21 December 2010

Trimming the left fringe

Lately some of the rhetoric of the radical left has grown almost as ugly and delusional as what we've seen from the teabagger/fundie right over the last couple of years. Cleaning up this cesspit is going to be a tough and nasty job, but Parsley's Pics is making a good start. Head on over.


Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

One of my buddies quit the local county Democratic party because they were becoming too "fringe" for his moderate position. Insisting on an immediate withdrawal from the Middle East, implementing Gay Marriage, and impeaching Bush does not win moderates to the cause nor put your party in power to move toward those goals.

It reminded me of a group I once heard of called "Portland Radical Women". I don't know what they were about, but by their name alone, I figured I was against them.

22 December, 2010 17:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Gay marriage is hardly in the same category. It has about 50% support from the general public (over 50%, by some polls), and the level is increasing rapidly.

23 December, 2010 03:32  
Blogger dotlizard said...

Sorry for the late comment.

I've wasted far too much time in the past few weeks arguing with liberals on Facebook -- long, windy arguments, which haven't done any good though I'd hoped they might, considering we were all liberals and all on the same side, right?

Wrong! This group of disaffected progressive whiners have grown louder and louder, and they are indeed starting to sound more like teabaggers turned leftside-out. They want the President to drop everything and prosecute Bush/Cheney, and saying that his failure to do so makes him a war criminal after the fact(!!). They are proud to have stayed home on this last election day to make a point, rather than get out and make sure we weren't inundated with teabaggers this January. They seem content to make irrational demands, then sulk when they don't get their way.

But maybe all this fringy nonsense on both sides will have an unintended benefit? It could be the thing that motivates the moderates to finally stand up and say enough's enough. Well, we can hope, anyway.

27 December, 2010 20:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

At least there aren't too many of the far-left radical types, despite the noise they make in the blogosphere.

As for moderates being motivated to take a stand, some moderates on the right have been doing that in response to their own nutters for some time now -- but it's far from clear what the outcome will be. For our side, I'm trying to do what I can.

28 December, 2010 03:22  

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