31 December 2015

Video of the day -- make America grating again!

Found via Progressive Eruptions.  Comedian Brian Nissen parodies Trump's dimwit supporters, some of whom are apparently such dimwits that they didn't even realize it's a parody.


Blogger Ahab said...

Xenophobia, machismo, junk food, and bombing the hell out of everyone? Yep. That sounds like the Republican id speaking through Trump.

Uh oh. One of the patches on his martial arts uniform was a South Korean flag. Please tell me he's not defiling hapkido...

This was a funny parody. Thanks for sharing!

31 December, 2015 14:55  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

Saw this a couple of days ago. Hilarious!

Happy New Year Infidel.

Get ready for increased intensity onslaughts on reason from Trumpy and the Trumpanistas in 2016.

31 December, 2015 19:23  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well, the video was cute and catchy I guess ... so I'll give a "yuck- yuck- yuck" {:-) I actually dont see much greatness about Trump, so you can call me "lost" ... I mean ... they talk about Trump as though he's heroic, no doubt he's a pretty good salesman, but that's all I see ... nope ... I dont look at him as a great builder. I see him as being clever enough and having decent accountants so he didnt have to feel the pinch too much of any of his failures, and he been pampered much by laws in place to protect him and his money, and utilized every break the government has given folks like him ... but a great man or leader?? ... I dont think so, but that's just me.

Only some cute catchy song/ video like this could fool a bunch of rednecks or rural folks into thinking some guy from NYC's Park Ave district or wherever with too much hair treatment who wears pink silk ties is some kind of hero to them, or in their best interest I reckon. Geeezzz ... what's this world coming too! um, um, um. As far as all the this talk about Carly Fiorina being ugly too ... call me an oddball ... but I think she's good looking!

OMG (OMS)!! ... It's New Years Day Infidel! ... maybe we can make a bet later for a small amount of money (since were not billionaires) ... who will f**k us first in 2016 ... and who will ram the biggest shaft up our asses ...

01 January, 2016 04:35  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Happy 2016, Infidel753. It will be an interesting year.

Who's surprised that many Trumpistas think the video is a compliment to the Blowhard?

01 January, 2016 06:14  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: I'm sure "Dwain" wouldn't even realize that's a flag. The only flag he'd know would be the Confederate one and the checkered one they use at Nascar.

Rational: Thanks. I do look forward to Trump's biggest meltdown ever -- when he loses to Hillary.

Ranch: Yeah, Trump has convinced all these morons he's a tough guy when he's just a big talker -- a man of prattle, not battle. Him calling Fiorina ugly is as ironic as his denouncing McCain as not a real war hero.

The fundies' efforts at figurative reaming have been turning distinctly flaccid lately, but my guess is that the fossil-fuel industry will continue trying to sodomize the global climate by undermining the Paris agreement, and the Republicans will keep trying to bugger up Social Security and Medicare.

Shaw: Thanks. Well, I figure Trump supporters must have the IQ of gravel, or they wouldn't be Trump supporters -- so, yeah, this would whoosh right over their heads.

01 January, 2016 08:59  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well, I cant bet against you on that ... I suspect the same thing on the fossil fuel industry big- time, no, I dont trust a damn thing they say these dayz. You know Infidel ... I read and view a fair amount on that as far as energies and such ... for 40 years now, they are still arguing the same thing it seem's ... being the ... "deny or confirm" game on "global warming". The questions I would like to hear more of ... since these rent- a- scientists vs. scientists not bought ... is "WHY" ... do we have to continue to NOT even try to clean up our yard? My point is ... besides the arguments ... we have a trash/ pollutant issue that we dont seem to address enough. I mean ... we flush our toilets for a reason, we have trash/ sanitation pick ups for a reason, we dont allow folks to dump their dirty oil when changing their car oil down the curbside sewer, we clean our yards and parks and wildlife areas ... etc, etc ... but what about cleaning up some our major bodies of waters, atmosphere and land? Neither scientist whether their a paid oil company scientist or one with actual integrity can deny that you cannot throw millions of tons of this trash into the air, land or water WITHOUT it having an ill effect on our environment, anymore than a doctor cant tell you that smoking wont do damage to you ... period.

I'll tell you what is upsetting to me ... was Paul Ryan's recent boost to House Speaker, something I dont like seeing. I have wrote plenty about that guy in the past ... even writing about how he could be a winner running for President at that. As a man ... I think alot more of him than I would about some character like Trump, and I would probably like Paul if I met him on the street, I think he's sharp and a real winner with leadership qualities (which is also the problem, because he can unite the wrong agenda and crowd) ... but I am opposed to damn near everything he proposes, I understand his/ their idea of what they want to create or accomplish, being a type of conservative Utopian society and making us stronger, etc ... I just think their plans are ill in the type of society that America is and with it's large diverse population, so I feel there is better wayz of moving ahead is all, this neo- conservative approach of today, I couldnt agree with even if I was a straight Republican ... I think it disastrous to the overall society. But I'll shut up on that. ... Later Guy ....

02 January, 2016 04:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to free expression of different ideas on blogs in 2016. That leaves out this blog of censorship and partisan fear, that won't allow such freedom of speech.

02 January, 2016 08:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: That's another way of looking at it. Reducing pollution would be worth doing even without the global-warming problem. Just ask the Chinese.

As for Paul Ryan, the wingnuts have already decided he's a traitor for doing his job and passing a government funding bill. Also, check out what's up on Progressive Eruptions -- some of them are even denouncing Ryan as a Muslim now! The revolution devours its own.

02 January, 2016 11:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon: Not sure what you're referring to, but apparently you didn't read the comments policy, especially the last paragraph.

02 January, 2016 11:36  

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