30 October 2016

Link round-up for 30 October 2016

Check out these re-imagined monster movie posters.

There's now a complete Trump alphabet.

Errr.....coffin races exist, and here's why (found via Mendip).

We've always been weird.

Here's a collection of Classical mythology jokes.

For Halloween, dancing German witches, a cat lover, and ten terrifying female mythical creatures (though to a Republican, the scariest one would be women voters -- and they're real).

Dog whistles aren't good enough for Trump.

Curt Schilling may be a teabagger, but he's bombing in the city of the original Tea Party.

One horcrux down, six to go.

"This is fair now.  This is the law."

Stupid Republicans are stupid.

Kinda figures -- Trumpanzees don't know any Spanish.  (Hey, are they doing the Sign of the Horns in the last pic?)

Vines are being phased out -- here's how to keep your favorites.

People need to know more Christian history.

Crazed crazy people are crazily crazy.

There are striking differences in the treatment meted out to different protesting groups.

Learn the history of how we won the 40-hour workweek (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Trump uses the battle of Mosul to demonstrate his grotesque cluelessness about military affairs.

This is what education looks like under a theocracy.

Girls, especially younger ones, are closing the gender gap in science.

Trump's "rigged election" bullshit could backfire on the whole party.

Paul Wartenberg reports from a Hillary rally in Tampa, with numerous photos and video clips.

If you're planning to vote for Stein, read this.

Here's the flaming-religious-nutball argument for Trump.

More analysts think Hillary has a chance at winning Texas (as I suggested here).

Mock Paper Scissors looks at Comey's October surprise. Hillary's campaign hopes supporters will be angered and energized by such a blatant attempt to influence the electionCherchez l'homme!

The more women vote, the better.

This election will decide a lot of other things besides the Presidency (I already voted for Kate Brown, but #14 is a real shocker and needs to go the other way).

Trumpanzees fantasize about rebellion if their man loses -- but not all of them.  And the government is doing a good job keeping tabs on potentially violent groups anyway.

Republicans will emerge from this election badly divided, perhaps weakened even for 2018.  Let's hope so, given the sinister anti-democratic thinking taking hold among conservatives.


Blogger Paul W said...

Thank you again, Infidel, for the link to the Hillary rally. I hope enough Americans are getting the vote out and for the Democrats.

...and I noticed you added a LOT of links to my recent blogs. Wow.

30 October, 2016 05:26  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the read/links ... I was going through these this morning though and didnt feel well (coming down with a cold or something man, running nose, constant sneezing, etc) ... hey guy ... that one that sayz "Coffin Races Exist" ... like goes to some Colorado visitors site (??)

Beautiful pieces on the re- imagined monster movie posters

How we got to the 40 hour work week is a good one ... most folks today dont realize what we went through, if it was up to some people, their idea of work freedom, is no limit to hours, no minimum wage, etc ... just imagine jet pilots of OTR big rig drivers that lack sleep and only use speed or energy drinx ... you know the kind of people Infidel, that propose that rubbish though.

Education under a theocracy? ... is no education in my view. I was watching some documentary several years back, where some poor Pakistani school district, let some muslim fundamoralists run the school system, because they were low on money ... it was sad guy, all these kids done most of the day was reading the Quran. We have a small minority in this country of christian fundamoralists who would probably do the same, if given the opportunity.

I havent been following politics too much, besides, I already voted (Clinton/ Democrat) ... this new email stuff came up, been in the news ... a guy I know told me yesterday ... "I bet you regret voting for Clinton now" (he knows I was planning on voting Green Party) ... I told him ... "No, not at all man ... I mean, it took me like 2 minutes in line to change my mind, it was so easy to do ... and if I felt I would regret it, I wouldnt have done it" ... I mean, I expect the email stuff, or the rest. The Republican agenda, is really crap guy ... the things they want to do ... and they're open and honest about it!

Hear ya'll had alot of rain up your way (storms) ... the weather here in Dallas is 15 degrees above normal, today we were in the upper 80's across the Metroplex!, pretty dry though, wont last long though, we had a week in august, that was 25 degrees below normal, and constant rain, which is also strange here in august.

I seen a news clip on the tele of some gal that was busted/ arrested for voting twice for Trump/Pence (somewhere up north) ... weird eh? ... and they accuse the left of voter fraud ... um, um, um ... imagine that.

30 October, 2016 16:30  
Anonymous NickM said...

I graduated in physics in '95. It was at least 10:1 m:f in my year. I started a PhD two years later and things had changed by then. I know. I was doing some marking and teaching. Even in my day as an undergrad it was no boy's club. Things do take time to change but change they do and quite rapidly. Even in areas where there is an inbuilt lag. Maybe 8 years from start to PhD.

30 October, 2016 17:12  

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