16 February 2011

The Middle East -- the struggle continues

Demonstrations in Yemen are escaping the regime's control. A complicating factor is a separatist movement in southern Yemen, which used to be a separate country.

Libyans plan a "day of rage" against the Qaddhafi regime today, and there were clashes in the city of Benghazi yesterday, triggered by the arrest of an activist.

Vigorous protests have been under way in the small island state of Bahrain for several days now, showing that relatively-wealthy states are not immune. Bahrain has a Shiite majority but a Sunni- dominated government, but the resistance insists it works for the rights of both groups, not only Shiites.

In Algeria, the resistance has called for weekly protests until the regime steps down.

Beyond the Arab world, Iran has erupted anew.

The Guardian has live updates from several countries.


Blogger Cyc said...

It is certainly interesting to see just how fast and far things are spreading. But even more interesting is how much these protests are centered around a fight not for power but for equality, even for those who may have been seen as the subjigators (such as in Baharain).

However, the area that worries me most is Iran. Such protests have historically gone poorly and sadly violently. The area appears so split that it may very well be the least likely to suceed, but I still have my hopes for its people.

16 February, 2011 14:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ce post m'a beaucoup aide dans mon positionnement. Merci pour ces informations

16 February, 2011 21:10  

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