigrant kids not being reunited still. The minute I heard on the news that they would reunite the kids, this many days, hours, clock countdown and all the other garbage talk ... I knew it was a lie. The shocking part to me, is how many people still believe this hogwash their told.

Probably the best read for me here (besides the cute colourful animals), was just short and good food for thought, from "The Lemmon Void" as far as "what capitalism created" ... what is so interesting about it, is to imagine what would people actually do if they didnt have to slave to keep up with the rat race. I mean, you have to figure out how much you need to borrow for an education, then try to figure out what will pay you enough to keep up ... kind of confusing.

The Common Atheist piece on torture in religion was pretty good. Because I dont think that many people even know, or can picture the roots of their belief systems and these institutions. They just look at it for their social reasons, the ritual, the church is mainly about money too, as my dad told me as a child ... "the number 1 God of humanity is the almighty dollar". You know how twisted religion is, and what it can do to the mind too. I could write about this garbage and these institutions till I'm blue in the face ... but I'll spare y'all.

Ms. Cellania's piece on medicare for all (or anything close to it ... geeezzz). I dont even need the new poll, for several years, everyone wants change in healthcare, even conservatives would like to see something done about the skyrocketing costs ... even these f'n politicians know it in Washington, they have been over this time and again for years, and each year, the costs continue to get out of control, that they neglect. Sadly we will be pushing it to be near about 20% of the GDP, within a few years at the rate were going. They dont listen to the people, and that is why we need some new faces up there. That is also why I support 110% Senator Warren's anti- corruption bill. The corporations write all the rules/ laws/ legislation, not only the people can not negotiate prices or whatever, they made it so our politicians cant even negotiate prices ... it's disgusting, anti- free market as you can get, and in my view, nothing nut goddamn corporate COMMUNISM. I get sick of just hearing their lame flunky excuses and ass kissing ... makes me want to see a doctor, for listening to their garbage. Then we have to listen to this f'n President and his make America great again bullshit ... f*ck him too. This goddamn tax cut bill that he is praising right now, as I told some libertarians a few weeks back ... no one is talking about how much that tax cut is going to put us in the hole over the next decade (TRILLIONS MY MAN)... all your gonna hear out of Trump the next couple years, is the stock markets are so great ... the question is ... "AT WHAT COST?"

Good piece in Politico about "Europe's Freak Weather"

The Lemmon Void on the fire and communications in Santa Clara County, price jack ups by Verizon, I need to look into that, that is disgusting too ... but why dont it surprise me ... everything is market driven. ... Later Guy ....

26 August, 2018 16:28  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel!

I love that cartoon. I usually don't like hunting trophies, but I am on board with those!

I watched that poor sheep probably 10 times, and I laughed every time.

Prole Power!

Does it count as demonic possession if the car is a repossession?

This is the second time this week I've read unkind things about aye-ayes. When my son was a baby, the supermarket had a series of books about animals. They were alphabetical, and the first book had the aye-aye on the cover. It was really cute (unlike the unflattering pics I've seen lately) and were my son's favorite. Aye-aye was one of his first words.

Baby elephants are so adorable. (By the way, that's what I look like when I am trying to get out of bed when I haven't gotten enough sleep.)

New Zealnd might have a weird citrus voting mascot, but all that tweet did was remind me that I miss Flight of the Conchords.

Bears addicted to jet fuel. Who would have thought that would be a problem? I wonder if observing them would be helpful in treating addiction.

I couldn't believe there was nobody on Kevin McCarthy's staff who told him to take down his stupid tweet after so many people told him that his own profile settings were to blame. I guess he only hires the best people, just like Twitler. Then again, maybe, like Duncan Hunter, it was his dumb wife's fault.

The only thing funny about that T-shirt the Twitlerite is so proud of is that it looks like Twitler is wearing a striped prison uniform.

Oh, please, somebody put that cheese on a burger, put it in McDonald's wrapper and deliver it to the White House! (And how long before we see some of that butter under a cloche on Chopped?)

I hope Verizon pays a heavy price for being such dicks to people risking their lives to save people and property. They deserve all the bad publicity they get.

I object to having Al Franken put in the same category as Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, the outercourse rapist, etc. I hope he runs for office again, and I hope he is elected.

If alcohol is that bad for you, I wonder how many people will switch to huffing jet fuel with bears in Russia.

Fuck the Rethugs who are tying to pull the wool over people's eyes when it comes to health care and pre-existing conditions.

Now it's time to scrounge for something to make for dinner.

26 August, 2018 16:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: At least they don't drink like the humans over there.

Debra: It's political correctness run amok.....

Marc: Society would have made a lot more progress in accepting women's independence if we didn't have all this misogynistic religious mythology holding us back.

The mutual influences between US and Japanese pop culture show the value of openness to outside ideas. If the purists and monoculturists had had their way, the world would have missed out on a lot of fun and interesting (and commercially lucrative) things.

I still have to pen my own graphic novel one of these days...what the hell am I waiting for?

Writing a book is a hell of a lot of work. I'd buy it, though.

Thomas: Given how complex climate is, it's not surprising that the effects of global warming will vary a lot. Cold is generally easier to cope with, but not if it gets too cold for agriculture.

Ranch: All those religions wallow in talk of suffering and misery and self-denial. It's sickening and suggests mental illness.

The problem with health-care reform is that even though most politicians understand the issue, too many of them are in the pockets of the large, powerful insurance industry and will protect its ability to milk the system. The only way to overcome that is if enough voters get energized enough that not even industry campaign contributions can save politicians who vote against reform.

Nonnie: Being repossessed is what happens when you don't pay your exorcist bill.

McCarthy probably couldn't figure out how to take down a tweet either.

I've seen at least one right-wing post trying to justify Verizon. It doesn't mention that Verizon made the firefighters pay for a more expensive plan before unthrottling their data.

Franken was plausibly accused of grabbing a woman and forcing his tongue into her mouth. If I'd been in her position, I'd have bitten it off. He's no different from the others. He deserved much worse than he got.

28 August, 2018 04:17  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting reading the Red State piece you just linked in to your comments here. I dont know enough about this stuff, so it's educational to me. They had also a linked YouTube vid of Rahm Emanuel on the opportunities of crisis, they made it so political too, saying leftists dont want to waste a crisis. Kind of weird they say that though, because the "right" never want to waste a crisis ... after all, they monetarily capitalize off every one of them they can ... capitalism actually promotes supports jacking up prices in crisis, eh? I think that they twisted what rahm was saying, I dont even care much for Rahm, but I understand what he was saying totally ... I mean, you have to ACT on crisis, or you dont fix things, eh? I dont understand much in this area, but what I read in the past,and I try to look at it in fairness to both sides of the argument ... I dont see net neutrality as evil as some paint it ... but it's "economically stupid" as they say ... I guess because they look at anything profit driven as glorious. I wonder (and I only wonder, because I dont have knowledge in this area), but, can there be started a sort of public communications system, entirely separate from everyone else in the business for profit, publicly funded by taxes to handle emergency systems, or even for public or public educational systems, to where everyone is covered equally? ... you know, where the public mass can "choose", or is it like pharma, loans, medical, and everything else? I mean, is it necessary to have a price on those things too?

28 August, 2018 07:34  
Blogger Adam said...

Won't be too long until the whole Trump cabinet is behind bars

28 August, 2018 11:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: It's legitimate to point out when the opposing side's policies have some disastrous or ridiculous effect. Of course the opposing side will try to deflect by claiming that this is "exploiting a crisis".

can there be started a sort of public communications system, entirely separate from everyone else in the business for profit, publicly funded by taxes to handle emergency systems, or even for public or public educational systems, to where everyone is covered equally

In other words, publicly-provided internet. The private companies in the business will fight tooth and nail against this for the same reason health insurers fought against a public option -- because they know that if such a system is created, eventually everybody will want to switch to it, and that's the end of the private interests' profits.

Adam: Can't come soon enough for me. But we're gonna need a bigger jail.

29 August, 2018 04:29  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Public - provided internet? ... I guess yes and no. I mean, I have no problem with a company providing a service making money, different rates, etc. BUT ... I feel that there should be laws made, that some things are off limits as far as making them extra bucks, emergency services and such are one, and off of basic educational needs. Just public access and information ... without the profit angle ... like we have water systems or whatever. These fancy providers can still make plenty of money selling special services and packages, for those who choose that, which are millions of folks too. I dont know how to explain in man, just my view.

29 August, 2018 10:01  

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