04 January 2011

Video of the year -- 2010

I started doing the "video of the week" in January 2010, so there are now almost a year's worth of them posted.

Some of the videos I put up were songs I remember from those long-ago days when I was much younger and MTV was actually worth watching: Patti Smith, the Hooters, Juluka, Cheb Khaled (never saw him on MTV, but listened to this song many times) and Siouxie. There was also some more recent music I doubt many Americans know, from Germany, Israel, Ukraine, and Russia.

For humor, there was Rowan Atkinson, Tim Minchin, a Lovecraft tribute, the mysterious Hank, and a defense for the altar boys of the world.

I've been especially pleased to see how many are standing up to religious threats and intimidation: ZJ, Bill Maher, Pat Condell, and of course Christopher Hitchens. In one of the most effective videos, Markella Hatziano sings a warning.

Probably the most popular video with readers was Brad Paisley's cheerful ode to progress, sentiments I certainly share.

Fuji Minx was sheer exuberance. And I did post one video which I myself found disquieting to watch.

But of all the videos I've put up, my choice for video of the year -- the one I'd most want everybody to watch again -- is Thunderfoot's optimistic, entertaining, and insightful vision of the internet as our road to victory:


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

The Thunderfoot vid was excellent.

Over the holidays, while visiting my family, I heard that my 6 year old granddaughter was beginning to ask a lot of probing questions about Santa Claus, and she wasn't buying a lot of the answers her parents reluctantly gave her to keep up the childish Xmas myth.

My daughter-in-law said this incident with her daughter only reinforced the correctness of their decision to not indoctrinate their children in a religion. They would have to fill her head with religious fairy tales, and my granddaugher is just too smart to fall for mythological nonsense.

On the night before Xmas, my granddaughter announced to her parents that it was "physically impossible for Santa to go to everybody's house and leave presents in one night."


04 January, 2011 09:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Obviously a smart kid! Glad to hear she's getting the chance to grow up with her mind uncluttered by that more dangerous form of nonsense.

04 January, 2011 10:47  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I never seen the one "Internet where Religion's die", but thought it was an excellent choice as far as painting the picture.

I think what alot of these religious folk's dont realize yet ... is how their strategies to maintain flock's and so forth are more "destructive to keeping their flock's than anything else" ... It's only a matter of time before folk's get hip/ keen to the score. One of the greatest point's in there to me ... is how they work on the children's mind's ... the Catholic church has this shit down to a pat actually ... and start's before the rest ... they require baptism while their targeted subject is still an infant, before any communication ... and basically tell the familia that it is a must in the church to remain on the "good list". The threat's and horror's, and method's are just awful, and many dont like to see this part ... but it's reality ... sad ... but true. I could go on and on about this actually. Dawkins is someone too I really admire ... and my blood boil's every time I have to see him deal with these muslim's, I commend him for his courage and work ... but at the same time feel it's sad, when he has to deal with these type's, or any of us for that matter. Loved that video though ... probably would have even went well posting myself on my last posting about "religion extreme".

Thanx Guy ....

04 January, 2011 14:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: It was one of the earlier ones I posted -- March or April, I think.

You got that right about the importance of brainwashing children. Without that, the whole concept of religion would vanish in a generation. I was brought up without religion and I've never had any impulse to believe in it at all.

As for Dawkins, he's a warrior -- and warriors can handle opponents.

04 January, 2011 15:25  
Blogger Prash said...

The Bill Maher video !!!!!

05 January, 2011 20:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's a good one, all right!

06 January, 2011 02:12  

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