11 June 2017

Link round-up for 11 June 2017

Why would anyone need so much Kleenex?

Progressive Eruptions finds a photo capable of making any gay man renounce homosexuality.

%$#@^# dog digs up everything.

Twitter pwns the Huckabee-Sanders emoji tweet.

If you speak for God, what is he saying?

No ant could resist these traps.

If religion is rooted in instinct, it could explain why non-religious people tend to be more intelligent (from Shaw Kenawe).

Ariana Grande is Satanic, apparently.

Lilly Singh offers a video geography class for racists.

A Trumpanzee shows his true colors (found via Mendip), and Trump, on Muslims, shows hisFundies celebrate him as God's man for our time.

Whose book should you believe?

In Flint MI, the water isn't the only thing that's poisonous (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Here in Portland, more "cultural appropriation" nonsense.

Fringe benefits for cops are getting out of hand (found via Mendip).

Imagine if we held Trumpanzees to the same standard as Muslims.

This is what happens when you let Republicans get their grubby paws on health care -- and on bank regulation.

A study from 2011 strongly suggests that rats have empathy.

T-rex probably wasn't fluffy and cute.

Neil Bamforth has a plan to radicalize British Muslims and win an army of new recruits for ISIL (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

JK Rowling takes a stand against some nasty stuff.

Vincente Fox pwns Trump.  Emmanuel Macron, and his country, have messages too.

This post greatly undermines my confidence in Al-Jazeera.  If Hamas can't be unequivocally called a terrorist organization, who can?  Zubin Madon has a harsh and honest response to the ideological coddling of religious terrorism.

Saudi soccer players exhibit disgusting behavior.

Ossoff opens up a lead in the Georgia race.

Electoral-Vote.com assesses Comey's testimony.  Here's how the newspapers headlined it.  Hackwhackers has more reactionsWhich guy is lying?  Trump, meanwhile, has painted himself into a corner.  And Nonnie9999 is tired of waiting for him to grow into the job.

Slowly-vanishing Tangier Island illustrates Trumpanzees' difficulties with understanding cause and effect.

Naomi Klein looks at Trumpism and the politics of fear and shock (I don't think she gives enough credit to the mass resistance in the US, though).


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Good Sunday, Infidel. Thanks for linking over to that particular post at The Raisin. It's one of my faves. That review of Kleenex made my weekend. Hilarious!! The dogs always win my heart. It gives me hope for the future to know that Sarah H-S's 3 year old has better communication skills than his mother. I always learn from your links. Cultural appropriation because you cook another culture's food, students getting illegally searched by police? Oy vey! And I still think that T.rex was way less scaly and reptilian than the present resident of the White House and the majority of Congress. I saw that piece on CNN about Tangier Island. One of the residents said that he loves Twitler as though he was one of his family. Yeah, shithead, I'm sure he'll be there drowning right next to you when your island is underwater.

11 June, 2017 14:14  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: Thanks! I thought that "Awful Smell" post captured the exasperation millions of us feel as this mess drags on and on and on.

This "cultural appropriation" concept is getting completely ridiculous. Should everyone outside Ethiopia stop drinking coffee? Should only Italians be allowed to use the Roman alphabet? Should performances of Beethoven's music be restricted to Germans? Every culture in the world is a mish-mash of influences.

The inability of certain kinds of people to grasp the connection between the policies they vote for and the problems they suffer is of monumental importance. The Republican party couldn't survive without it.

11 June, 2017 19:00  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

The inability of certain kinds of people to grasp the connection between the policies they vote for and the problems they suffer is of monumental importance. The Republican party couldn't survive without it.

To quote a meme I use a lot--BOOM! Nailed it.

Good to see Ossoff opening up a lead--and that's due to his ground game and the fact that Handel has been an awful candidate. Her rejection of the "living wage" proposal and the fact that she's hitched her wagon to Trump's horse is dragging her down, as it should. Still, we cannot take anything for granted--but it looks like Ossoff isn't doing that.

12 June, 2017 14:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: It's going to be a nail-biter. But the district is a relatively educated one, so hopefully those "certain kinds of people" don't predominate there.

13 June, 2017 20:33  

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