01 January 2011

Link round-up for 1 January 2011

If Michelle Obama is against obesity, apparently the fringe right has to be for it.

They must be real -- the Bible says so.

Epic troll!

Some sexual fantasies require caution.

The Atheist Camel has a challenge for Christians: what is there, specifically, in Jesus's teachings that deserves respect?

South Carolina police discover an ugly case of animal abuse (found via Mendip).

Good grief, the nutters are really losing it.

The latest Christian Right meme is a mish-mash of tired clich├ęs.

Julian Assange doesn't always approve of leaks.

Ronald Williams is angry enough to punch you in the throat (read the comments).

Could you live like Susan Aikens?

Christine Vyrnon wants to know how you feel about churches.

Lady Atheist looks at the fatuosity of religious concepts of guilt and forgiveness.

Belief is not a choice.

A case of prosecutorial misconduct is exposed in New York.

Federal authorities are investigating Christine O'Donnell's use of campaign funds (is this a "witch hunt"?).

A Christian Right group declares success at stopping anti-bullying efforts -- yes, you read that right (found via Republic of Gilead).

Obama enjoys steady popularity. Palin and Olbermann, not so much.

Will the Republicans change?

Six states will soon consider bills similar to Arizona's popular illegal-alien law. Congress will be getting tougher too.

It's the dawn of a new era in Kentucky -- a stupid era. And the governor is on board.

Hey, conservative gays: they still hate you.

Frum Forum looks at celebration of treason in South Carolina.

Obama and the Democrats achieved much in 2010.

Global-warming denialism continues to embarrass non-crazy conservatives.

Ignore the lies of the treason-apologists -- the Civil War was all about slavery.

Sally Warner looks at the ugly reality behind Mother Teresa.

Barely two decades after escaping Soviet rule, Estonia is being dragged into the unstable euro currency bloc.

57% of Germans now say they were better off with the mark than the euro. German economists debate a return to the mark.

The BBC gives a platform to the world's leading defender of child molesters.

Danish police foil an Islamic terrorist plot against the Jyllands- Posten newspaper. And here's more on the conspiracy recently stopped in Britain (our embassy was on the target list).

Guatemala struggles to defeat femicide.

South Korea is standing up to the North's thuggery.

The forces Wikileaks has set in motion may render large-scale organizations obsolete.

Clinging to fossil fuels, the US risks falling behind technologically.

Creationism depends on flagrant lies about science.

The Neanderthals were more than just crude carnivores (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Why didn't prokaryotes become multi-cellular?


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

happy new year, infidel, to you and your family and all your readers.

01 January, 2011 01:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Have a good one, Nonnie, and keep up the good work!

01 January, 2011 01:33  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

New Year Greeting's Infodel!

No, I didnt even see in the New Year as I planned I would, I was actually sound asleep missed it all, and didnt even get to have a drink unfortunately ... Oh Well ...

But anywayz ... so much I want to go through and comment on, but I want this first comment to be solo.

Frum Forum's piece on Global Warming Denialist's really got my blood going this morning is why. (Nice piece too I may add!) I have wrote plenty on GW, have several posting's plus an entire mini series on it ... and NO ... I'm not with GreenPeace and stand with sign's outside petro giant's or the like's.

As far as Al Gore and this being a figment of his "imagination" is more bloody horseshit! (and I didnt even vote for Al, but will give credit where it is due) Al is actually on the money, and frankly I dont give a flying fuck if he is freaked out on it ... the internet was also a figment of his imagination.

What is so fucken nauseating about this is all this crap about covering it all up, and fuck YES, that is exactly what all these cocksucker's are doing! Creating these BS term's like "Climate Change" and the ignorant masses lapping it up like starving f'n dog's ... create a new title, and idiot's will buy anything. NOT ONCE (as I posted so much about) has ANYONE ever gave reason why it is so importante that we just relentless with no mercy trash the earth, knowing we can do so much more with even "current" techologies, yet we constantly ignore this.

This shit also about denialism is more horseshit, I dont buy even that, anyone with half a fucken brain can step back, look at the condition, see what our response's are, and action's, our laziness too, like sitting for long length in drive thru's, and all the other unecessary action's of no regard we participate in, and see the reality in black and white. You dont even need to be a scientist, it's so clear. I got an 8th grade education ... tell me shit like all the thrusting trash that we put into the fucken atmosphere is doing a goddamn thing positive to it ...and I'm also conservative business wise ... so I know goddamn well, we can do a HELL of alot more without crashing the bloody economy, this so called f'n denialisn is ALL DELIBERATE, and in my opinion a fucken criminal act!

01 January, 2011 04:35  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Another post/ link I would like to comment on solo, if I may .. is New Republic/ Lame Duck Mystery, which lay's out actually some importante question's.

First ... this Guy Boehner and his tear's and such is sincere, he REALLY believe's what he believe's as many conservative's do, they are simply brainwashed is all. BUT this Guy McConnell is the worst of the worst, and the scum of the Earth in my opinion, trust me here, he is pure virus to this country, and this is EXACTLY why he is a chosen leader.

I have been also covering this much ... but what we are seeing is nothing but a show, nothing in politic's is ever what it appear's at face, is the first lesson. All this sudden agreement and shoving olive branches up each other asses is all a well calculated scam! There is NO bipartisanship, and never was (we need it, but with the current posse it wont work), and any that may appear as so, is also a lie. The GOP as well as their other corporate manufactured rival TeaBag's all have a elaborate plan, that they are banking on they will have more than total dominance after 2012, and tear apart damn near everything this current administration done and accomplished, and put the stick in reverse. And as much as leftist's think that Obama is a traitor or flip- flopping even ... that is also false. Obama is more clever than folk's give him credit for, he actually know's all of what's going on and playing a strategy he feel's he's forced in a way to play, which frankly he is, he know's what they are doing to him. But he's not talking about it and cant, nor will I elaborate further on the President, because I see what he is doing clearly and support him 110%. I dont care even if he and his administration does 20 thing's that I dont like over the next 2 year's and his approval rating's go down to 10% ... he will still get my support ... I simply know what doesnt meet the eye, cause I look deeper is all.

Other than that ... the best thing democrat's in this country can do, is get off their asses and actually turn out in record number's, especially in TEXAS and vote!

01 January, 2011 05:12  
Anonymous tim said...

Yeah it was a hell of a year.
Just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!!!
We can hope some..
Tim and Melissa

01 January, 2011 14:33  
Anonymous Jolly Roger said...

The BBC article is WRONG.

The world's leading defender of pedophiles is Benedict. He has saved hundreds of them from prosecution.

01 January, 2011 19:43  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Another "thingy" (my pop culture training is paying off)I wanted to comment on was this "Unicorn" piece. I wont get into all the funnies and such of the Bible and am all for "fantasy" etc ... and the Bible of course is actually one of my favourite piece's of literature, but it is so shocking what people "actually believe" ... uhhhh ... did they forget that the only thing God supposedly did write was the "10 Commandment's" while Moses went on a acid trip up in higher elevation's?, and of course the "Nine Satanic Statement's" (just kiddin on the latter ... that's a "different" Bible altogether) ... but c'mon now ... all caca aside ... be for real .... folk's actually believe these fun myth's ... even Unicorn's, especially that the earth is only under 7000 year's old? I reckon "some" do ... but if this is the case of humanity .... God Help Us! They believe that all these scientist's, archeologist's, all the other "ologist's" of whatever branches actually grew up all devoting to study way's to prove the Bible incorrect? spending a life of study and back breaking dangerous work in some cases ... just to do that .... and 100's of 1000's of them possibly? Geeezzz ... that's bigger than the USA's "Satanic Panic" conspiracy theory of the 1980's! And some of these folk's want to incorporate this into our children's educational system's (Thank God I dropped out after 8th grade and ran away, the best move I made in life ... using public libraries instead). What really blew me away was ... they actually spent $27(?) million on this "Creationism Museum"? ... I viewed it hoping to make an art posting on it, but found it rather a tad "bland" on an artistic level .... Man oh man ... did they get the "shaft" on that invoice/ bill! ... or perhap's we did, if it was all a faith based tax write off. Geeeezzz Guy!

03 January, 2011 05:21  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

This stuff is too incredible to be made up!!

03 January, 2011 09:51  

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