24 December 2010

Link round-up for 24 December 2010

(Doing it a day early this time.)

Ranch Chimp responds to the Repent Amarillo Santa firing squad video (my "video of the week" this week).

What if math were taught like biology?

Some personal ads are a bit confused.

Differences of opinion are expressed in the Ukrainian parliament.

I've never understood people who refer to vehicles as "sexy", but crocodiles may disagree (found via Mendip).

Jesus, who's your daddy?

Godless Girl shows how to get snow cleaned off your car for free.

.....because they work.

Fort Worth's mass-transit system is trying to avoid religious squabbles.

The "professional offended religious people" are getting more and more touchy, and they have a new recruit in Spain (but see here).

PZ Myers receives a stupid e-mail and another stupid e-mail.

'Twas around winter solstice, alone in the house.....

America is full of idiots, many of them fat.

Those who jump to conclusions about the Assange sex charges are betraying important principles.

Phillip Greaves, author of a notorious how-to book for pedophiles, has been arrested (sent by Ranch Chimp).

The casting of Idris Elba isn't the only thing white supremacists hate about the new Thor movie.

Is the right wing turning pro-obesity and anti-vegetable?

Conservative blogger Confederate Yankee rebuts Bryan Fischer's crazed anti-gay rant -- but Fischer has more. As for Tony Perkins, he's sunk to sniping at Lady Gaga.

The NAACP will protest a celebration of treason.

There are now 308,745,538 of us, but growth is slowing.

California is a dysfunctional mess? Wrong.

Current polls suggest problems for Republicans in 2012. But David Frum sees moderates making a comeback.

Obama has already accomplished most of his first-term agenda. Congress deserves credit too.

Senate Democrats unanimously support filibuster reform (found via Politics Plus).

RNC Chair candidates support the essence of modern right-wing ideology: increasing state control over the individual.

Republicans block a proposal to outlaw child marriage (found via Republic of Gilead, who has more).

Wikileaks debunks conspiracy-style crackpottery.

Hispanic population growth is nothing to worry about (link is to a conservative blog, but if you ignore the leftist-bashing, his basic point is correct -- I made a similar point here).

Signs point to continuing economic recovery. More here.

The tax/unemployment-benefits compromise will help Obama politically.

Yet another slimy criminal tries to blame society for the actions of himself and his gang.

NCSE lists the year's top news stories from the struggle against creationism.

There exists a privileged class which can enjoy high incomes without paying the same taxes you or I would.

Oklahoma banned SharĂ®'ah, but another theocratic menace looms.

Get a crash course in Mormonism in six minutes (found via Plead Ignorance).

The latest anti-abortion propaganda echoes the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth of decades past.

End-of-the-world crackpots become a pain in the ass for a small French village (found via Mendip).

The war on Christmas spreads to Britain (don't miss this site). Update: According to this, the organization has been banned in Britain for almost a year; if so, it must be operating illegally.

Germany's success is a challenge to American right-wing ideology.

Europe's last dictatorship resorts to the typical shabby brutality of authoritarianism.

The interminable euro currency crisis is Europe's problem, not ours.

Some Europeans complain that Germany has lost interest in EU integration and is simply trying to strengthen its own dominant position.

British police foil a terrorist plot.

There was never any real hope that Sweden would avoid becoming a jihadist target.

The New Humanist (UK) announces the 2010 Bad Faith Awards.

Iraqi secularists assert their presence with billboards.

Religious mob violence mars a Shiite holy day in Saudi Arabia.

Mumbai is on terror alert again.

Companies involved in the BP Gulf disaster may have tampered with evidence.

The Obama administration broadens protections for wilderness.

Rejecting science is easier when you don't bother to understand it.

A new Japanese invention aims to make the internet more touchy-feely.

The future of cars lies in lighter, stronger materials.

A burial ground from the Wars of the Roses offers clues about 15th-century life.

A tiny bone from Siberia suggests the existence of a previously-unknown human sub-group (sent by Ranch Chimp) -- but see if you can spot the technical error in the article.

The teenage birth rate is at an all-time low, mainly due to high rates of contraceptive use.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel!

So many link's here and still going through many, but like to drop a few comment's first.

Thanx for the CNN -Belief read about the "Fort Worth T" and the religious bus ad thing, I heard briefly on the news radio here the other week there was a bitch fight going on, but never nothing else on it. The Metroplex actually consist's of a triple transit system, FW-Tarrant County Transit, Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Denton County Transit Authority .. the same day passes work on all 3 system's and all rail's now inter link all 3. Dallas side of town stopped all religious shit a long time ago, Denton part dont tolerate it because it's a college town basically, so the FW part of town has been a battle between atheist's and christian's ... and there is also a billboard battle all over the Metroplex between atheist's and christian's as well, beside's ... after the bailout's, in Dallas ... if your not Bank of America or a major finance or insurer, pharma corp ... you will be waiting in line to get any ad up ... they control everything and the high dollar strip joint's who cater to the executive crowd... and Dallas alway's goes with the biggest money first. I dont know what's worse ... seeing ad's of major banking investor's who robbed us, or major religious institution's, who also rob us? Sometime's I dont know whether to laugh, cry, shit, or wind my watch.

News.Com.AU ... I thought I heard all the fetishistic shit, but crocodile's having sex with sonic boom's for foreplay take's the cake! Perhap's when Elton John sang about the Crocodile Rock, I misunderstood the word's and he meant crocodile cock? (just kiddin)

Godless Girl getting a snowjob cleaning on the car was great, never thought of that one!

Uzza's Note's "Bible Before Solstice" is a goddamn master piece! ... and really had me going!

MSNBC on slowing population growth ... GOOD! It's about goddamn time ... if it were up to me ... I would start passing out free condom's and birth control to all 12 year's and up ... and government paid abortion's as well, what in the fuck is wrong with us? ... do we need to get pregnant every goddamn time we fuck? And these bastard's like the Catholic church who advocate this crap, ought to have to pay a special tax, to pay all the goddamn child support! And no ... for those sensitive people ... I am not anti- baby ... I had to raise 3 daughter's though.

I'll be back

24 December, 2010 09:25  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Also a good link on the BMW auto industry and other's and what their doing, which I havent been keeping up with lately. I am still interested though in seeing what these air compression car's India is making will do. All these newer non muscle type small alternative fuel engine's and lightweight material's should go fairly well in time mainly in metro area's for commute and such, since the driving there is not for pleasure but necessity only, I'm driving an ultra low emission's Honda right now ... all gas but the best milage I ever had in a vehicle. Only thing ... I cant work on these new car's today like I did on the older one's.

The CNN link I sent ya is so interesting to me on the 30,000+ year old pinky finger of the human type girl, because we are finding more by the day ... I have suspected for long that there has been many species of human type's over the last million or more year's actually, one of the reason's other ape's fascinate me ... like Gorilla's and Chimp's because I also see natural morality in them all, which tell's me that I believe morality was not inspired by doctrine/ religion, but was actually natural instead, but as our species became more intellectually developed, we created various form's of art, ritual and moral code's that distinguished us from other ape species. Just my opinion.

Funny about the outbreak in the Ukraine Parliament, we need some action in Washington. But a funny story this reminded me of. back in the late 1970's in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (MX) we were at a street party outside a grande hotel, and President Portillo was with his guard's entering the hotel, one of the party goer's called him pendejo/ dumb ass (spelling?)or similar, anywayz ... Portillo take's off his blazer roll's up his sleeve's and started fist fighting this dude on the street ... I'm laughing my ass off and were all drunk cheering him on, my girlfriend who was from Mexico turn's to me ... and say's ... "See Tomas ... just like a Mexicano!" :)

24 December, 2010 10:51  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

just stopped by to wish a happy holiday to you and all your readers, infidel. who knew there'd be a bonus round-up of linky goodness?

24 December, 2010 23:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: The Metroplex actually consist's of a triple transit system, FW-Tarrant County Transit, Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Denton County Transit Authority

As I recall, "Dallas Area Rapid Transit" is usually referred to as DART. I remember thinking that the Fort Worth system should logically be called FART.

Dallas side of town stopped all religious shit a long time ago, Denton part dont tolerate it because it's a college town basically,

Glad to hear it -- people need to know this about Texas, since there's a stereotype that you're all drooling Bible-thumpers down there.

Godless Girl getting a snowjob cleaning on the car was great, never thought of that one!

Lucky the car wasn't vandalized too, though.

And these bastard's like the Catholic church who advocate this crap, ought to have to pay a special tax, to pay all the goddamn child support!

Well, you can't accuse the Catholic priesthood of driving up the birth-rate -- the kids they shag are generally too young to get pregnant.

Funny about the outbreak in the Ukraine Parliament, we need some action in Washington.

I wouldn't put it past some of the teabaggers. This kind of thing happens in foreign countries more than people realize -- I saw a video of the Taiwanese parliament once where they were throwing chairs at each other.

Portillo take's off his blazer roll's up his sleeve's and started fist fighting this dude on the street

I certainly can't imagine Obama doing that.

Nonnie: Thanks! I aim to please.....

24 December, 2010 23:23  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

There is still a recent billboard ad race though around the Dallas area it seem's that I see while cruising the maze of freeway's in this town ... the atheist's have these billboard's that are like on the FART :) (good name) bus you seen about all who dont need God or whatever ... and the pop christian one simply show's someone's face who is in trouble (like a addict or financial distress or whatever) maybe ... and say's "I Am Second" ... which I didnt even know when I first seen them that they were christian ad's ... but was so confused as to what it meant ... then found out later ... they have a lil website address you can google ... but at first glance ... you cant really tell if it's religious ... their really sneaky lil critter's down here, the way they slip shit in. Just like the pop xtian way they signal each other around town is putting them little "fish symbol" sticker's on their bumper's or on their ad's ... like if it's a auto repair ad ... you may see a lil fish down in the corner ... which is like one of them lil ole secret cult symbol's they use to let other xtian's know their a xtian friendly business ... like I said ... their sneaky lil critter's.... but ole Ranch Chimp know's all their lil trick's. Another sneaky trick they tried to pull off at first year's back ... was not trying to sneak Jesus into biology or anything ... they were far more sneaky ... this time slipping it into "literature" class ... with Shakespear (spelling?) and other literature .... basing it on biblical "literature" being "art". Their clever and creative lil ole SOB's at time's ... they even got a "Haunted House" in Texas ... so goddamn scary ... that even Satanist's enjoy it ... to try to depict Hell and such ... this way they sneak in satanic dollar's too, like I said ... I know all their trick's. You got to watch these SOB's like a goddamn Fox watches a Hen House.

25 December, 2010 03:51  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Great list, Infidel. Happy Festivus to all.

I saw this on a news blog and couldn't resist:

"Pope Delivers Message To China During Christmas Address:"

POPE: "One from column A, and one from column B. And no MSG!"

25 December, 2010 06:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: In my experience those car fish symbols are useful as a warning: "This person is a rude/aggressive/crappy driver".

SK: Given that it's the Pope, I'd say it was more likely "One from kindergarten A, one from kindergarten B. And no FBI!"

25 December, 2010 07:39  
Blogger SantaCat said...

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Merry Christmas to all you cool cats and kute kittens!
Ho, Ho, Ho!

25 December, 2010 09:51  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I also had to at least leave a comment on "Feminist's" post concerning this "Assange" freak show she wrote about ... I thought she made some excellent point's there. I never had to go up against being accused of rape or any sexual and/ or assault related stuff ... but I can tell you ... I had dated a few gal's over the year's ... who were great personality, looked nice, and the image of just all around great gal's ... yet they had a darker side as well ... especially when under the influence ( I was actually stabbed once by a gf, who was realy out of control on methamphetamine's ), or if they felt they were getting rejected some way because of their behaviour. The sexual harassment thing believe me, from first hand experience ... is not a one way street (guy's on girl's only) .... Geeezzz could I tell some stories, but will spare ya'll out of kindness only.

Thanx Guy ...

26 December, 2010 08:10  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

BTW ... I turned on my daughter's last night to the tip/ link from "Godless Girl" as far as getting the snow cleaned off your vehicle window's ... they thought it would be a great idea! :)

26 December, 2010 08:17  
Blogger Prash said...

agree with Ranch. many links, very interesting...

thanks, as usual !

27 December, 2010 22:08  

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